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HC chapter 30

Chapter 30: Heavenly Curse – People’s Misfortune


“Those who don’t die in peace can transform their yin Qi and become terrifying, ferocious ghosts.”


When Mu Yi read that sentence, he thought about Nian Nuer’s mother and the female ghost with Xugui.


Nian Nuer’s mother was regretful. She didn’t want to abandon her daughter. She had died an unjust death and turned into a ferocious ghost.


The female ghost with Xugui looked normal, but she didn’t have normal mental abilities, and the yin Qi in the old woman’s body was probably hers. She was a ferocious ghost as well.


Even though Nian Nuer had her mental abilities, considering her strength, she was probably the same kind of ghost: a ferocious ghost, but at the same time, she was different.


The difference between a ghost who had its mental abilities and one who didn’t was gigantic. It wasn’t always the case, but usually, ghosts who had lost their mental abilities were ferocious ghosts.


“They’re not afraid of yin Qi or fire, and they can condense their mental abilities as fierce ghosts.”


On the next page, there was a drawing of a fierce ghost.


The fierce ghost was under the sun and looked happy. It looked like a human being. The most important thing was its eyes, which were black and white.


Are those fierce ghosts?


Mu Yi shivered. They could condense mental abilities?


Maybe some ghosts had no mental abilities, and at a certain level, their mental abilities condensed and they turned into fierce ghosts? But what was the difference between fierce ghosts’ mental abilities and human beings’?


One thing was sure, an ordinary ghost couldn’t develop mental abilities that easily.


Becoming a fierce ghost was easier said than done. It was more difficult to become a human being of the same level.


Mu Yi had just started practicing cultivation, but he could already defeat ferocious ghosts. So was the first level of a human being similar to the first level of a ferocious ghost?


How would the second level compare to a fierce ghost?


What about the third level?


Mu Yi continued to the next page.


“Flames and ghosts fear them alike: Ghost kings. Ghosts submit before Ghost Kings and don’t dare to fight.”


Mu Yi was stupefied. How incredible. Ghost Kings.


Being called a king already explained everything.


There was a drawing, which Mu Yi found scary. Ghost Kings looked like fierce ghosts, but the eyes were completely different.


The Ghost King’s drawing looked very realistic. The moon, the countless ferocious ghosts, and the fierce ghosts in the darkness kneeling towards the silhouette in the air. It had no Qi but looked incredible.


“That’s a Ghost King?” Mu Yi was impressed.


The level of Ghost Kings was probably on the third level on the path of Taoism.


I will definitely achieve that power, Mu Yi thought, clenching his fists. Unconsciously, he had become more determined because of those pictures.


Normal ghosts, ferocious ghosts, fierce ghosts, and Ghost Kings!


Mu Yi didn’t know what level the Ghost Kings were, but he knew that the author had definitely seen a Ghost King and all the other kinds of ghosts as well. Otherwise, the author wouldn’t have been able to draw them so well.


“Ghost controlling technique!”


Mu Yi turned the page and shivered. He was astonished again.


“Ghosts and spirits are born without mental abilities, but you can use this technique to control them.”


After that, the rest of the pages were filled with words on how to control ghosts. Mu Yi was stupefied.


Apart from that, there was a section about how to raise ghosts, especially ferocious ghosts, but fierce ghosts were stronger. Mu Yi now understood how Xugui had taken control of the female ghost.


Mu Yi read many things that reminded him of Nian Nuer. She had mental abilities, a high level, and been a fierce ghost since her becoming a ghost. She was a gift from heaven.


But even for a ghost like Nian Nuer, becoming a Ghost King wasn’t easy.


Finally, Mu Yi read about the Ghost King Banner and the Mother and Daughter Dual Curse. He soon understood the cruelty of Xugui. The Ghost King Banner was perfect for Nian Nuer and her mother. Nobody could be sure that Nian Nuer would become a Ghost King, but the chances were high.


After that, Mu Yi frowned, but he then tried to stop thinking.


If Mu Yi understood the Mother and Daughter Dual Curse, maybe he would instantly become much stronger. Maybe he would be strong enough to fight against Xugui or find the old Taoist Priest.


But Mu Yi understood that it wasn’t his choice. He could read these things to learn but couldn’t commit such evil deeds. The old Taoist Priest always told him that he had to have principles.


Mu Yi might be progressing, but with such things, even though he looked calm, his heart was pounding. He had to be careful since anything could pollute the heart if one wasn’t careful.


Therefore, Mu Yi tried to focus and be detached from the world.


Even though he couldn’t use the Mother and Daughter Dual Curse on Nian Nuer and her mother, it didn’t mean that the book was useless. It was quite the opposite as it opened the door to a new world for Mu Yi. The ghost controlling technique would be very useful, especially when expelling or destroying ghosts.


Mu Yi wasn’t a bad person. He understood things. He didn’t want to harm people voluntarily. When facing ghosts, he’d try to talk first, but controlling evil ghosts could also be useful if being nice didn’t work.


Of course, he needed to fix the Ghost King Banner first. It would be a difficult endeavor though.


When Mu Yi reached the last page, there were only a few words: Heavenly Curse – People’s Misfortune.

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