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HC Chapter 43: Resonance of the Mind

HC Chapter 43: Resonance of the Mind


Mu Yi went back to the mountain after he went to the shop Peng Mi had told him about and left without disturbing anyone.

He told Peng Songlai that he had to go back to the mountain to prepare some things and he knew that the murderer had a target.

Mu Yi went back to the mountain because he needed help. The murderer was really strong, so Mu Yi had been planning for this from the beginning. He had never thought that battles had to be fair. For him, getting help was better. He didn’t like suffering or risking his life.

Luckily, Mu Yi wasn’t stubborn and didn’t think that he could overcome any obstacle on his own, so he decided to take Nian Nuer with him.

Nian Nuer was small, but she was a ferocious ghost after all. Mu Yi didn’t underestimate her strength. Without his copper lamp and charms, Mu Yi couldn’t compete with her.

If the enemy had been a ghost, Mu Yi would’ve just used his copper lamp because it was enough against weaker ghosts. However, Mu Yi’s enemy was a cruel and terrifying murderer this time, a human on top of that. Mu Yi couldn’t take any risks.

Mu Yi had attacked Xugui by surprise, but Xugui had still escaped into thin air. Mu Yi didn’t want to make the same mistake again.

After going back to the mountain, Mu Yi told Nian Nuer what he thought. Nian Nuer was really happy to help Mu Yi, and she was extremely happy to go down the mountain.

However, it was best to wait until the evening. After Mu Yi told her everything, he went back to his room and calmly prepared ink for his brush.

On the ink stone, Mu Yi mixed cinnabar and fresh blood, which kept intertwining. Then, Mu Yi started polishing it, and a mysterious glossy light appeared. It was difficult to imagine the color created by fresh blood and cinnabar mixing together.

Mu Yi then stopped and took his paint brush, or, more precisely, a talisman brush. It was a special brush made for creating charms and talismans. The handle was made of jade, and the hair was made from yellow weasel hair. It was neither light nor heavy when used.

Since Mu Yi had managed to draw the five thunders charm, by a lucky coincidence, he had never stopped practicing. However, he had never managed to draw it again, and it was as if something was missing.

The thing that was missing was probably the most important part of the charm.

However, Mu Yi didn’t stop practicing, and the feeling that his perception was improving grew. He had the impression that he was going to succeed if he continued.

He remained calm and serene. He drew naturally and didn’t try to force things because he knew that he would succeed at the proper time.

However, he really needed the five thunders charm for the situation because it was his most powerful charm.

This time, he was going to have to fight against a powerful human; therefore, the exorcism charm was useless. The body protection charm wouldn’t be very useful either because both were charms that were only useful against ghosts. The evil spirit slaying charm was a little useful, but it was still much better against ghosts.

The only charm Mu Yi knew that was more useful against humans was the five thunders charm. It was a way to strike quickly, and it had explosive power. It was also very difficult to protect oneself against it.

When Xugui used his Ghost King Banner to protect himself against the five thunders charm, the banner broke in two. Even though it was partly due to the material used to create the banner, the five thunders charm still had explosive power.

Therefore, Mu Yi hoped that he’d manage to make a five thunders charm because it was the only way for him to defeat the murderer.

Mu Yi kept painting calmly and serenely, his body motionless.

He kept thinking about that time he had managed to make the five thunders charm. Back then, he had been stuck between the first and second level, so it had been difficult. But after having chaotic thoughts, he had managed to calm down and create a five thunders charm.

Besides, after succeeding, he had even leveled up. He had achieved the second level of the Heart stage.

Human and earth fusion? Mu Yi kept thinking, but he wasn’t sure. Even though the old Taoist Priest had shared his memories with him, he didn’t remember everything clearly. He remembered something about human and earth fusion, but the memories weren’t clear. Maybe he couldn’t understand it properly because his cultivation level was too low.

Besides, human and earth fusion was probably easier said than done. It was probably a long process, something you had to understand step by step. It would then give someone explosive power.

Mu Yi frowned. He thought really hard and tried to remember what had happened the first time. Back then, he had ignored the small details, but they were still a part of his personal experience after all. And finally, after Mu Yi wracking his brain, he managed to excavate some memories.

The time he succeeded, he unknowingly released the strength of his mind, and it had resonated with nature.

It had allowed him to understand on a deeper level. He hadn’t done it on purpose though, but that was way that he had managed to make the five thunders charm.

Let nature take its course?

Mu Yi suddenly shook his right hand on the ink stone, and he then started drawing, the red ink glistening under the light.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Mu Yi started painting in a vigorous calligraphic style, and a five thunders charm appeared in front of him. It kept glistening and looked like it was going to condense. However, in the end, everything suddenly dispersed, and it broke apart.

The paper on the taper also started to burn and turned to ashes.

He had failed again, but Mu Yi had never had this happen before. His magic charm had turned to ash? Back then, when drawing exorcism charms and evil spirit slaying charms, he had also failed, but they had never started to burn.

When he succeeded in drawing an exorcism charm, it usually emitted a pale light, and the light wasn’t as dazzling as that of the five thunders charm.

The more dazzling the light was, the more explosive the charm would be.

Even though he had failed, Mu Yi didn’t look dispirited. On the other hand, he was happy. He had finally almost managed to make a five thunders charm, which would be much more powerful than his exorcism charm. Besides, the five thunders charm already used the strength of the earth and sky, which was why the five thunders charm was much, much more powerful than the exorcism charm.

Besides, Mu Yi also understood why he used to fail all the time back then.

In order to make a five thunders charm, it undoubtedly had to do with the Awakening of his Mind.

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