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HC Chapter 42: Truth Slowly Coming to Light

HC Chapter 42: Truth Slowly Coming to Light

Peng Songlai had never seen such a miraculous scene and was astonished. Luckily, he knew that Mu Yi had no intentions of harming his daughter. On top of that, it seemed as if those white lights had a positive effect on his daughter.

The white lights vanished, and it was as if Peng Songlai’s daughter had completely changed. Her face was deathly pale, and her hair was messy. However, she looked completely different.

“Magic,” Peng Songlai whispered.

Apart from magic, he couldn’t think of anything that would’ve helped his daughter. He looked at Mu Yi with admiration, but he also had a look of fear in his eyes. At the same time, he understood why Su Chongshan was so respectful to Mu Yi. He was young but gifted.

Peng Songlai’s wife suddenly looked extremely happy. She didn’t know whether the Taoist priest had used magic or not, but she knew that her daughter was already looking healthier.

She was pregnant, so it was not just one life at risk. If anything happened to her, she and her baby would both die. Their son-in-law had just died, and they didn’t want to lose their daughter and her baby as well.

“I am so grateful. You saved my daughter. We will never forget this,” Peng Songlai said while coming back to his senses.

He was honest and straightforward.

“Counselor Peng, don’t thank me. Thank Mister Su,” Mu Yi said as he smiled indifferently. Then, he looked at the woman on the bed.

She seemed to be a woman in her twenties. Even though she looked tired because of everything that happened, she was still beautiful, almost as beautiful as Su Yingying.

At that moment, she looked like someone who had awoken from a nightmare.

She saw her mother, who looked confused, and then she started crying like a little girl.

When Mu Yi saw that, he left, and Peng Songlai followed him to wait outside.

Strictly speaking, she hadn’t been possessed by a ghost since the yin Qi was gathering on her body naturally. She had just been reliving the same nightmare of waking to see her husband’s flayed body, and it seemed as if she couldn’t break free from the cycle.

The exorcism charm could be used to help people break free from fears or nightmares which could eventually claim their life. Mu Yi was very happy because he had reached the third level of the Heart stage and was now able to use the exorcism charm much easier.

For other people, it was a precious treasure, but for Mu Yi, it had become a normal item for him.

Of course, Mu Yi wasn’t going to use charms recklessly. After all, they were expensive to make. If Su Chongshan hadn’t asked him to come, he wouldn’t have. Because he needed to practice his cultivation, he didn’t feel like getting involved in such affairs.

Mu Yi hadn’t seen the murderer’s face, but he was now convinced that it was someone who cultivated themselves. Also the person’s cultivation level wasn’t low. It wasn’t fun to have such vicious enemies and it wasn’t enjoyable to fight against these people.

If Mu Yi didn’t care about giving Su Chongshan face, he would’ve rolled up his sleeves and left the moment he started to consider this option.

Luckily, he had traveled all around the world, and he knew that he had to be determined in certain tasks. However, he also knew that he couldn’t risk his life for no reason. Playing with your life didn’t necessarily make others admire you. Rather, people would make fun of you.

Mu Yi remembered many events from his past. Good people don’t necessarily receive good things in return for good deeds.

When Mu Yi was ten years old, he saw a beggar who looked like he was about to starve to death, so Mu Yi gave him a hot bun. However, after the beggar ate the hot bun, he attempted to rob Mu Yi, and when Mu Yi resisted, the beggar almost killed him.

If the old Taoist Priest hadn’t gotten involved, Mu Yi would be nothing but bones right now.

From that moment, Mu Yi decided to be careful about whom he treated kindly. His heart had gradually become colder through years of harsh experiences.

After waiting in the living-room for a while, Peng Songlai’s daughter and wife arrived. They hadn’t waited for long, but the daughter had already changed her clothes and had a flower in her hair. Even though she looked pale, she also looked like a proud and beautiful nobles’ daughter.

“I, Peng Mi the widow, greet you and thank you for saving my life, Master Mu,” Peng Songlai’s daughter said to Mu Yi while bowing.

At that moment, the widow should be able to speak about her husband’s death.

“Don’t worry. I just need you to answer some questions,” Mu Yi said straightforwardly.

“Feel free to ask me anything, Master Mu,” Peng Mi said.

“Did your husband have anything peculiar about him?” Mu Yi asked straightforwardly.

“Peculiar? What are you talking about, Master Mu?” Peng Mi asked, not fully understanding his question.

“Yeah, well, something different from ordinary people. Anything strange in his behavior for example? Did he have abnormal fitness?” Mu Yi explained.

When she heard him, Peng Mi’s facial expression slightly changed, and Mu Yi noticed it right away. However, he still patiently waited for her reply.

Peng Mi looked uncertain, she grit her teeth and seemed to tense up.

“Master, he did do some strange things. I’m not going to lie,” Peng Mi said.

“For example?” Mu Yi asked straightforwardly.

“He hated the sun, especially at noon. He never went out when it was sunny and didn’t like going out in general. When he would go out, it was usually when it was dark and rainy, but he never went out on a sunny day,” Peng Mi said slowly.

“Have you ever asked him why?” Mu Yi asked.

“I have, but he said that he had always been sensitive to the sun, some kind of bad reaction to the sun. Apart from that, there was nothing different. Because I am also quite reserved myself, I didn’t keep asking about it,” Peng Mi asked. In her opinion, it wasn’t anything important, but Mu Yi was asking her about it anyway. Did it have anything to do with his allergy to the sun?

“And after you got married, did he change in any manner?” Mu Yi asked. He had the feeling that he was getting closer and closer to finding the truth. The man couldn’t stay in the sun, and his skin had been flayed. There was definitely a connection between the two.

“He actually went out once. It was to go get a present for my father and to buy some paper and ink,” Peng Mi said.

“Paper and ink? Don’t you have servants in the Peng Clan who can go and buy such things for you?” Mu Yi asked, surprised.

“We do, but my husband liked to choose those kinds of things by himself. He said that he enjoyed it,” Peng Mi said.

“Do you know where he bought those things?” Mu Yi asked.

“I do know,” Peng Mi said while nodding straightforwardly.

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