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HC Chapter 3: Frightening Living Corpse

HC Chapter 3: Frightening Living Corpse


“Cling ling ling!”

The bells of the door began to tinkle. Mu Yi was instantly petrified, clutching his ax firmly. His hands were covered in cold sweat.

The bells had only tinkled once and stopped, causing Mu Yi to suspect that it wasn’t the wind moving the bells.

As he opened the door to look outside, a huge object was thrown inside the temple, crashing loudly onto the floor.

Mu Yi was frozen. The object was the statue of the god he had removed during the day. It had taken him great efforts to move the statue because of its weight. How was it get thrown back inside?

This wasn’t the best time to ponder that question, especially after a dark shadow had followed the statue inside.

Mu Yi had crafted a small mechanism in his earlier preparation which he now activated.


On the other side of the door, a loud sound suddenly filled the air. The sound drew the dark shadow’s attention.

A fireball appeared, filling the air with a dazzling fire. A burst of fire appeared in the main hall. The candles simultaneously lit as it moved past them.

The dark shadow seemed to be distracted by the fire. Mu Yi took advantage of the distraction and leapt out of his hiding spot and lifted his ax to attack the shadow.


The ax sliced into the shoulder of the dark shadow. Mu Yi had aimed for the head, but the shadow had moved its head quickly in response. When his ax had struck the shadow, it didn’t feel like flesh, it felt more like he was chopping into a tree trunk.

As the shadow raised its hand, Mu Yi could sense its tremendous strength. The handle of the ax broke, causing Mu Yi to stumble back.

At that moment, the fire lit the remaining candles, illuminating the entire room.


Mu Yi looked at the shadow, he could now see clearly, he could see the shadow’s face. Mu Yi was gasping with astonishment.

The old man’s face was surrounded by dark golden light. His eyes were a pale white and he no longer had any skin around his mouth, just a set of exposed teeth. He looked ferocious.

After Mu Yi’s ax had crashed into his shoulder, there wasn’t any blood.

“A Zombie?” Mu Yi asked.

Years ago, his grandfather had taught him about reanimated corpses, but Mu Yi never believed him. Mu Yi didn’t believe in such things. But now, he had proof that they existed…

Back then, according to the old man, the criteria to become a living corpse was extremely strict. First, the person had to harbor a grudge against someone and they had to be buried in a sinister place. The whole process was supposed to require one or two months.

Zombies weren’t extremely strong, although they were still much stronger than humans.

Now his grandfather had changed. Mu Yi remembered the moment he had died, he passed with a smile on his face.  How could he harbor a grudge against anyone?

Thinking about those things was useless now. The corpse looked cruel and emotionless.  Mu Yi knew that his grandfather wasn’t here anymore.

Mu Yi darted back to the center of the hall. By now, the fire finished lighting the remainder of the candles. Mu Yi tried to run from the zombie, but the zombie rushed towards him.

Mu Yi grabbed one of the strings he had placed that afternoon, causing the thick black cloth on the mirrors to fall. Suddenly, seven beams of light appeared, aimed towards the zombie.

“Argh!” The zombie cried out.

The zombie stomped on the ground, causing dirt to fall from his decaying body.

Mu Yi grabbed the bottle of black dog’s blood from his pocket and threw it towards the zombie.


The black dog’s blood seemed to slow the zombie’s movements.

Next, Mu Yi took an exorcism charm and an evil spirit slaying charm out of his bags. He chanted some incantations and threw them at the zombie.

Something wasn’t right, the charms weren’t working.

By now, the zombie had escaped from the light from the mirrors and had resumed his chase of Mu Yi.

Mu Yi was terrified. Any sense of calm remaining in his body had long gone. After all, the boy was only fourteen, and he wasn’t an experienced exorcist.

He remembered his wooden sword and raised it towards the zombie. Luckily, Mu Yi had caught the zombie by surprise. The high cost of the sword was worth it. He managed to stab the zombie, escaping the zombie’s attack unharmed.

Mu Yi leapt back and started to plan what to do next. He was out of ideas, and he had to be smart about his next move. Since he was almost at a dead end, the best plan was to risk his life and attempt to escape.

Mu Yi grabbed the charms from his bags and stuck them to the zombie’s body like a madman. Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to work as well as the black dog’s blood.

The zombie was much slower but was still moving towards him. He was stretching his sharp fingers towards Mu Yi’s chest.

Frozen in fear, the young boy was convinced that he was going to die.


Suddenly, pale white lights appeared from the zombie’s chest, throwing him backwards into the pillar behind him.

Mu Yi then looked at the zombie, who was now kneeling on the ground with his hand hanging loosely at his side. However, Mu Yi now noticed a change in the old man’s eyes. However, just like the previous evening, Mu Yi suddenly lost consciousness.

The following morning, Mu Yi woke up groggily with a pain in his head. The main hall was messy, and the zombie had disappeared.

Mu Yi had lost consciousness twice in two days. Why didn’t the zombie kill him? Was there a reason? It was all a confusing blur.

Mu Yi decided to check the field behind the temple where he had buried the old man. The coffin was unearthed and had been opened. All that remained inside was the missing head of the god statue.

Mu Yi hesitantly stretched his hand to remove the head from the coffin. It was surprisingly light. He attempted to try checking if it had any use, but the head disintegrated, turning to dust.

Before it went missing, the statue and its head had been extremely heavy. How did it change all of a sudden? It was useless to spend too much time thinking about it.

Mu Yi crouched down and started knocking on the inside of the coffin with the back of his knuckles.

“Bang bang!” “Bang bang!”

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