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HC chapter 32

Chapter 32: Mental Abilities


The whole clan knew that there was tension between Mu Yi and Zheng Zicong.

Even though Zheng Zicong was young and arrogant, the Su Clan didn’t mind.

Because Mu Yi had saved the old woman, the Su Clan was infinitely grateful.

Zheng Zicong was a member of the family, and Mu Yi was a benefactor. Su Chongshan and Su Jun were in a difficult position, and when Zheng Zicong had told them he wanted to leave the clan for a while, Su Chongshan had immediately agreed. It didn’t pose a problem, and Zheng Zicong could come back with information from the outside.

At the same time, if he wasn’t in the clan, there wouldn’t be tensions with Mu Yi.

When they told Mu Yi that Zheng Zicong had left, Mu Yi nodded. Zheng Zicong was a coward. Mu Yi told Su Yingying that he wouldn’t do anything to him.

Zheng Zicong hadn’t thought that things would change that much after what had happened with Xugui. Initially, he had thought that Mu Yi was a crook and also hoped that he would be able to crush Mu Yi.

Everything had changed in one evening. The one Zheng Zicong hated had saved his grandmother, and because his grandfather had kept secrets, Zheng Zicong was furious.

Mu Yi was also now a guest of honor in the Su Clan. It was a tragedy for Zheng Zicong, and he felt stupid.

Zheng Zicong was probably terrified. If Mu Yi knew that Zheng Zicong had gone and talked to Xugui, would Mu Yi kill Zheng Zicong? Zheng Zicong couldn’t sleep a wink because of it.

Finally, he had informed Su Chongshan that he wanted to leave and then left hastily.

Mu Yi didn’t take it to heart, and he didn’t know that Zheng Zicong had talked to Xugui back then.

Xugui had been injured by an arrow and lost an arm. Even if he wanted to take revenge, he would need some time, so Mu Yi wasn’t worried. He had helped the old woman, so he now had to think about Nian Nuer.

However, he needed time to think.

After eating breakfast, Mu Yi went to the bamboo forest.

At that moment, the sun was high up in the sky, but the bamboo forest was still dark. The forest was dense and contained yin Qi, so Nian Nuer could walk freely in the forest even during the day.

After a night of thinking, Nian Nuer didn’t look frustrated anymore. When she saw Mu Yi, she was very happy.

Nian Nuer said, “Brother!”

She looked like a normal little girl. Because of her mental abilities, it was as if she had been blessed by the gods.

However, it could also be a sad and cruel thing for a little girl.

“Nuer, do you like it here?” Mu Yi asked to Nian Nuer straightforwardly.

“I like it,” Nian Nuer said while looking at the bamboo tree. A silhouette appeared indistinctly inside the tree.

“What if you were alone without your mommy?” Mu Yi asked.

“You want my mommy to leave me?” Nian Nuer asked seriously.

When Mu Yi saw her eyes, he felt sad and soft, but he forced himself to talk and said, “Your mother has turned into a ferocious ghost, and she hasn’t absorbed any human yang Qi for many years. She doesn’t haunt anyone or kill people. If you weren’t here, her soul would’ve dispersed already. However, can you take care of her like this your entire life? You probably know that the bamboo tree cannot protect your mommy forever, and when that happens, will you agree to let your mommy suck people’s yang Qi? Do you want to see her kill people? She would also need to travel away.”

When Nian Nuer heard Mu Yi, she looked pensive, but she then shook her head. She didn’t want to see her mother turn into a heartless monster. Mu Yi was right.

“But without the bamboo tree, anyone’s yang Qi, or other ferocious ghosts, your mommy’s soul will disperse. I don’t think you want to see that either. Your mommy’s life is pointless and empty like that. Why not let her break free? Why not send her into the wheel of reincarnation? She can reincarnate and have a better life,” Mu Yi said.

He was saying all of these things for Nian Nuer. Her mental faculties were intact, and she had a consciousness. He didn’t want her to regret her choices in the future or for her to have a sad life.

“Brother, can you help my mommy reincarnate?” Nian Nuer asked Mu Yi as she stared at him.

“If you agree, I can. If you don’t want to, I won’t force you to do anything. After all, she’s your mommy,” Mu Yi said slowly. He was convinced that Nian Nuer could understand.

Nian Nuer turned around and looked at the bamboo tree.

After some time, the tree twinkled, and a silhouette came out. It was Nian Nuer’s mother.

“Hello, Taoist priest.”

“You…” Mu Yi was astonished and stared at Nian Nuer’s mother. He had just said that she had no mental abilities! What was going on? She suddenly looked normal. Had the thing that had happened to Nian Nuer also happened to her mother? Had she been blessed by the gods? Why had she been ferocious and insane before?

At that moment, Nian Nuer’s mother looked gentle and sweet. She didn’t look ferocious like a ferocious ghost anymore. Instead, she looked exactly like she was before dying.

The mother looked at her daughter in a gentle way and seemed to have been moved. Then, she looked at Mu Yi and said, “Initially, I had indeed lost my mental abilities. Even though my soul hadn’t dispersed thanks to the bamboo tree, I was muddle-headed, ignorant, and couldn’t think properly. But because you were so kind of us yesterday evening, I may have retrieved my consciousness thanks to you.”

Mu Yi remained silent for a few seconds. Everything was exceeding his expectations. What a mysterious thing! She had retrieved her senses thanks to Mu Yi and her daughter.

Mu Yi thought of that book. When a ghost’s consciousness condensed, it meant that the ghost was a fierce ghost.

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