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HC chapter 33

Chapter 33: This Life

With a consciousness and her mental abilities, she didn’t need to reincarnate anymore. She was also strong enough to protect her child.

It was great that Nian Nuer could now stay with her mommy too.

However, Mu Yi thought of a problem. Even though the mother had a consciousness and normal mental abilities, her Qi hadn’t changed. She still had the Qi of a ferocious ghost. After all, fierce ghosts and ferocious ghosts were completely different. Mu Yi could see the difference.

“As you can see, I’ve recovered my mental abilities. However, I’ve only recovered them temporarily. Therefore, there are a few things I would like to ask you,” Nian Nuer’s mother said. Mu Yi had guessed right. She had only retrieved her mental abilities temporarily due to the bamboo tree, it was as if the bamboo tree wanted to give Nian Nuer her mother back for one day.

That was what had happened.

However, Mu Yi had a bad feeling.

“I’m listening,” Mu Yi said to the woman respectfully.

“I would like you to take care of my poor daughter.”

“I will,” Mu Yi said while nodding.

Then, she looked at Nian Nuer and said, “Nuer.”

“Mommy,” Nian Nuer said while staring at her mother. She felt extremely sad. What was going to happen?

“Nuer, listen to your big brother from now on. Do you understand?” her mother said in a gentle way.

“I don’t want to. I want to be with you, mommy!” Nian Nuer said while shaking her head.

“I’m tired now. I’ve been worried these past few years, which is why I didn’t leave. Now, because you have a big brother, nobody will do anything to you, and you can also go and look for your father.” her mother said.

Mu Yi had proved that he didn’t harbor evil intentions, which was maybe why Nian Nuer’s mother had come back to her senses to ask him to do those things.

She wanted him to take care of Nian Nuer.

“I don’t want to. I want to stay with you and nobody else,” Nian Nuer said while crying. However, she had no tears in her eyes.

Ghosts didn’t have tears except in special circumstances. But even when they did, they would shed only one tear.

“I want to stay with you too. However, you’re a big girl now, and I’m tired. I also miss your father.”

Mu Yi remained silent. He had nothing to say. Then, the silhouette of Nian Nuer’s mother started to fade; she was going to disperse.

“Nooo,” Nian Nuer shouted while shaking her head. She then went to grab her mother’s hand.

However, her hand just grabbed air because she couldn’t touch her mother anymore. Her mother had become intangible.

Nian Nuer couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Master, thank you for your help. Also, don’t tell my parents about all of this. I don’t want them to be worried,” Nian Nuer’s mother said to Mu Yi.

“I can help you get to the wheel of reincarnation,” Mu Yi said kindly.

“No need. I don’t want to reincarnate. I remember Nuer’s dad saying that one life was enough.” There was a strange facial expression on her face, and she looked extremely saddened, but like a woman still in love at the same time.

She looked like a woman who had lived a difficult life.

Regaining her mental abilities allowed her to remember some of her past.

After that, she suddenly dispersed and turned into a will-o-the-wisp.

How sad. How tragic.

“Mommy,” Nian Nuer shouted extremely loudly. She would never see her mommy again.

She cried until she didn’t have the energy to cry anymore, but no tears fell.

When the soul dispersed, the old woman of the Su Clan suddenly looked extremely sad, and she said to Su Chongshan, “I just saw Little Ru. She smiled at me and told me to take care.”

“That was probably a hallucination because you just woke up from a coma. Little Ru died many years ago. She couldn’t possibly have come back,” Su Chongshan said. He looked sad, and his facial muscles stiffened. Even though he didn’t understand, he still looked pensive and sad after that.

He stayed with her, talked for a while, and then tried to find an excuse to leave.

When he left the room, he couldn’t help but go to the courtyard. However, when he almost arrived, he stumbled against a stone and fell because he was walking too quickly.

But after his servant caught him and prevented him from falling, he suddenly heard a horrible shriek: “MOMMY!”

Su Chongshan’s heart started pounding, and he felt dizzy. His eyes turned red, tears appearing in his eyes. He couldn’t stand it.

However, he still grabbed the handle of the door and softly opened the door. It felt as if the door was extremely heavy.

“Her soul dispersed!”

Mu Yi watched and thought, Did I make a mistake?

He felt that he was right. He initially wanted her to come back to life, which would have been the best outcome. Why did things end up this way? He felt saddened by the outcome.

She had decided that she didn’t want to come back to this world, but Mu Yi was sad and wondered whether she would’ve left if he had never gotten involved. Would she have left her daughter?

Without him, she couldn’t have asked for help. She might not have left her daughter.

Nian Nuer wouldn’t have been so sad.

What a sad ending. He felt guilty but couldn’t change anything anymore. He didn’t know what to say to Nian Nuer or Su Chongshan.

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