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HC chapter 17

Chapter 17: Examining Oneself on Three Points

Actually, Su Jinlun was just as curious as Mu Yi.


“I want to ask you a favor. Could you please have mercy on my cousin Zicong?” Su Yingying said, biting her lips.


“Eh? Your cousin? I don’t intend to do anything to him,” Mu Yi said. He was surprised and looked at her strangely. He hadn’t thought that her perception would be so acute. Actually, Mu Yi hadn’t done anything bad to him. He had allowed Zheng Zicong to stay with Su Chongshan after all.


Mu Yi didn’t show what he was thinking. Actually, he had thought of seeking revenge for that episode back in the mountains since Zheng Zicong had looked at Mu Yi with killing intent. He truly seemed to have wanted to kill Mu Yi, and Mu Yi wouldn’t forget about something like that.


However, he had always been polite and courteous even though Zicong had wanted to kill him.


Real men wanted to get revenge when someone did something to them. As the saying goes, destroy your enemies, cherish your friends.


Mu Yi hadn’t thought that Su Yingying would be thinking about such a thing at this moment. It almost seemed as if she was begging him, but Mu Yi could understand since they were cousins.


Su Yingying looked surprised but remained silent as he didn’t seem supportive of her favor. Even though Mu Yi had been scared by them killing him, he wasn’t stupid. He knew that Su Yingying could say some things he couldn’t.


Mu Yi looked at Su Yingying but didn’t reply immediately. He understood that while the Su Clan needed him, they also didn’t fear him. Besides, even though Mu Yi was convinced that he could deal with ghosts, he was also convinced that he couldn’t deal with the numerous guards of the Su Clan.


Therefore, Mu Yi couldn’t get his revenge. He had to avoid showing any animosity towards any member of the clan. There was no point in offending them if he wouldn’t get anything out of it.


It was even worse now that Su Yingying had talked to him about it. If he tried to get his revenge, they would think of him as someone stupid with a bad temper. Mu Yi did have a bad temper, but even though he could say that about himself, he couldn’t let other people say or think about him that way.


Besides, he didn’t like making people sad either.


Mu Yi looked at Su Yingying. Since she had told him what she thought deep inside, was she worried about Mu Yi’s intentions? Was she worried that Mu Yi wasn’t going to try all he could to heal her grandmother?


Mu Yi knew that he had no choice but to help, but Su Yingying didn’t.


When Mu Yi saw her expression, he shivered and started having cold sweats. He stopped thinking about anything else.


After that, Mu Yi closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, he looked normal.


“Don’t worry. I won’t harm him. However, he chose his own path, so he cannot blame others for a few hardships,” Mu Yi said indifferently.


Su Yingying didn’t look happy at all and looked bitter instead. If she hadn’t wanted to hear that, she shouldn’t have asked. Now, she had to accept the truth.


When she was small, Su Yingying realized that she had a very acute perception. She understood what people were thinking. Her subconscious had an important impact on her life. That was also why Su Yingying had a special position in the Su Clan and was loved by everyone.


At that time, it was a virtue for women to have no talent. Women’s feet were also bound with a long wrap. However, she didn’t have to go through such ordeals.


She was very emotional and enjoyed a lot of love from her grandfather, especially after her aunt died.


Su Chongshan took great care of her. She was spoiled.


She was smart and didn’t lack emotional intelligence.


Her talent made her approach Mu Yi, so she asked to come to the Su Clan. Then, her talent also felt the hint of animosity between the two, so she asked him not to harm Zheng Zicong. All in all, she was convinced Mu Yi would listen to her.


Su Yingying looked pleased with herself.


And this was precisely why Mu Yi looked indifferent and cold. It was the first time he had thought that of her.


In his eyes, she was conceited and complacent.


No wonder Buddhists tried to remain bright and self-conscious and Taoists examined themselves on three points, meditating to avoid having chaotic thoughts.


People were clearly not virtuous sages. No one person was perfect. They had mixed feelings and desires, and their environment would have an impact on them.


After a moment of realization, Mu Yi’s perception suddenly felt like sharp as a sword and became more acute. He felt much clearer as well. He finally consolidated his understanding of the second level.


He wanted to have a stronger mind and a stronger body. He wanted to be pure of mind as it was important for Taoists, but to do that he had to cut himself off from others and reality. This was something Taoist priests had to do.


Virtuous achievements come to their successful conclusions. Examining oneself was essential. The state of mind, the heartbeat, and so on had to be kept under control.


But Mu Yi had just taken a small step in the right direction. He was still far from being an enlightened being.


“I’m sorry. Don’t be angry please,” Su Yingying said, realizing that she had made a mistake.


At that moment, Mu Yi had already changed. What she said couldn’t affect him anymore. Su Yingying had the impression that he had suddenly become heartless.


Su Yingying was beautiful, extremely beautiful. Mu Yi had traveled all around the world with the old man. He had seen only one woman who was more beautiful than Su Yingying and he still perfectly remembered her.


Nevertheless, Mu Yi wanted to focus on cultivation. He didn’t want to be influenced by women.


However, because he was young and at that age, it was difficult.




At that moment, a cold wind blew and blew out all of the candles and torches.



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