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HC chapter 34

Chapter 34: Virtuous Achievements Come to Their Successful Conclusions

“Brother!” Nian Nuer said. When Mu Yi felt a cold little hand grab his hand, he came back to his senses. He lowered his head and looked at her but didn’t know what to say.

The request Nian Nuer’s mother made reminded him that he didn’t even know who his parents were. After all, he had no memories before the age of six. The only memories he had were with the old Taoist Priest. The old Taoist Priest used to be the closest person he had in life.

He perfectly understood how Nian Nuer felt because he had probably felt the same way when he had lost the old Taoist Priest.

After a short time, Mu Yi said in a gentle way, “Nuer, do you want to stay with me?”

Mu Yi felt like he was under a lot of pressure because of the mother’s request, but Nian Nuer was too pitiful. Besides, Mu Yi didn’t have anyone, and he already felt close to Nian Nuer.

He had the feeling he needed to protect her as if she was his real little sister.

“I do,” Nuer said while nodding. After her mother left, Mu Yi was the only person she had.

At that moment, Mu Yi heard a sound in the courtyard. He cheered Nian Nuer up for a little while, and when he left the bamboo forest, he saw Su Chongshan in the courtyard.

Mu Yi took a deep breath and walked to him. He bowed and said, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t make your daughter reincarnate.”

Su Chongshan was crying and shaking his head, and he said, “I can’t blame you. I know how she is. You couldn’t force her. Nobody could force her. I am so sad that she didn’t even want to see her daddy before leaving.”

“It’s not about that; she just didn’t want to make you feel sad. She knew that her soul was going to disperse. You probably would have been even sadder if you had seen her,” Mu Yi said. He could understand that she felt guilty about everything.

Had she made the wrong decision back then? She had felt both guilt and innocence at the same time because she had the sensation that she had made the right decision. She just didn’t want her parents to be sad.

In the end, whether her decision had been the right one or the wrong one didn’t matter. Mu Yi was going to take care of Nian Nuer, and now that Mu Yi was also connected to the Su Clan, if they needed anything, they would be able to ask him for help.

“Silly girl, silly…” Su Chongshan said while grinding his teeth.

“Mister Su, don’t be sad. She said it was her decision. She didn’t regret. She just felt like she owed you.” Mu Yi said.

Actually, Mu Yi didn’t feel guilty anymore. He didn’t want to go against somebody’s will.

Mu Yi remembered those years of traveling with the old Taoist Priest and missed him. Even though the old man had taught him many Taoist techniques, he had also taught him many other things, including the necessary qualities to be a good Taoist priest. He had the proper state of mind.

Without the old Taoist Priest, Mu Yi wouldn’t have been Mu Yi. He wouldn’t have been able to progress that quickly either.

Principles were important, and cultivation was about the mind and the body. Thanks to cultivation, a person could get to learn one’s true self.

Mu Yi felt much better suddenly.

Now, perseverance wasn’t a problem anymore for Mu Yi. However, he needed to stabilize his cultivation. He had taken the first step towards cultivating and needed to progress at his own speed.

He had to be perseverant, determined, and detached.

That was the key to the three levels of the Heart Stage. The three levels were linked with another, and he had to make steady progress incrementally. That was what cultivation was all about.

A powerful and steady state of mind was important; otherwise, a cultivator would bring about his own destruction.

Mu Yi’s understanding was deeper. He needed to continue what he was doing, and he would be able to level up naturally.

The second stage was about perception.

However, it was useless to think about those things because it was too early. Despite this, Mu Yi was happy on the inside, but he remained indifferent on the outside.

Su Chongshan looked at Mu Yi and saw that there was something different about him, but he didn’t know what it was.

“Taoist priest, did Little Ru leave without my granddaughter?” Su Chongshan asked.

“When she left, she asked me to take care of her. I hope that you’re not angry about that. Also, it’s good for Nuer to be with me, and I will treat her like my own sister. When she grows up, you’ll be able to see her.” Mu Yi said apologetically.

Nian Nuer was Su Chongshan’s granddaughter, so Mu Yi had to explain everything to Su Chongshan clearly.

“Alright, thank you very much, Taoist priest,” Su Chongshan said after remaining silent for a few seconds. He then nodded because he understood that it was better for Nian Nuer to stay with Mu Yi. He would have been happy to have his granddaughter with him, but it would have been a problem for the clan. Also, she wouldn’t have necessarily been happy to stay with her grandfather. Anyway, Mu Yi would be able to ensure her safety, and Su Chongshan was happy about that.

“That’s just my duty,” Mu Yi said.

“I’d like to ask you something else.”

“Please tell me. I’ll do my best, even if you need resources,” Su Chongshan replied immediately.

“No, I don’t need resources. I’d like to move the bamboo forest to the top of the mountain,” Mu Yi said while pointing at the forest.

“That is easily done, but is it the right time now?” Su Chongshan replied while nodding. He hoped that the bamboo forest wouldn’t die.

“Don’t worry, Mister Su. I have a solution,” Mu Yi said while smiling. The bamboo forest was in such perfect shape for several reasons, including Feng Shui and Nuer’s presence, so there wouldn’t be any problems.

Mu Yi had decided to take care of Nian Nuer, so he needed the forest too. And all those bamboo trees were very old, and the yin Qi inside those trees was important for Nian Nuer to grow up.

Su Chongshan nodded.

At night, Mu Yi was holding a branch of bamboo while going back to the mountain. This time, virtuous achievements had come to their successful conclusions.


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