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HC Chapter 47: Fierce Battle

HC Chapter 47: Fierce Battle

“I had never thought that I’d struggle against a young and inexperienced little boy like you. What a humiliation,” the hoodlum said, with a sad look on his face. He hadn’t thought that Mu Yi would have a five thunders charms. At Mu Yi’s level, such a charm was extremely rare.

The hoodlum wondered whether Mu Yi had made the five thunders charm himself. If his teacher had made it for him, then it wasn’t that impressive, but if he had made it himself, then it was astonishing.

If at the third level of the Heart stage, Mu Yi could make such powerful five thunders charms, then how terrifying would he be after reaching the second stage? He was already a monster at such a young age.

The hoodlum sighed, but at the same time, he was even more motivated.

Nian Nuer and Zhong Kui’s battle had also started to show results. Because of Nian Nuer’s speed, the Zhong Kui was under pressure. After all, she was fighting against an origami creation; it did not have the same ability to think.

If the real Zhong Kui had fought against her, she would’ve died in the blink of an eye.

Nian Nuer didn’t look to be in danger at all, so Mu Yi could focus on the hoodlum. Mu Yi didn’t care about what the hoodlum had said before because contradicting him was useless.

They kept fighting unceasingly. There was no going back for Mu Yi because there was no way the hoodlum would let him off at this point.

Therefore, the battle could only end with one of them losing.

Mu Yi started seething with excitement when he thought about it, and he suddenly looked even more fearless. He knew that this was a great opportunity to gain fighting experience.

The hoodlum sensed that something had changed in Mu Yi. He was surprised, but he didn’t intend to be merciful at all. He raised his Green Dragon Crescent Blade, and attempted to behead Mu Yi.

He raised his blade high up in the air and then slashed it down.

Mu Yi’s copper lamp started to burn in response, but the light started to flicker. Mu Yi sensed that his mental power was being absorbed by the lamp. He could hold on for at most half an hour.

When the copper lamp’s flame flickered and its light collided with the Green Dragon Crescent Blade, Mu Yi’s heart started pounding.

He didn’t know whether his copper lamp could block the hoodlum’s attack or not, but if the hoodlum had used a real blade, Mu Yi wouldn’t have tried to use the copper lamp. However, all of the hoodlum’s attacks were origami spells, so Mu Yi decided to give it a try.

Mu Yi didn’t understand origami attacks, but he knew that his enemy didn’t have other types of techniques; otherwise, he would’ve done so already.

He knew that his enemy was cultivating an evil energy, just like Mu Yi was cultivating energy from heaven and earth.

However, Mu Yi had managed to destroy the paper men using evil spirit slaying charms, which meant that there were charms and attacks that were more effective against those types of spells.

Would the copper lamp be effective?

Mu Yi used the copper lamp because he was under pressure. He didn’t dare to underestimate the hoodlum’s Green Dragon Crescent Blade. If he acted recklessly or carelessly, he could die.


The Green Dragon Crescent Blade finally collided with the copper lamp, and suddenly, the ground started shaking violently.

Mu Yi felt a powerful force strike his body, and he was pushed backward.

When the hoodlum’s Green Dragon Crescent Blade collided with the lamp, the color faded slightly. The hoodlum even looked injured as a result.

He stared at Mu Yi’s copper lamp and realized that it was a precious item. Back then, Xugui thought of Nian Nuer as a precious treasure. Now, the hoodlum was looking at the copper lamp, the same way Xugui looked at Nian Nuer.

Perhaps Mu Yi wasn’t aware of how precious his copper lamp was, but the hoodlum had lived for a long time. He understood that the copper lamp was a precious tool or maybe something even more powerful.

However, that tool could kill him.

“Cut again!” the hoodlum said. He raised his Green Dragon Crescent Blade again, and it was as powerful as a thunderbolt.

Mu Yi continued using his copper lamp. He couldn’t do anything but protect himself anyway, so he had to continue using his copper lamp.

Once, twice, thrice.

The hoodlum’s Green Dragon Crescent Blade finally broke and turned into a sheet of paper again.

However, the hoodlum didn’t stop, he raised his hands again, and a sheet of paper appeared and flashed, creating another Green Dragon Crescent Blade.

When Mu Yi saw that, he couldn’t help but sigh. He felt as if he was facing a cheater.

Both fighters had different approaches but equally satisfying results. However, the problem was his cultivation level. He couldn’t use an unlimited number of five thunders charms. If he wasted his five thunders charms, then the hoodlum would have the opportunity to kill him.

However, Mu Yi was convinced that the hoodlum didn’t have an unlimited amount of paper either. On top of that, magic charms and origami attacks both had limits in terms of strength and time. Mu Yi was also convinced that the origami based technique couldn’t be unlimited and would probably begin losing strength over time or with use.

Of course, their spells were limited because of their cultivation level. If Mu Yi reached the second or third stage, he would be able to make magic charms that would last much, much longer and be even more powerful.

However, while Mu Yi was thinking, the hoodlum raised his Green Dragon Crescent Blade again.

Mu Yi was using his lamp, but it required a lot of mental power.

The blade and the copper lamp kept colliding, and Mu Yi sensed his mental dispersing quickly with every strike.

When the hoodlum’s second Green Dragon Crescent Blade broke and he didn’t immediately take out a third one, Mu Yi knew that he had an opportunity. A white light flashed as he took out an evil spirit slaying charm.

The hoodlum was much slower and didn’t have the strength to dodge anymore, and the evil spirit slaying charm crashed onto the armor.

At the same time, Mu Yi used even more mental power on the copper lamp, and it grew even brighter than before, illuminating their surroundings.

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