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HC chapter 20

Chapter 20: Behind the Scenes

Nian Nuer went back next to the woman and pulled her hand. It was very saddening to see them like that.


They were afraid of Mu Yi’s copper lamp. Nian Nuer didn’t attack again and turned into a little girl again.


Su Jinlun looked at Mu Yi. Mu Yi seemed silent, so he didn’t disturb him. He held the blade even more firmly though. He wanted to protect Su Yingying.


Mu Yi was trying to think of a solution. There was an adult ghost and a child ghost. The situation had become more complex than he had thought, especially because of Nian Nuer. Not only did she have her mental abilities intact, but she was also quite strong.


Even though he had solutions, he also understood that his mental strength was limited. He couldn’t resist them forever. If he ran out of mental strength, then Nian Nuer would be able to defeat him.


“Nuer, let’s have a talk, okay?” Mu Yi said to Nian Nuer.


“Brother, didn’t you want to capture me?” Nian Nuer asked, sounding honest and gentle.


“Don’t worry. I won’t capture you,” Mu Yi said. He stopped putting mind strength in his copper lamp, and the flame became tiny. The lamp now looked ordinary.


When the woman saw that, she looked at Mu Yi furiously. Mu Yi had injured her just before.


However, Nian Nuer pulled her hand, and the woman calmed down. Even though she still looked angry, she didn’t attack.


Mu Yi took a deep breath.


Even though he sounded relaxed, he wasn’t. His heart was pounding. If he made a tiny mistake, he could die. Also, if he left without succeeding, how would he be able to explain that to Su Chongshan? If he failed, he wouldn’t be able to return to the village.


Besides, Mu Yi hadn’t tried to kill Nian Nuer because she could talk.


“Nuer, tell me, how many people have tried to capture you?” Mu Yi asked in a gentle way. Nian Nuer had said that many people had tried to capture her. Many Buddhist monks and Taoist priests had come, but Mu Yi was convinced that those people were crooks who couldn’t even capture ghosts.


Therefore, she couldn’t be talking about those crooks.


“An elder sister keeps trying to capture me, but I managed to make her run away,” Nian Nuer said, sounding proud and fierce.


“A sister?” What Nian Nuer said proved Mu Yi’s speculations. In his understanding, there were no women among the people the Su Clan had asked for help. Besides, according to Nian Nuer, the woman had come a few times already.


Who could that sister be? Why did she want to capture Nian Nuer? Was there another ghost apart from the mother and daughter?


Mu Yi didn’t understand. Was the place full of ghosts? He had never seen a real ghost even though he had traveled all around the world with the old Taoist priest. And now, down the mountain, he saw ghosts. Was he lucky or unlucky?


“Do you remember the old woman who came here?” Mu Yi asked.


“The one who was talking to herself?” Nian Nuer asked after thinking for a few seconds.


“Indeed. Did you injure her?” Mu Yi asked. He was getting close to his purpose. Maybe he would learn something essential.


Actually, after seeing Nian Nuer, he had the impression that she couldn’t hurt the old woman.


Before, he had helped the Su Clan with the exorcism charm, and he perfectly remembered that evil yin Qi which was released.


Even though Nian Nuer was a ghost, she had no evil yin Qi. She didn’t look evil at all.


Mu Yi remembered what the old Taoist priest used to tell him all the time. “In this world, the most terrifying entities are not ghosts but human beings.” Besides, ghosts weren’t all evil. Some of them were afraid of the sun, so they rarely came out, and those who were extremely dangerous for human beings were rare.


For demon slayers and evil-spirit slayers, most ghosts actually seemed cute and harmless.


Therefore, Mu Yi had the impression that things weren’t as they seemed to be. Nian Nuer definitely didn’t hurt the old woman.


After all, they had already spent so much time in there. If they had wanted, they could have attacked everyone already. Every month, someone came to sweep, and nothing had ever happened.


And now, the old woman had come once and suddenly gotten sick?


Mu Yi had the impression that the situation was very complex, especially when Nian Nuer said that an elder sister had come to capture her.


If the old woman wasn’t the woman who had tried to hurt them, then who was it? What was that person’s goal?


Mu Yi stared at Nian Nuer, and he then walked towards her mother.


Mu Yi now thought that Nian Nuer was someone’s goal.


For people who raised ghosts, Nian Nuer was a perfect choice since she had all her mental abilities intact, which was rare for most normal ghosts.


Someone must have wanted to capture Nian Nuer. The Su Clan had many powerful guards and were powerful in Funiu Village, so fighting against people wasn’t a problem. However, fighting ghosts was another story.


That person was probably a ghost tamer who raised ghosts, and he had probably sent a female ghost he had raised to avoid being caught. However, he hadn’t thought that Nian Nuer would be strong enough to fight back.


After that, that person was left with only one other solution: hurting the old woman.


If all the doctors failed to heal her, then it meant that the illness was not physical or mental.


Following the failure and death of the old woman, news would spread.


The Su Clan would then invite any Buddhist monks and Taoist priests which would be the perfect opportunity for that person to enter the Su Clan. This way, he wouldn’t have to disguise his presence and could openly capture Nian Nuer. The plan was almost perfect.


Unfortunately, that person hadn’t expected Mu Yi to appear!

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