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HC chapter 29

Chapter 29: Ghost, Principles, Sly

“Tell me.” Su Chongshan said. He was curious when he heard Mu Yi say that.


“You know, there is a gigantic difference between the living and the dead. They belong to two different worlds.” Mu Yi said impolitely and straightforwardly.


“I know.” Su Chongshan said while nodding.


“Nian Nuer’s mother has been able to stay here as a ghost thanks to the bamboo forest in the courtyard.” Mu Yi said.


“The bamboo forest?” Su Chongshan was surprised. He didn’t understand.


“More precisely, someone has modified the force of the earth there, and that place became a Feng Shui paradise. There’s a special tree there. Nian Nuer still has her mental abilities thanks to the tree. If the tree doesn’t disappear, she can’t die. She can stay there like that,” Mu Yi said. Su Chongshan looked happy, but Mu Yi continued, “Unfortunately, there’s only one tree. It’s enough for Nian Nuer. Her mother, however, is not that lucky. After she died, thanks to her determination and sadness, she became a ghost because she wanted to stay with her daughter. But now, a lot of time has passed, and she has lost her mental abilities already. She doesn’t remember anything. If things continue that way, her soul will disperse sooner or later.”




When Mu Yi finished talking, Su Chongshan was suddenly seized with panic and sadness.


“Please save my daughter! I beg, you, Taoist priest. I will do anything. Please!” Su Chongshan said desperately.


He hadn’t been able to protect his daughter when she had been alive. If her soul dispersed, he would never be able to be a good father to her. No matter what, he was willing to do anything to save his daughter’s soul.


“I don’t know much about reincarnation, but I can try. And what about Nian Nuer?” Mu Yi asked.


“I…” Su Chongshan said, but he then remained silent for a few seconds.


Since Mu Yi had started talking about the gap between the living and the dead, Su Chongshan had understood. But even if he was willing to have his granddaughter with him, what would the rest of the Su Clan think? What would everybody think of having a ghost with them?


Even Su Chongshan wasn’t sure, that was why he remained silent for a few seconds.


“Actually, keeping Nian Nuer here wouldn’t be a good thing for her. She’s a ghost. If she grows up with you, the living, it will not be good for you. Besides, she’s a kid, and if she sees people keep staring at her in a strange way everyday, what do you think the consequences will be?” Mu Yi said.


“Please explain,” Su Chongshan said.


“Don’t think of her as a normal child. No matter what, I’ll talk to her and then come back to you. But I might also send her into the cycle of reincarnation. This world is too evil,” Mu Yi said while shaking his head.


“Alright. You can decide. I am very grateful for your help,” Su Chongshan said. He was touched and moved. But being grateful was one thing while rewarding was another. Apart from family members, money was something extremely important too.


“We’ll see after solving the situation,” Mu Yi said while shaking his head. He loved money, but he also loved his job. He wanted to help the girl reincarnate.


At that moment, some sounds spread in the air, and some flames appeared in the village, prompting many people to rush over.


“Hmph! Since we found him, we won’t let him escape this time,” Su Chongshan said while looking out of the window. His tone was murderous.


Now, he hated Xugui even more.


Someone came and announced that he had cut off one of Xugui’s arms but that he had still managed to escape.


Su Chongshan looked furious. He was so furious that he had the sensation that his head was going to explode, but he also realized how terrifying Xugui really was. He was astonished that Xugui had managed to escape in such circumstances. What if he came back to get his revenge someday?


He had been shot by an arrow and then lost an arm, yet he had still managed to escape. He had been turned into a cripple, so the Su Clan didn’t really need to worry. Through the years, one or two enemies wasn’t much, as the Su Clan was still able to tower like a giant over the surroundings. Their longevity explained a lot of things.


Interestingly, when Xugui had escaped, he had also lost something – a book covered with blood. Su Chongshan promptly gave it to Mu Yi.


Mu Yi accepted the book. The pages were soft, and they were like a brocade but much harder. Mu Yi pressed a little bit more, but it didn’t break.


When Mu Yi read the words on it, he was stunned.


He opened the book and saw three words: Ghost Controlling Technique.


He had never thought that Xugui had studied Taoist scriptures.


It could be used for evil purposes, but in Taoism, nothing was evil per se. They were just different concepts. However, Mu Yi understood the importance of this book, especially since he now possessed the flag.


I have to remain calm and persevere, Mu Yi thought. Perseverance allowed him to keep calm and detached. He didn’t read the book immediately. Instead, he kept it in his bag.


Su Chongshan didn’t say anything. He asked the messenger to bring Mu Yi to his room.


It was already late, between one and three past midnight. Everybody was resting already.


Mu Yi sat down on the bed. Then, he took out the ghost controlling technique and started reading it.


“Everyone has to go through life and death. When you die, you can become a ghost.”


Mu Yi found that pretty logical, but he wanted to know the reason behind such statements.


“Ghosts have shape, are not physical, and are rarely seen by the common people.”


“Ghosts’ lives are based on yin energies, they are sly and steal people’s yang energy.”


“Ghosts’ souls can also transform. They can even be protected with techniques.”


The idea made Mu Yi shiver.


At the same time, Mu Yi also understood ghosts much better than before.


“Theory is one thing, but practice is more important when it comes to ghosts. From the beginning of life, to the end that is death, and when the spirit leaves the body. Depending on the yin energy, there will be normal ghosts, ferocious, and many others. All in all, homeless ghosts have to be bribed to let humans live in peace.”


“Those who don’t die in peace can transform their yin Qi and become terrifying, ferocious ghosts.”

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