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HC chapter 27

Chapter 27: Mystery in the Depths of the Bamboo Forest

Actually, Mu Yi was very curious about the bamboo forest. Even though it didn’t look big, it was dense, and there was mist in and around it. Everyone’s vision would be obscured once they were inside.


Mu Yi had just entered the forest when he suddenly felt cold. His hair bristled, and his heart started beating faster.


Mu Yi tried to keep calm. He didn’t do anything suspicious and called for her. “Nuer, it’s me.”


Fortunately, he sensed the atmosphere become calm and peaceful. He felt more relaxed. However, he still felt a bit cold.


Nobody had been in this forest for a very long time. There were leaves everywhere, and it was very dense. It was pleasant to walk on the leaves.


Mu Yi passed between the bamboo trees, and they were as green as emeralds. He could also see some drops of water on the leaves.


Finally, he arrived at the middle of the bamboo forest and saw Nian Nuer.


At that moment, Nian Nuer was in front of a bamboo tree. Her arms were crossed. She was seated on a black stone.


Mu Yi didn’t see her mother. He was captivated by the bamboo tree behind Nian Nuer.


It was a small and thin tree. It was as high as Mu Yi’s waist and the most particular tree he had seen in the forest. It didn’t have any leaves yet and had thirteen bamboo joints. However, Mu Yi could sense its vitality and it was alive.


The mist in the forest kept being absorbed into that bamboo tree, and the bamboo tree would then exhale mist again. It was breathing.


Nian Nuer looked at the bamboo tree, and it was impossible to know what she was thinking. She didn’t even turn around when Mu Yi arrived.


“Brother, I don’t want to see him” Nian Nuer said suddenly.


“You don’t want to see who? Your grandfather?” Mu Yi said while walking to her. He sat down next to her as if they were close. Nian Nuer shivered but didn’t move away.


“Even though you were young back then, you probably remember him, right?” Mu Yi asked.


“Brother, I just remembered,” Nian Nuer said, looking angry.


“Since you remember him, why don’t you want to see him? No matter what, he’s still your grandfather, isn’t he? Actually, I think he really misses you and your mother,” Mu Yi said in a gentle way.


“I don’t know” Nian Nuer said while shaking her head.


“Tell me what you think” Mu Yi said to Nian Nuer.


“I don’t remember much of my past. I just know that when I was left alone here with my mother, I couldn’t leave the courtyard. My mother didn’t talk. So I talked to the small bamboo tree everyday. Each time someone came, I hid here. I didn’t dare to come out until that evil sister came to see me. Then, many people came here to capture me, all of whom were evil people. When you were fighting against the evil man just now, I remembered many things,” Nian Nuer said. Her thoughts were messy, but Mu Yi understood what she meant.


Mu Yi was convinced that Nian Nuer had changed because of the five thunders charm.


When he attacked Xugui with the five thunders charm, it had also affected Nian Nuer, who hadn’t been far away. The five thunders charm oppressed yin energy, and Nian Nuer had been affected by it.


Before, though her mental abilities were perfect, it didn’t mean that her memories were perfect. Actually, the memories of when she was a little girl hadn’t left a mark on her.


But now, she suddenly remembered a lot. She knew that she was dead, she knew that her mother was dead, and she knew that they weren’t human beings anymore. They were ghosts.


Nian Nuer had never thought about it before. Now, she realized the difference between people and ghosts.


Mu Yi understood how Nian Nuer felt, but he didn’t know how to cheer her up. Could he tell her that her grandfather didn’t mind if she was ghost? Even Mu Yi himself didn’t believe it.


Besides, ghosts and people couldn’t live together.


“That bamboo tree has always been here?” Mu Yi asked. That tree was a treasure. The bamboo all around there was precisely because of that small bamboo tree.


“I remember that when I was a child, my mom told me my father gave it to her,” Nian Nuer said.


“Your father? Do you remember him?” Mu Yi asked. He was stupefied. He was curious who that man was to have managed to make the jewel of the Su Clan fall in love with him and escape? What had happened after? Why had Nuer and her mother come back alone? Why was she sick?


“I don’t remember him. I’ve never seen him. My mother doesn’t want to talk about him. I just know he gave her that tree,” Nian Nuer said while shaking her head.


“So what are your plans?” Mu Yi asked after being silent for a few seconds.


“I don’t know either,” Nian Nuer said. She looked even sadder. She looked like a lonely little girl.


“Listen and think carefully. You and your mother are different. Even with the effect of the bamboo tree, your mother cannot stay in this world forever. I’ll leave for now and tell your grandfather that you don’t want to see him. I’ll come back tomorrow, if…” Mu Yi said but didn’t finish his sentence.


He looked at Nian Nuer and left.


Outside, Su Chongshan was getting impatient. When he saw Mu Yi come out, he looked behind Mu Yi but saw nobody. He looked disappointed.


“She doesn’t want to see me?” Su Chongshan asked.


“Mister Su, she just remembered a lot of things. She feels sad. I’m sure that if you give her time, she’ll agree to see you. Besides, things aren’t as simple as you think. I’ll tell you more later.” Mu Yi said.


He was thinking about Xugui. They had to chase him.


“Alright.” Su Chongshan said while nodding. After all, he wasn’t an ordinary person. He had gone through a lot in life; he was patient.


“Taoist priest, take a rest in my courtyard. After we capture that man, I’ll contact you.”

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