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HC chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Old Woman Awakes


Heavenly Curse – People’s Misfortune

When Mu Yi saw the words, he had a strange feeling. It was as if he had been paralyzed from touching the five thunders charm without being careful.

But when he reacted, the sensation disappeared. If Mu Yi hadn’t known that what had just happened was real, he would have thought that he was hallucinating.

When Mu Yi realized that those words could be very important, he committed them to memory.

Maybe he would one day be strong enough to understand the words perfectly. Of course, if he could find the writer, he would also be able to understand those words. However, it wouldn’t be easy.

The best would be for Mu Yi to rely on himself to read those words by becoming strong enough.

Even though he really wanted to continue reading and studying the book, Mu Yi finally managed to put it away. He then took his copper lamp and continued meditating. He was becoming more and more perseverant, and it paid off. It now took him only a few seconds to start focusing.

And with the copper lamp, it was even easier.

It was important to practice on a daily basis.

As night passed, the sun rose up in the sky. Mu Yi’s perception was even more acute now. When he went to the courtyard and practiced his fighting technique, he felt a strange sensation, and a certain warmth invaded his body.

Because it was difficult to stand the heat that had invaded his body with his cultivation level, he had to be patient and persevere.

After Mu Yi finished practicing, he turned around and went to the door, and someone had been waiting for him there for a long time already.

Mu Yi straightforwardly asked, “Miss Yingying, why did you come, and why are you here so early?”

Su Yingying had already changed her clothes, and she looked even more beautiful than usual.

Su Yingying said, “Sorry for disturbing you.”

Mu Yi was wearing his Taoist robe. Even though his Taoist robe was old, it was clean, and Mu Yi looked even more extraordinary with it.

Mu Yi said straightforwardly, “It’s alright. Even if you hadn’t come, I would’ve gone to the Su Clan to see you.”

At that moment, the sun was already high up in the sky; it was a beautiful day. It was good timing because the old lady would be able to benefit from the positive yang Qi.

“Master, please come with me,” Su Yingying said, taking the lead.

She had left the Su Clan the previous evening but still knew what was going on there. After all, so much had happened in the Su Clan that everyone in Funiu Village knew about it.

For that reason, the Su Clan had offered people presents, but all in all, it had been worth it.

Mu Yi followed Su Yingying to the foyer. When Su Chongshan saw Mu Yi, he stood up from his wooden armchair. Su Jinlun and Su Jun were there already.

“Taoist priest, did you sleep well?” Su Chongshan asked Mu Yi.

“I slept alright. You look fit today,” Mu Yi said to Su Chongshan. Indeed, Su Chongshan looked much better than the first time they had met. He was less stressed.

“It’s all thanks to you. I asked for some tea and pickles. Please sit down,” Su Chongshan said, pointing at a chair next to him. Everything was ready.

Mu Yi shook his head.

Su Chongshan suddenly looked nervous when he saw that Mu Yi was shaking his head. Was Mu Yi angry about something? However, he didn’t say anything. He just waited for Mu Yi to speak.

“I want to go see the old woman to remove the yin Qi from her body,” Mu Yi said. At the same time, he glanced around. He was surprised. Where was Zheng Zicong? Mu Yi found it strange that he wasn’t here.

However, he didn’t talk about it because Zheng Zicong didn’t pose a threat to him.

“Good, good…” said Su Chongshan. He was suddenly relieved and happy.

When Mu Yi turned around and started walking, Su Yingying went with him.

When they arrived in the room, Su Yingying’s mother was there. She bowed before Mu Yi when she saw him.

Mu Yi nodded at her and walked to the old woman’s bed. Since last time, the old woman looked much better, especially after Xugui had removed more evil Qi the previous evening to show that he didn’t harbor evil intentions. She only had a little bit of evil Qi remaining in her body now.

The female ghost had been killed, and because the source of the evil Qi had been destroyed, the remaining evil Qi didn’t pose a threat to anyone.

Mu Yi took out an exorcism charm and activated it with the power of his mind before sticking it onto the old woman’s body. White lights flashed, and a pitch-black energy appeared on her third eye and dispersed.

After a few flashes from the charm, the old woman had no evil Qi left in her body, and the white lights disappeared too.

Everybody understood what had happened and respected Mu Yi even more for it.

To them, Mu Yi’s powers were astonishing and miraculous. He was almost like a god.

After the yin Qi dispersed, the exorcism charm continued working, and the old woman then slowly woke up.

Su Yingying walked to her grandmother’s bed. When the old woman finally woke up and slowly opened her eyes, everybody was extremely happy.

Even though Su Chongshan’s reaction wasn’t as exaggerated as the two women’s reactions, he also smiled, his eyes becoming red. He looked at Mu Yi happily.

“She’s fine, but because she’s slept for so long, she must be confused. She needs some time to realize what happened,” Mu Yi hesitantly said.

Su Chongshan didn’t understand why Mu Yi looked hesitant and said, “Please tell us if there’s anything we need to know.”

“My master told me about a remedy back then that helps one to recover one’s vitality. Maybe she could benefit from it,” Mu Yi said.

“Thank you very much, Taoist priest,” Su Chongshan said. He understood what Mu Yi meant.

“No problem. Take one pill every three days. I will write down the herbs I need, and you can prepare them and bring them to me at the top of the mountain. I’ll wait. Send someone to me, and I’ll give that person the medicine. The old woman will recover in, at most, a month,” Mu Yi said straightforwardly.

Su Yingying could take care of the old woman while Su Chongshan took Mu Yi back to the foyer. On the way, Mu Yi stayed a bit behind on purpose. He walked to Su Jinlun and asked about Zheng Zicong.

When Su Jinlun heard what Mu Yi said, he felt awkward.

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