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HC chapter 24

Chapter 24: Hundred Ghosts Banner

Up in the air, three silhouettes kept colliding. The female ghost in white clothes was growing weaker. Her body became clearer and clearer as if she was about to disappear. She looked like she was suffering, but Xugui didn’t intervene. His eyes were only filled with the flames of joy. Nian Nuer! If he managed to catch her, all of his efforts would finally pay off.


As he looked at Nian Nuer’s mother, he couldn’t help but think of a technique that was a part of his ghost controlling techniques: the Mother and Daughter Dual Curse.


The mysterious technique was very powerful, especially when the mother and her daughter had yet to die. If someone ever killed the daughter, then the body of the mother could be used to give birth again. In the unceasing process of life and death, the ghosts would become much stronger.


However, the mysterious technique was very cruel, as the rebirth required the mother to eat a hundred children’s souls and hearts, with all of them being less than six years of age. It was very cruel.


Even though the requirements were strict, the advantages were incredible to the point that he was a small price to pay. Besides, how many people died every year? Millions, so a hundred children was insignificant. During periods of famine, people even ate children. It was normal. It was the sad truth.


It was better to eat some children rather than only a few grains of rice.


For Xugui, finding a hundred children was easy. However, finding a single high-quality female ghost wasn’t, especially one with a mother. Back when he had heard of that mysterious spell, he had been overjoyed, but he then realized how difficult it was to find female ghosts and their mothers.


The mother couldn’t have retained their mental abilities because it was too difficult to control them if they did while the daughter would need her mental abilities. There was no problem about her counterattacking since her mental abilities also implied maturity.


Such criteria was really difficult to fulfill.


But nothing was impossible. Xugui had thought of himself as blessed by the gods, as encountering a female ghost and her daughter was something that rarely happened within dozens or even hundreds of years.


Xugui could already imagine himself terrifying and torturing people. He had never wished to be a good person. He had always dreamed of being a bad person, a demon.


The female ghost was struck hard and crashed onto the ground. At that moment, Xugui finally moved and took out a small black flag, throwing it in the air. The flag swelled to half the size of a person, and it was three chi in length.


The flag was dark with black lines that looked like snakes. They looked alive whenever the flag fluttered.


Xugui had gone through innumerable hardships and tribulations to make that flag, but it had a name: Ghost King Banner, but there was only one female ghost was inside.


Xugui was talented, but he was also ambitious and proud. For him, ordinary ghosts weren’t qualified to go into his Ghost King Banner. He had only had one ghost who could go inside.


The Ghost King Banner had one another name, the Hundred Ghosts Banner, one ghost made a flag, ten ghosts made a tool, and a hundred ghosts made a banner. Lastly, a hundred ghosts could be ordered wander at night by their Ghost king.


Xugui hoped that his flag would become a real Hundred Ghosts Banner. He would make a hundred ghosts wander in the world and kill all his enemies.


Before, he had only one ghost in his banner, so now, he wanted to have more to improve his banner. After all, while it was a real tool for Taoism, it was just the embryo of a tool. To become a tool, he needed ten ghosts first.


Taoist tools were precious. Skilled priests all wanted Taoist tools.


When he saw Nian Nuer, he knew he wanted to raise her in his flag and make her become a Ghost King. Since her mother was there too, he felt even more ambitious.


A Ghost king, which could keep coming back to life, would be incredibly strong. It was an unimaginable power.


After throwing the Ghost King Banner, the black chains moved like snakes and sealed the area around Nian Nuer and her mother.


Even though Nian Nuer was strong, she had less fighting experience than the female ghost and couldn’t fight against Xugui at all.


Xugui had remained motionless the whole time, but now that he had an opportunity, he would capture Nian Nuer and her mother.


When Nian Nuer realized that she was restricted, she became furious. She transformed into a green-faced, long-toothed monster. She became gigantic, and her strength increased to the point of breaking the black chains that restrained her.


After that, she went back next to her mother’s side and broke her chains too.


When Xugui saw that, he became even more enthusiastic. Nian Nuer’s strength proved that she had already matured. He pointed a finger at them, and the female ghost next to him turned into a shadow which entered the Hundred Ghosts Banner.


In a flash, the Hundred Ghosts Banner became gigantic and came back to him. The flag then moved towards Nian Nuer and her mother to envelop them.


Nian Nuer knew the situation was getting dangerous. She grabbed her mother’s hand and moved back at full speed, but at that moment, the absorbing strength of the banner became too powerful. Nian Nuer couldn’t move.


Nian Nuer could have abandoned her mother and escaped safely, but she didn’t. How could she possibly abandon her mother? She wanted to leave with her.


Xugui flashed an evil smile. His heart was pounding, and he wanted the ghost mother and her daughter. Even if he got injured in the process, it would definitely be worth it.


Even though Nian Nuer’s mental abilities were intact, she was still young. She didn’t understand that Xugui was a cunning person.


Xugui could attack Nian Nuer’s mother, her weakness, then he could easily take control of her.


At that moment, the Ghost King Banner mainly absorbed the mother and a little bit of Nian Nuer. After all, her mother was much weaker than her.


When Nian Nuer saw that he was absorbing her mother into the Hundred Ghosts Banner, she couldn’t hold it anymore. She suddenly shouted furiously, “Brother!”

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