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HC Chapter 46: Zhong Kui the Door God

HC Chapter 46: Zhong Kui the Door God

[Note: Zhong Kui was a deity that was supposed to chase off demons (his pictures are posted at the entrance of houses to ward off evil spirits. Door Gods are Gods whose pictures are posted on front doors as talismans). ]


Two evil spirit slaying charms landed on two paper men. The two paper men were propelled away, they hadn’t reached the ground yet, but they became as small as hands again and lost some of their color.

Nian Nuer arrived next to the second paper man, crushed it, and then cut it in two.

In a flash, only one paper man was left. Mu Yi looked at it but didn’t attack. Instead, he took two steps back because Nian Nuer had already landed in front of it. She used her small claws to pierce right through it.

“You’ve learned magic charms?” The hoodlum was surprised when he saw Mu Yi’s attacks. He had thought that the five paper men would be able to oppress Mu Yi. He hadn’t thought that they’d be able to deal with all of them, he had especially underestimated Nian Nuer. Perhaps it was because he had infuriated her that she had been so merciless with the paper men.


However, the hoodlum had never thought that the five paper men would be able to kill Mu Yi; he had just thought that they would be enough to cause some difficulty. The third level of the Hearts stage gave a cultivator enough strength to survive a few paper men.

Even though the third level was only the first stage on the path of mind, it was still very powerful, and Mu Yi had also progressed very quickly. Talents like him were rare.

Mu Yi was a cultivating much faster because of everything the old Taoist Priest had taught him. Mu Yi considered himself to have started training two months ago, but he had actually been exposed to it for eight years.

“Door God.” shouted the hoodlum suddenly.

“I’m here!” a loud voice said behind him. Then, Mu Yi saw a tall and sturdy silhouette come out.

He was shocked because it was an origami creature too. It was initially pasted on the top of the door, but it had floated down.

“Zhong Kui!”

‘Eyes like those of a black horned dragon, lips as sharp as halberds, arrogant eater of souls.’

That was Zhong Kui. There were many legends about Zhong Kui, and he was one of the most famous Door Gods. He was also perfect for home-guarding charms and capturing ghosts. When people pasted his picture on their front doors, they weren’t worried at all about ghosts.

However, the picture of Zhong Kui that the hoodlum had pasted on his front door wasn’t only used to protect his home and capture ghosts. This Zhong Kui was also alive, which shocked Mu Yi.

After Zhong Kui jumped off the door, he unsheathed his sword and ran after Nian Nuer.

Suddenly, Nian Nuer looked nervous, unlike when she was fighting against the small paper men. She clenched her small fists tightly.

Mu Yi didn’t know why, but Zhong Kui ignored him and solely focused on Nian Nuer. Was it because she was a ghost? Zhong Kui immediately attacked Nian Nuer, and a difficult battle ensued.

Nian Nuer, like Mu Yi, had no experience in fighting. However, she learned quickly because she was young. Actually, Nian Nuer and Zhong Kui had almost the same strength, so neither one was gaining an advantage.

Mu Yi was stupefied as he watched. He felt relieved and under pressure at the same time.

Though the hoodlum didn’t attack, how many other secrets did he have?

“Alright, my child can play with that little girl. It’s our turn,” the hoodlum said to Mu Yi.

“Please,” Mu Yi said immediately. He raised his right hand into the air and unleashed an evil slaying charm. The hoodlum didn’t seem to be too bothered by the charm and was in no hurry.

Mu Yi then raised his other hand, in which there was a five thunders charm hidden, and quickly activated it.


A thunderous sound spread in the air, and bright lights flashed.

Mu Yi had already closed his eyes. That way, he wouldn’t be affected by the flash of lights. However, he heard a horrible shriek.

As expected, the hoodlum hadn’t dodged because Mu Yi had attacked quickly and by surprise.

Mu Yi had already shown his evil spirit slaying charm on purpose because he had wanted to show the hoodlum that he had it. That way, the hoodlum would prepare himself to defend against the evil spirit slaying charm, and this was especially so because Mu Yi had used the evil spirit slaying charm for his first attack a few seconds ago.

The hoodlum initially didn’t know that Mu Yi had a five thunders charm until the very last second when he saw it in Mu Yi’s hands. Therefore, the hoodlum wasn’t prepared to dodge.

Mu Yi knew that he couldn’t kill the hoodlum with one five thunders charm though. Since it hadn’t worked against Xugui, it wouldn’t work against the hoodlum, who was unfathomable.

The thunder dispersed, and Mu Yi saw the hoodlum again. Half of his body was burnt and pitch-black like a flame roasted chicken, and his hair was messy. Smoke was emerging from the burnt areas of his body.

Zhong Kui and Nian Nuer were farther away, so they hadn’t been affected at all by the charm.

Mu Yi didn’t relax his vigilance. Back then, when he had used the five thunders charm against Xugui, Xugui had still escaped, but Xugui and the hoodlum couldn’t be said to be equals; the latter was much stronger.

Mu Yi didn’t want to give the hoodlum time to react. He took out another charm.

“Armor!” the hoodlum said loudly.

Then, a light flashed as suit of armor appeared covering the hoodlum. It was also made of paper, but it looked strong. It would have looked like a set of general’s armor if it didn’t have a dark and evil face on the torso.

The evil spirit slaying charm bombarded the armor and forced it to take one step backwards, but it didn’t destroy it.

Mu Yi couldn’t help but rejoice. If he hadn’t surprised the hoodlum with his five thunders charm, Mu Yi wouldn’t have been able to resist against the armor.

The hoodlum was dangerous.

“Blade!” After that, the hoodlum took out a Green Dragon Crescent Blade.

When he planted the tip of his Green Dragon Crescent Blade into the ground, it immediately exploded, creating a small crater.

Mu Yi jumped backwards. He wouldn’t use his last five thunders charm recklessly because he had only managed to make two. He needed to wait for the proper timing.

Also, the hoodlum had already taken out his armor. The five thunders charm was useless against it, so Mu Yi needed to break his armor first.

Mu Yi looked pensive and then took out his copper lamp.

Even though he didn’t know how to use the copper lamp precisely or what grade it was, the old Taoist Priest had always told Mu Yi that it was a powerful item that could be used as a weapon after he reached the third stage of his cultivation.

Be that as it may, Mu Yi had used too much mental power, so he needed to use the strength of the copper lamp for a while. When he used it against Nian Nuer, it was able to stop her attack.

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