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HC chapter 22

Chapter 22: Acting Secretly

In the afternoon on the second day, a silhouette arrived in the Mountain God Temple and then left after a while.


After Mu Yi sent that person off, he smiled in contemplation. “I thought you would manage to stay calm, but it doesn’t seem to be the case,” Mu Yi said calmly even though he didn’t feel relaxed.


Apart from the small battle against ghosts, which couldn’t really count as one, Mu Yi had no experience in terms of battle, especially against humans. Therefore, Mu Yi prepared a few evil spirit slaying charms. He also tried to make some five thunders charms but failed each time. He had probably been lucky the other time he succeeded.


Maybe he needed to wait until his state of mind stabilized before he could try again.


However, with five thunders charms and the copper lamp, Mu Yi wasn’t afraid of trying. In any case, he would have to try at some point.


Mu Yi changed his clothes and descended from the mountain. The clothes he was wearing had been sent to him by Su Chongshan since Mu Yi only had Taoist robes.


Even though they weren’t valuable, they had the advantage of not drawing people’s attention. He also put on a big hat to hide his hair.


Without a hat, people could easily recognize him, and that would be troublesome. He wasn’t going to cut his hair either.


He sat down by a mountain river and thought. During the past hundreds of years, so many had died. Apart from a few exceptions, people had to choose: have long hair or be beheaded.


Mu Yi didn’t draw people’s attention. After going to the small village, he first walked to the market. Then, he went to the Su Clan, where some people had been waiting.


“Mister, you’re here.” The person who had gone to the mountain to deliver Mu Yi’s clothes was also the one to greet him. He looked at Mu Yi in a respectful way.


“Yes, how is it going with that person?” Mu Yi replied after glancing around and making sure that there were no outsiders.


“That person is with the leader. They are going to a courtyard,” the messenger replied.


“Did they go and see the old woman?” Mu Yi asked.


“They did. Besides, he also woke her up temporarily, but that person said that we had to wait until the evening for them to finish. After killing the ghost, the old woman will be cured,” the messenger said while leading the way at the same time.


Finally, he lowered his head. He looked warm and gentle, but Mu Yi knew that the thirty year-old person was also the person Su Chongshan trusted the most. He was very discreet too.


Besides, he wasn’t weak either. Even if three, four, or even five people like Mu Yi fought against him, it would still be extremely difficult for them to win.


When Mu Yi heard the messenger, he smiled coldly on the inside. The devil can’t hide his cloven hoof. The person in question came in a hurry to the Su Clan because he was afraid that someone would unexpectedly intervene and ruin his plans.


The evildoer wanted to capture Nian Nuer before he cured the old woman. His real goal was to capture Nian Nuer, he didn’t need to kill the old woman if he didn’t have to.


The messenger took Mu Yi to a small and tranquil room in a courtyard. Nobody lived in that corner of the palace, so nobody would come and disturb Mu Yi.


Mu Yi just had to wait until the evening when the evildoer would start his ritual. Then, Mu Yi and Nian Nuer would act together to kill him.


The old Taoist Priest had always told him to either do his best or to do nothing at all.


Since he had decided to help, he had to understand his enemy. He had to stamp out the source of trouble. Mu Yi was convinced that he was doing the right thing. Regarding Zheng Zicong, Mu Yi had planned to strike first to gain the advantage.


If Su Yingying hadn’t said anything to him, he wouldn’t have let Zheng Zicong off easily. Of course, Mu Yi wouldn’t care about Su Yingying’s words if Zheng Zicong kept offending him. He was only giving Su Yingying face by doing nothing.

In the evening, a servant came to give him food and drinks. The servant also told Mu Yi that Su Chongshan was sorry for not coming to visit him since he didn’t want to risk alerting the enemy. He hoped that Mu Yi wasn’t angry.


Mu Yi didn’t find it strange. Su Chongshan wasn’t someone who cared about face that much. He cared about results.


At the same time, in another part of the Su Clan’s residence, Zheng Zicong came out of a room looking furious.


Zheng Zicong wasn’t stupid. He had studied abroad and understood people. He knew when they were evil. Of course, he also knew to sail with the wind. Zheng Zicong liked to bully the weak and fear the strong anyway.


If Mu Yi had cured his grandmother, Zheng Zicong would have trusted him and stopped offending him. However, Mu Yi had left looking dispirited the previous time. Now, Zheng Zicong couldn’t help but have the feeling that Mu Yi was a crook.


After all, Su Yingying had told him of Mu Yi’s failure. That was all that mattered. Whether he could heal some people or not had nothing to do with him, and he didn’t care. In his eyes, Mu Yi wasn’t any better than all the other Buddhist monks and Taoist priests they had called before.


Su Yingying and Su Jinlun didn’t say anything about what happened that night. They just told everyone they didn’t go into the building and just waited outside. They told them that they knew nothing about what had happened, which made Zheng Zicong even more convinced that Mu Yi was a crook.


So now that the Taoist priest they called had managed to make the grandmother wake up for a short time, Zheng Zicong trusted him more than Mu Yi.


Besides, the Taoist priest had also said that using blood for rituals was ridiculous, so Zheng Zicong was even more furious. He now thought that Mu Yi had done that on purpose to harm him. He didn’t entirely trust the Taoist priest, but he still went to Mu Yi’s room.


Zheng Zicong passed in front of a flowerpot and saw some blood stains. He understood that Mu Yi initially didn’t need his blood. He had just wanted to make him suffer.


After that, he looked even more furious. He hated Mu Yi. He wanted to kill him.


But in the end, he didn’t become a slave of his temper and kept calm. He knew that this was a crucial moment for his clan. It wasn’t the right time to do anything. After a few days, he would see his grandmother recover, and by then, nobody would think about Mu Yi anymore. Then, he could find an opportunity to exact his revenge.


Mu Yi didn’t know what Zheng Zicong was thinking. But even if he did, he wouldn’t take it to heart. He didn’t care about Zheng Zicong or his father. He didn’t care about how powerful they were either. After all, they were beyond the reach of his power. However, Mu Yi would not fear them in the future.

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