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HC chapter 15

Chapter 15: Capturing a Ghost at Night

After eating supper, Su Chongshan and the others came over. They were very nervous and stared at Mu Yi.


“Mister Su, go and stick this charm on the door of the old woman’s bedroom. Nobody can stay in the room. If you notice anything abnormal during night, don’t worry,” Mu Yi said while holding out his one and only home-guarding charm to Su Chongshan.


“Don’t worry. I’ll do it myself,” Su Chongshan said while taking Mu Yi’s charm.


“Alright,” Mu Yi said while nodding. Then, he looked at Su Jun and said, “Mister Su, tonight, stay with your father. Take some strong guards with you.”


“I will remember that,” Su Jun said while nodding.


“You two and Yingying can stay with me tonight,” Mu Yi said to Su Yingying, Su Jinlun, and Zheng Zicong.


“Taoist priest, Yingying can stay?” Su Jun asked. He was surprised because Mu Yi had asked that all the women leave the Su Clan. Apart from his mother and Su Yingying, there were no other women in the Su Clan. They had all left.


“She can. Maybe she can even help us,” Mu Yi said he was going to handle everything. Besides, he had given her a body protection charm, so nothing would happen to her.


Since Mu Yi had said that, Su Jun had nothing to say.


“Taoist priest, can I stay with my grandfather? I lost too much blood. I feel dizzy and have no strength anymore. I’m afraid I’ll just be a burden if I stay with you,” Zheng Zicong said hesitantly. His excuse wasn’t truly groundless.


In fact, Zheng Zicong was truly much weaker than Su Jinlun. He had become so weak despite losing so little blood, but he knew that if he stayed with Mu Yi, the situation could be more dangerous.


“Taoist priest, Zicong is much weaker than Jinlun, so he should stay with me. Do you want another guard?” Su Chongshan asked when he saw that Zheng Zicong was pulling a long face.


“It’s alright. He can stay with you. I don’t need another guard,” Mu Yi said. He didn’t want to offend Zheng Zicong. Instead, he just nodded.


Zheng Zicong was relieved. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t notice that after that, Mu Yi looked at him mockingly. However, Su Yingying noticed it.


She wanted to tell Zheng Zicong to be careful, but in the end, she remained silent.


After Su Chongshan and the others left, Mu Yi gave Su Jinlun a blade. He didn’t know where it came from, but it was shiny. It looked scary and had definitely seen its fair share of death.


“Keep that blade for protection. Don’t leave my side” Mu Yi said to Su Jinlun.


“Alright, Taoist priest.” Su Jinlun said as he took the blade.


Mu Yi then gave a paperweight to Su Yingying and said, “Keep it for now. We’ll use it when the time is right.”


Su Yingying nodded and took the paperweight.


Mu Yi’s hands were empty. He rolled up his sleeves and asked Su Jinlun to lead the way. They arrived in a calm, little courtyard.


The courtyard was located at the western part of the Su Clan. They passed through the gateway and saw a seemingly abandoned road behind it. At the end of the road was another courtyard and finally the sealed building.


There were torches everywhere along the walls, while Su Yingying and Su Jinlun were also holding torches to light their way.


Mu Yi asked Su Jinlun to open the doors. The scenery wasn’t scary, but Su Jinlun was shaking nevertheless.


In contrast, Mu Yi looked so much at ease that he even entered the building first.


Even though Su Jinlun was scared, he let Su Yingying walk in the middle anyway. He held the blade firmly and followed them.


They were the only ones in the courtyard. The fire from the torches emitted crackling and spluttering sounds.


The courtyard wasn’t large, and there were some bamboo stalks in the western corner, possibly for Feng Shui purposes.


There was a pond at the foot of the bamboo trees, but it was dry. There was just some dry and cracked mud inside.


In the middle of the courtyard, there was a stone table surrounded by four stone chairs accompanied by some rustling leaves on the chair and tables.


Though the door was closed, someone was probably in charge of sweeping and cleaning. Otherwise, everything would have been wrecked over the passage of time.


“Do you know why the old woman came here some time ago?” Mu Yi asked while looking at the stone table.


“We’re not sure. My mother said that my grandmother had been ordered to come here. She sat here alone for half an afternoon. Afterward, she became erratic and soon fell ill,” Su Yingying said.


Maybe it was coincidence, but right after Su Yingying spoke, a strong wind suddenly started blowing across the courtyard. The bamboo leaves in the courtyard rustled, and the flames of the torches started to flicker.


At that moment, Su Yingying and Su Jinlun were startled as they moved closer to Mu Yi.


Mu Yi could smell a floral fragrance from Su Yingying as she moved closer.


“Let’s go inside and see,” Mu Yi said while nodding. He didn’t need to probe any longer as he had already received his answer.


The small building was two stories tall. The ground floor was the living room, but there was nothing left inside, only a rug.


As they walked through the first floor, the ground kept creaking. Su Yingying and Su Jinlun’s faces were deathly pale.


Actually, most ordinary people would be scared inside an abandoned building even if they hadn’t known what had happened there in the past. The Su clan had seen what Mu Yi was capable of. If he had said that there was a ghost in the house, then it was definitely the truth.


The rustling of leaves in the wind was enough to scare them to death, especially Jinlun because he was guarding the back. His torch was enough to illuminate the space in front of him but not behind him. It was only darkness behind him, and it felt like a monster was waiting there, about to pounce towards his back.


Su Jinlun’s legs were shaking and felt heavy with each step.


Su Yingying was even more scared than Su Jinlun. Her face was deathly pale, and she kept pulling on the side of her clothes. However, her legs didn’t feel heavy at least. Of course, she had a charm on her that protected her from danger.



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