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HC chapter 21

Chapter 21: Be a Good Person

When Mu Yi understood everything, he started thinking quickly.


The best decision was to roll up his sleeves and run away. The situation was dangerous now that there was someone raising ghosts plotting against the Su Clan. It was a very complex issue.


The old Taoist Priest always told Mu Yi to avoid trouble. In a chaotic world, people could die if they were in the wrong place at the wrong moment. The world was big, and risking one’s life was useless.


Besides, Mu Yi had been doing great so far.


But now, he hesitated. He was at a loss and wasn’t sure whether or not he should continue getting involved. Though the old man had always told him to avoid trouble, the Su Clan would pay him handsomely if he helped them. Having enough funds could help Mu Yi improve on the path of cultivation. Without money, he couldn’t do much.


Furthermore, Mu Yi had already invested a lot in this endeavor, so it wouldn’t be easy to give up halfway. He felt that he would be a coward if he did so and didn’t know if it would affect his progress on the Dao. Still, he knew he would be depressed if he gave up so quickly.


If Mu Yi continued getting involved, he would offend a new enemy. While he didn’t know who the enemy was, the enemy would know him and wouldn’t let him off.


“Brother, you’re a good guy. Thank you for not capturing me,” Nian Nuer said at that moment.

Mu Yi smiled wryly. A good guy? Nobody had ever said that about him. Back then, when he was traveling with the old Taoist Priest, people either ignored him or looked at him in a disdainful way.


A good person? This was the first time someone had complimented him, a little ghost on top of that.

Mu Yi took a deep breath. Many things were unavoidable. Besides, the old Taoist Priest was dead. Mu Yi could only count on himself, and he had to strive to survive. The world was cruel.


Mu Yi had to convince himself on purpose. He had already solved a part of the mystery, and now, someone was complimenting him. It was not a bad situation.


“Do you trust me, little girl?” Mu Yi asked in a grave and solemn way.


Nian Nuer didn’t reply immediately. She looked at Mu Yi for a while before she finally nodded. “I just hope that you’ll never hurt my mom.”


For Nian Nuer, her mother was very important. Even though Mu Yi hadn’t injured her, he had attacked her a few times, so Nian Nuer was very sad to see that. As long as Mu Yi didn’t hurt her mother, then they could be friends.


“Alright, I promise you that I won’t hurt your mom,” Mu Yi promised while nodding.


Nian Nuer smiled while her mother complied as she could sense that Mu Yi wasn’t a bad person despite losing most of her personality and mental faculties. He was stronger and more straightforward than ordinary people.


Therefore, she slowly calmed down and stopped acting hostile.


“Alright, you can leave. Remember, you can’t tell anyone about what happened tonight, even to your parents, alright?” Mu Yi said while turning around and looking at Su Yingying and Su Jinlun.


“Of course, Taoist priest. We understand,” Su Jinlun replied immediately.


Su Yingying nodded too. The siblings looked more relaxed, and the little girl and her mother weren’t that terrifying anymore. After all, they had heard the dialogue between Mu Yi and the ghosts, so they also understood that there was an ongoing conspiracy.


Su Jinlun and Su Yingying left while Mu Yi stayed behind for another hour. A strong wind blew in the courtyard, and after that, Mu Yi also left.


That very night, Mu Yi followed Su Chongshan to a secret room where they stayed until the sun rose. Then, Mu Yi left with a bundle wrapped in a cloth.


At the same time, in the Su Clan, some rumors stated that the Taoist priest Miss Su had invited had failed.


After Mu Yi left the Su Clan, he sensed that many people were staring at him, but he ignored them and left.


When he went back to the mountain, he was glowing with health and radiating vigor. He hid in his room and opened the bundle wrapped in a cloth. The bundle not only contained the items he had left, such as paper and cinnabar, but there was also a beautiful brush, a brush holder made of jade, and yellow weasel fur. Those items were many grades better than the ones he had before.


However, Mu Yi appreciated the wooden box the most. It had ginger inside, and with it, he’d be able to progress much faster than before.


He needed to overcome the second stage, and he would then look for the old Taoist Priest. He would bring him back and bury him so that he would be able to rest in peace.


It had become his main goal.


Finally, Mu Yi took out the copper lamp and inspected it. A large part of his success with ghosts was also thanks to the copper lamp. Otherwise, he would have died.


Unfortunately, with his level, Mu Yi couldn’t understand all the secrets of the copper lamp. He only knew that he could suppress ghosts with it.


Mu Yi lit his copper lamp, providing the room with a pale light with its flickering flames. It made Mu Yi feel relaxed. He could also use the copper lamp as a traditional lamp.


Mu Yi cut some ginger and ate some before he started practicing cultivation.


Emptiness, emptiness, emptiness. Nothingness, nothingness, nothingness.


In his meditation, Mu Yi forgot about time. Dust gathered upon his body, and his breath became slower. Interestingly, each time he inhaled and exhaled, the flame of the copper lamp flickered more and more. It seemed as if a connection was being established between him and the lamp.


It was nighttime before Mu Yi stopped meditating. He had practiced all day, and it was the first time he had practiced for so long. Regardless, it was a fruitful experience. He had become stronger along with his state of mind, which was improving on a daily basis.


There were two reasons for his success: the copper lamp and the ginger. Mu Yi was convinced that he had made the right decisions. Thanks to cultivation, Mu Yi was improving his body and his while also filling his wallet.


Mu Yi was slowly reaching the third level. He had to progress step by step in the proper order. Maybe he would be able to go and look for the old Taoist Priest by spring of the following year.

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