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HC chapter 26

Chapter 26: Failure Through a Lack of Effort

As Xugui tried to escape, a black beam of light moved straight towards him and pierced through his body.


He groaned with pain, his right hand shook, and he fell on the other side of the wall. Right away, Xugui knew he had been lucky.


Mu Yi quickly chased him and jumped on top of the wall, but when he looked on the other side, there was nobody to be found. There was just some blood on the ground. Mu Yi looked furious.


The old Taoist Priest had taught him to always kill an enemy, especially if he was injured; otherwise, his counterattack would be even more terrifying. Xugui wasn’t going to let him off after everything. Now, Mu Yi could only count on Su Chongshan for help.


As Mu Yi was thinking of a solution, the door of the courtyard opened by itself. Su Chongshan entered with two other people.


One of them was the messenger, and the other one was a tall and sturdy person with a big bow. He was clearly the one who had shot the arrow a moment before.


Even though he didn’t look bloodthirsty, Mu Yi knew that the person was dangerous.


If Mu Yi fought against him, he’d die in the blink of an eye.


Of course, against ghosts, that guy couldn’t do anything.


As Su Chongshan and the two men came in, Nian Nuer and her mother were already back in the bamboo forest. Su Chongshan just saw a shadow flicker.


Nian Nuer had tried to stop Xugui, but she didn’t want the enemy to use his flag because she could get injured by it. She was furious that he had left though.


“You are excellent, Taoist priest. I’m impressed,” Su Chongshan said while looking at Mu Yi.


Actually, Mu Yi and Su Chongshan had already agreed on a plan. The third solution was that if Mu Yi failed, then Su Chongshan would send strong fighters to continue the battle.

Therefore, after the beginning of the big battle, Su Chongshan had brought these two guards. They were in charge of killing Xugui.


When Mu Yi got involved and threw the five thunders charm, they also saw it. They were shocked as the five thunders charm was truly incredible.


Besides, after Mu Yi had thrown a white ball at some point, they had also seen Nian Nuer and her mother, surprising them.


When Su Chongshan told them the plan, they didn’t really have hope, but they were wrong.


They looked at Mu Yi in a respectful way. They were strong enough that they could kill someone like Mu Yi many times over at this point. He didn’t have any more five thunders charms after all. Even though he had a few evil spirit slaying charms, he couldn’t compete with them.


Even the archer could kill Mu Yi from a distance.


“You’re joking. I’m angry at myself because the Taoist priest escaped” Mu Yi said while shaking his head. Thanks to that battle, he now understood how to fight against someone who had a similar level of power.


He was convinced the same thing was going to happen again.


“Don’t worry. He was struck by an arrow. Even if he’s lucky and doesn’t die, he won’t be able to go too far. I’ve already given the guards the order to monitor all exits. He’s stuck here,” Su Chongshan said confidently.


In terms of ghosts, he didn’t know anything, but he certainly knew how to deal with humans. They were much easier. Also, Xugui was already injured. He couldn’t use his full strength to fight anymore. The guards he had sent to capture him were elite guards.


Even though the situation was bad, it was also an opportunity for the guards to practice.


The Su Clan had existed for a very long time. Even though it looked small, it didn’t necessarily mean that it had no hidden power.


“I hope so,” Mu Yi said while nodding. He wasn’t as confident as Su Chongshan. He didn’t know why, but he had a bad premonition. He had the feeling that Xugui wouldn’t get caught that easily. He certainly had a way to escape.


But as Su Chongshan had said, Xugui was already injured, and Mu Yi was just being paranoid. Besides, Mu Yi would be a lot stronger by the time Xugui managed to recover and come back for revenge in the case where he did manage to escape.

Mu Yi then looked at the broken flag on the ground.


After being broken in two, the flag had returned to its normal hand-sized appearance. Unfortunately, it was still in two pieces.


Mu Yi had seen how powerful the flag was, and it could even oppress Nian Nuer. Now that he didn’t have the five thunders charm, he needed good materials.


With Mu Yi’s current amount of wealth, he wouldn’t give up such a good item.


Therefore, he didn’t pay attention to Su Chongshan as he picked up the flag and put it in his bag.


Su Chongshan said nothing. Mu Yi deserved that item, and he had fought for it. Besides, Su Chongshan didn’t need it. He was just worried about the ghosts in the forest.


He didn’t know they were there, and he never came back because it made him sad. It was also the reason he had sealed the area. He had never thought that his daughter and granddaughter would turn into ghosts and stay here the entire time.


He felt extremely guilty and sad. If he had known that before, he wouldn’t have let them stay in here for thirty years. He would have come to see them. After all, they were members of his family even if they were ghosts.


“Taoist priest, I have a request,” Su Chongshan said to Mu Yi.


“You want to see Nian Nuer and her mother?” Mu Yi asked. He knew what Su Chongshan was thinking and.


“Indeed. Please help me,” Su Chongshan said while bowing.


“Alright, wait here. I can’t decide for them whether they want to see you or not though,” Mu Yi said. Su Chongshan was speaking in an earnest tone. He watched as Mu Yi entered the forest. Mu Yi was also curious about the bamboo forest.

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