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HC chapter 19

Chapter 19: Ghost Apparition



Nian Nuer gave a horrible shriek and went back into the wardrobe.


“You don’t like me, brother?” Nian Nuer asked, turning back into a cute little girl. She looked cute and innocent again.


Mu Yi was stupefied but put his hand on the evil spirit slaying charm.




Mu Yi hesitated but was interrupted as a loud sound spread in the air behind him. He hastily turned around as he saw a white halo around Su Jinlun and a black shadow moving back at full speed.


It was a woman with long hair. She seemed to be around twenty years old. She was wearing a white dress and looked beautiful but emotionless.


Her eyes were two black holes, which looked very scary.


By the time Mu Yi turned around, Nian Nuer had already moved next to the woman and held her hand. The woman looked at the little girl with a look of love on her face.


Mu Yi immediately understood, and he wasn’t angry at Nian Nuer anymore.


Poor woman. She escaped with her lover, and nobody knew what had happened after that. She had come back with a sick baby. However, nobody had been able to help, and she killed herself in the end.


People who had sad lives refused to reincarnate. That woman didn’t want to reincarnate because she wanted to take care of her daughter.


Mu Yi remembered what Su Chongshan had told him. Back when Nian Nuer died, the woman had buried her in the courtyard, but Mu Yi hadn’t noticed any grave there. Maybe, she had buried the little girl in the bamboo forest.


The bamboo forest had grown and was evergreen.


Now that Mu Yi looked at the woman, who had lost her mental abilities, and the little girl, who understood nothing, he felt extremely sad. The mother and daughter reminded him of the old Taoist Priest and him. Even though the old man was his teacher, he was also like a father to him.


When the old man died, Mu Yi had felt extremely saddened, so he could imagine what it was like to lose a close family member. Besides, the woman was even sadder because she also felt guilty.


Su Yingying and Su Jinlun were blankly staring at the two ghosts, and they could finally see them. They could guess who they were, but they were still terrified.


“Go and reincarnate. If you continue like this, your soul will disperse someday,” Mu Yi said to the woman. She had lost her mental abilities, so she didn’t understand what he meant.


So when the woman heard him, she only stared blankly at him. After that, she looked at Nian Nuer and suddenly went insane as she threw herself at Mu Yi.




Mu Yi frowned and shook his right hand. His evil spirit slaying charm turned into a white light that moved towards the woman at full speed.


It was the first time Mu Yi had used the evil spirit slaying charm. He made no mistakes and looked experienced with its use.


When Mu Yi threw the evil spirit slaying charm, he sensed that a little bit of his mental strength had been depleted.


Charms also had their limits. He needed strength to use them. If he was exhausted and had no mental strength to use, then he wouldn’t be able to use any more charms.


He didn’t let the woman dodge or escape. Instead, he immediately attacked her chest with the charm.


The evil spirit slaying charm was different from a protection spell such as the body protection charm. The evil spirit slaying charm was explosive, and its purpose was to kill. Mu Yi wasn’t extremely strong, but the woman was still propelled away. She looked like she was in pain.


Even though Nian Nuer didn’t understand much, when she saw her mother like that, she immediately transformed into her green-faced and long-toothed form again and threw herself at Mu Yi at full speed.


Mu Yi didn’t want to injure her, so he used a body protection charm, and when she arrived near him, she was propelled away but wasn’t injured.


After a few moves, Nian Nuer didn’t try to attack Mu Yi again. She threw herself at Su Jinlun instead.


“The Blade!” Mu Yi shouted. He couldn’t let Nian Nuer injure Su Jinlun because his evil spirit slaying charm had limits. Luckily, he wasn’t far from the siblings, so he could easily shout warnings in case they were in any danger.

When Su Jinlun heard Mu Yi, he reacted quickly. He unconsciously raised the big blade towards Nian Nuer.


The blade had been used by an experienced warrior in hundreds of battles. It had caused lots of blood flow, and this characteristic made it very efficient against ghosts. Ghosts didn’t dare to get close to such blades.


Su Jinlun wasn’t as strong as the warrior who had used the blade, but it was enough to threaten Nian Nuer, making her move far away. However, she suddenly turned around and looked at Su Yingying.


At that crucial moment, Su Yingying didn’t react as well as Su Jinlun had. When Nian Nuer threw herself at her, she didn’t move at all. Instead, she just stared fixedly at her.


Mu Yi had given her a body protection charm, so when Nian Nuer got close to her, the body protection charm activated by itself.


White lights surrounded Su Yingying.


By this time, Mu Yi had moved towards the siblings at full speed and raised his copper lamp.


Consequently, as Mu Yi tried to control some of his mental strength into the copper lamp, the small flame suddenly grew to a gigantic size.


The woman had no time to react. The light illuminated her body, and instantly her body started burning. She shrieked horribly and moved back with all her power.


Nian Nuer had already seen how powerful the copper lamp was, so she was already very far away.


“Are you alright?” Mu Yi asked Su Yingying and Su Jinlun, who were staring at Nian Nuer and the woman.


When Su Yingying heard him, she came back to her senses and said in a weak voice, “I-I’m alright.”


“I’m alright too,” Su Jinlun said, glancing at his sister.


Mu Yi regretted letting Su Yingying come. It was too late though, and he had to find a solution quickly.

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