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HC Chapter 45: Paper Turning Into Fighters

HC Chapter 45: Paper Turning Into Fighters


When the hoodlum heard Mu Yi, his eyes suddenly lit up. He stared at Mu Yi.

Mu Yi suddenly had the impression that he was staring at a wild beast. His hair bristled, and his muscles stiffened. Nian Nuer immediately sensed something, and without wasting time, she turned into a green-faced, long-toothed ghost and threw herself towards the hoodlum.

Mu Yi reacted too. He jumped back and took out a five thunders charm at the same time.

“How stupid!”

Suddenly, the hoodlum started laughing. Suddenly, he stretched his left hand, which was initially hidden in his sleeves, and moved it towards Nian Nuer. Nian Nuer thought that it was an attack and moved backward. Luckily, she wasn’t injured.

Mu Yi initially wanted to use his five thunders charm, but he was startled when the hoodlum suddenly stretched out his hand towards Nian Nuer. However, the hoodlum didn’t attack Nian Nuer or Mu Yi. He just put his hand back into his sleeve and looked at Mu Yi with a strange smile.

Mu Yi had the sensation that something had pierced through his body, and it was as if Mu Yi couldn’t hide any secret from the hoodlum.

His heart started pounding violently. Mu Yi hadn’t expected the hoodlum to be such a mysterious person.

“Nuer, come back,” Mu Yi said when he saw that the hoodlum didn’t intend to attack her.

Nian Nuer didn’t hesitate and jumped back onto Mu Yi’s back. She transformed into a little girl again and put her head on Mu Yi’s shoulder. She looked at the hoodlum angrily though.

“You have a ferocious ghost with mental abilities? That’s fate,” the hoodlum said while looking at Nian Nuer, completely astonished.

“As expected, it’s you,” Mu Yi said in a grave and solemn way.

Actually, Mu Yi initially wasn’t sure because there were still many possibilities and coincidences in the world, but now, Mu Yi was convinced that the hoodlum was the murderer.

He had seen the same eyes in the hallucination of the murder.

“So what? I didn’t think that you’d progress so fast in such a short time. You reached the third level in the Heart stage and made a ferocious ghost with mental abilities submit. If I’m not wrong, that’s the little girl who was hiding in the Su Clan, right?” the hoodlum said in a measured way. He didn’t sound worried.

“How do you know?” Mu Yi said while looking at the hoodlum in a strange way. How did the hoodlum know about Nian Nuer? Why hadn’t he gone to capture her himself then? Even Nian Nuer and her mother wouldn’t have been strong enough to fight against him.

“Of course, it’s a small village. There’s nothing I don’t know here,” the hoodlum said proudly. Then, he continued, “You wonder why I didn’t capture that little girl?”

“Indeed,” Mu Yi said while nodding. He was convinced that the hoodlum knew how precious she was. Why hadn’t he captured her? Also, why did he flay the man’s skin and then kill him? And what did he mean by there was nothing he didn’t know?

“Everybody knows that ghosts with mental abilities can be extremely strong, and they have no limits in terms of strength because they can become stronger over time. It can be helpful indeed. However, few people know that ghosts who have innate mental abilities aren’t easy to understand. The closer you are to them, the more dangerous they can be. Do you know why that little girl’s parents died?” the hoodlum asked while gloating over Mu Yi’s misfortune.

Mu Yi sensed that Nian Nuer had suddenly changed when the hoodlum said that. She started to shake. The hoodlum was reminding her of what happened to her parents.

Since her mother had died, she now only had Mu Yi. If Mu Yi did anything unpredictable because of her, she wouldn’t forgive herself.

“You’re talking nonsense. Nothing can happen. If what you were saying was true, the Su Clan would’ve been destroyed.” said Mu Yi straightforwardly. Luckily, Mu Yi didn’t take it to heart.

“It’s not my problem whether you believe me or not,” the hoodlum said.

“Hmph, I don’t care about what you say. Nuer is like a sister, and anyway, you think I will let you off because of what you’re telling me?” Mu Yi said while looking glum. Even though he had contradicted him, Nian Nuer had already heard those things, and it might have influenced her.

Mu Yi regretted bringing her with him

“You want to kill me? Relying on that little girl? With your talent, you would probably be able to kill me in a few years, but now, you’re just being too naive. You’ve just reached the third level of the Heart stage, yet you think you can consider everybody and everything beneath your notice?” the hoodlum said while smiling and staring at Mu Yi.

Actually, Mu Yi had noticed that the hoodlum was confident. He had ignored the threat of Nian Nuer, a ferocious ghost, from the very beginning.

“Let’s try then,” Mu Yi said, looking glum. He knew that the battle was going to be terrifying.

“Alright. You’re young and want to court death, and I’ll willingly take all of your little treasures,” the hoodlum said. Then, he raised his hand, and many small people the size of hands appeared. They fell from his hands and when they landed on the ground, they became as tall as real people.

Their faces were deathly pale, and they wore armor and held dazzling blades.

Even though Mu Yi knew that those people were made of paper, when he saw them, but he felt the sensation that he was facing a group of real people.

Origami that can turn into actual people? Mu Yi thought. He put his five thunders charm away and took out an evil spirit slaying charm instead.

Against the hoodlum, the evil spirit slaying charm was useless, but that wasn’t so against those paper people.

“My little children, kill him,” the hoodlum said. Then, the five paper men attacked at the same time. They raised their blades, which moved towards Mu Yi at full speed.

Nian Nuer didn’t wait for Mu Yi to talk as she got ready to attack. She raised her small claws and looked light and graceful as she threw herself at the paper men.

Mu Yi took out two evil spirit slaying charms at the same time and activated them.

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