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HC Chapter 41: Abnormal Things

HC Chapter 41: Abnormal Things

Mu Yi smiled and said to Xie Miao, “Actually, opening a door when it’s closed and not leaving any clues shouldn’t be that hard. There are many ways of doing it, and there’s one kind of person who can do it without using a tool.”

Mu Yi didn’t care whether Xie Miao believed him or not. He just walked around the place twice and then left.

After Su Jinlun and Song Qi followed him, Xie Zheng and Xie Miao left. Xie Zheng suddenly sighed and looked at Xie Miao. Xie Zheng looked disappointed.

“Uncle, I’m sorry. I made you lose face,” Xie Miao said in a low voice when he saw Xie Zheng sigh.

“Me? Nah, I’m sighing because you have no awareness. You think too highly of yourself. You think that you’re smart and that other people are stupid, right? Master Mu didn’t spend too much time on your bad judgement, but you can’t convince them anymore. They didn’t criticize me because I haven’t made a bad judgement so far,” Xie Zheng said. He looked expressionless while giving Xie Miao a lesson.

Luckily, Mu Yi was not the vicious type; otherwise, the consequences could have been much worse. Powerful people didn’t like being treated as if they were idiots.

In the end, Xie Zheng shook his head and continued walking.

Xie Miao didn’t move. He stood there and stared at his uncle blankly. He still didn’t understand what he had done wrong. However, he knew he had made a mistake, but he just didn’t know what. If there was no mistake made, his uncle wouldn’t have been so angry.

His uncle had many years of experience, so he knew that when his uncle scolded and insulted him, he would always have a good reason for doing so. His uncle’s expression showed that he was truly infuriated this time.

Even though Xie Miao was a tall and strong man, he couldn’t help but feel worried. However, he still quickly followed after his uncle.

In the lobby, Counselor Peng asked servants to bring tea to Mu Yi as he seemed tired.

“Thank you for your help, Master Mu. Did you find any clues?” Peng Songlai couldn’t wait until the tea arrived because he was anxious and wanted to know if there was any progress.

“I’ve already found a few things. Counselor Peng, don’t worry. The murderer is not a ghost; it’s a human,” Mu Yi said honestly and straightforwardly. He was sure about it.

“It was a human?” Peng Songlai was furious, but he seemed much less worried than before. Sometimes, not knowing was scarier than knowing. If it had been a ghost, Peng Songlai wouldn’t have been able to do anything; he would’ve been forced to rely on Mu Yi, but if the murderer was a human, then no matter how strong he was, there would always be a solution. The Peng Clan was a powerful clan. If he didn’t manage to find a solution, his eldest son-in-law would be able to dispatch even more people, not just those two investigators.

The murderer wouldn’t be able to escape even if given wings.

Mu Yi looked at Peng Songlai’s facial expression. He didn’t tell him the rest because that would be useless; it would just make him worried again.

“Indeed, has your clan offended anyone? And which family is your son-in-law from? Who’s in his family? How do they behave?” Mu Yi asked in one breath. Each question was crucial.

He would only be able to find clues if he fully understood the situation. Otherwise, how could he find a murderer in an ocean of people?

“Even though I wouldn’t dare say I’m the kindest person in the world, every year I help some poor people. I also do my best to renovate and fix the infrastructure in the villages. Sometimes I do argue with some people, but I don’t do it to the extent that they’d want to kill my family,” Peng Songlai said. He didn’t feel comfortable talking about such things.

However, Mu Yi trusted his answer. Anyway, the other questions were more important.

If he hadn’t trusted him with the answers, he would’ve had to ask his son-in-law for help instead.

“Concerning my youngest son-in-law, he’s not from here and he doesn’t have a family; otherwise, he wouldn’t have come to live here with us. His only hobby is reading and he rarely goes out because he didn’t have any friends, so he couldn’t have any enemies either,” Peng Songlai said with confidence.

He knew his youngest son-in-law really well.

Mu Yi frowned. He’s not from here? No family? Handsome and smart? He never goes out? No friends? This was really strange.

Does he feel detached from worldly affairs? Does he hold himself aloof from the world? Since he likes to read books, why hasn’t he sat the imperial examination? Why hasn’t he tried to become a scholar? He is young and handsome, never leaving the house was probably stifling. Any man would suffocate in such prison like conditions. Isn’t he determined or motivated towards a goal?

If the man had really been that way, how could Peng Songlai’s daughter have fallen for him? That is strange. Being handsome is an advantage, but it isn’t everything either. There are not many who like someone who lacks even the slightest ambition.

Also, Peng Songlai’s oldest son-in-law was the county magistrate. Peng Songlai couldn’t agree to have a youngest son-in-law who was so much inferior to his oldest son-in-law.

“Oh, he liked to read, so how was his literary talent?” Mu Yi asked.

“Hm, good. Just, I thought it was a pity that he was wasting his talents… they had such a harmonious marriage, hm… what a pity…” Peng Songlai said while sighing over and over again.

He was satisfied with his son-in-law and hadn’t thought that his daughter would be made a widow so soon.

When Mu Yi heard Peng Songlai, he found it suspicious because the situation wasn’t simple. Mu Yi thought about the lack of yin Qi present. Since it had nothing to do with the husband’s state of mind, did it have something to do with his body?

Unfortunately, the man was dead and couldn’t answer him.

Mu Yi looked pensive and started talking about the daughter again.

Peng Songlai didn’t hesitate to take Mu Yi to his daughter. His daughter was still in bad condition, she would just stay in bed and had become as pale as a ghost. She would firmly hold the blanket in her small hands as if she was terrified of something happening again. She didn’t even know who Mu Yi was.

By her side, there was a middle-aged woman, who was probably her mother.

Mu Yi knew that he couldn’t ask her anything at this point. He looked indecisive for a moment and then took out an exorcism charm. He used his mental power to activate it, and white lights suddenly appeared in Mu Yi’s hands which he slowly moved towards her.

In the white lights, black threads of Qi appeared, and they exploded in the air.

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