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HC Chapter 44: The Appearance of the Real Murderer

HC Chapter 44: The Appearance of the Real Murderer

At night, Mu Yi went down the mountain, but he wasn’t alone. Nian Nuer was on his back and had her arms around his shoulders.

However, for Mu Yi, it was as if he had nothing on his back at all. Nian Nuer loved to be on Mu Yi’s back and knew that Mu Yi loved her like a sister.

In the afternoon, Mu Yi had finally managed to make two five thunders charms. Even though Mu Yi had finally understood the secrets of the five thunders charm, it still required a lot of mental power. He had already reached the third level, but after making two five thunders charms, he was exhausted and needed to rest for a while.

After recovering, Mu Yi realized that he controlled his mind much better. Even though he couldn’t be considered an expert, he had made great progress and also understood things faster. How strong would he be a month later?

The five thunders charms were powerful. If he could make more, that would be great, it was a good way to be prepared for any outcome.

Unfortunately, even though he understood the secrets of the five thunders charms, the success rate was still terrifyingly low. In 10-15 days, he would need to get new cinnabar, sheets, and ink. Regarding blood, Mu Yi didn’t even dare think about how much would be needed.

Mu Yi knew how to improve in theory, but in practice, he didn’t have enough materials, including fresh blood.

Actually, Mu Yi didn’t even use fresh blood anymore to make exorcism charms and evil spirit slaying charms. Instead, he could now use fresh water and cinnabar with the same effect.

Mu Yi was walking under the moonlight leaving footprints behind him. Mu Yi hadn’t seen so much snow for many years. In the past, he hated snow because his clothes couldn’t keep him warm enough.

He didn’t like the cold. So when Mu Yi felt cold, the old Taoist Priest would let him stay in wrecked cottages or temples to rest.

But now, he grew to like the snow.

It was beautiful because everything was white, and he could feel his connection between the earth and sky.

Very quickly, Mu Yi and Nian Nuer arrived in the village on a certain road. He used that road three times already, including once very early in the morning when it was still dark.

The first time, he had carried a coffin, and in the end, the old Taoist Priest had disappeared because of that coffin. Now, Mu Yi didn’t know where he was.

The second time was when he went back to the coffin shop but then met someone interesting, Gu Ren the hoodlum.

He was a hoodlum but also an artist. Mu Yi remembered how incredible Gu Ren’s papercutting skills were. Mu Yi also remembered that Gu Ren’s hands didn’t look like the hands of a man but almost like the nimble hands of a woman.

Mu Yi was curious, but he also thought that papercutting artists had to have such hands to be skilled. But now, Mu Yi wondered whether those hands had seen blood, blood as thick as paste.

Actually, when Peng Mi mentioned this road, Mu Yi had started having doubts, especially when she talked about ink and paper.

Unfortunately, the last time Mu Yi came, he hadn’t really started practicing cultivation, so he hadn’t noticed anything strange about the hoodlum. He didn’t have doubts because Gu Ren had acted in a nice way.

However, such people were also greedy and cold. He was an artist, but all in all, he could also be an evil, vicious, sly, and a cruel killer. Mu Yi had forgotten that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Mu Yi walked slowly because the road wasn’t very long and soon Mu Yi arrived in front of the hoodlum’s shop.

It was opposite the coffin shop, which was still closed. However, Mu Yi had heard that someone had opened a new coffin shop somewhere else in the village. Many people didn’t like to talk about the topic, but because people died all the time, such shops were necessary. Also, it was important to take care of the dead.

If anyone in a family dared not to take care of their dead, it was said that their ancestors would rise from their graves to settle accounts.

Anyway, filial piety was the most important virtue. Funeral arrangements had to be made properly for the dignity and honor of the deceased. Even if someone was poor, they had to find a way, and even a big wooden box was enough.

Therefore, a new coffin shop had opened in town.

But now, Mu Yi didn’t think about those things. The new coffin shop in town had nothing to do with Li the Cripple, who had disappeared. He couldn’t ask those people for help in finding the old Taoist Priest.

There was no light at all in the hoodlum’s shop. It was very cold, so he had probably gone to bed a while before.

“Bam bam bam!”

Mu Yi walked to the door and hammered it with his fist. The sound spread far away.

“Bam bam bam!”

Mu Yi continued hammering the door. He was convinced that the person inside was probably sleeping if there was even someone inside, so he was hammering the door loud enough for anyone to hear.

“Who’s that?” someone shouted hoarsely. However, the voice didn’t sound annoyed. Mu Yi recognized the hoodlum’s voice immediately.

“I want to buy something,” Mu Yi said loudly.

“What time is it? Come back tomorrow. I’m sleeping,” the hoodlum said patiently.

“I’ll pay extra for the disturbance,” Mu Yi said.

“Alright, wait,” the hoodlum said after remaining silent for a few seconds.

After a short time, Mu Yi saw a light appear inside. Mu Yi waited patiently.


Finally, the hoodlum opened the door, and Mu Yi immediately recognized the ugly hoodlum.

The hoodlum was wearing a thick coat and holding an oil lamp in his hands.

“Hey! What are you doing here?”

The hoodlum was surprised to see Mu Yi. He remembered Mu Yi quite well because he had obtained a jade pendant from him.

Of course, the hoodlum didn’t have the impression that he had cheated Mu Yi. For him, it was mutual exchange.

“Indeed, but I would prefer it if it were someone else,” Mu Yi said while staring at the hoodlum. He paid a lot of attention to his facial expression. But very quickly, he looked disappointed because the hoodlum didn’t look suspicious or startled at all.

“Oh, what do you want? Oh yeah, you said you wanted something, right? What do you want? You said you would pay extra?” the hoodlum said. He didn’t understand the underlying meaning in Mu Yi’s tone. He was just talking normally.

“I want the Peng Clan’s the skin-flaying murderer,” Mu Yi said while staring at the hoodlum.

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