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HC Chapter 48: From Different People’s Perception

HC Chapter 48: From Different People’s Perception


Mu Yi looked like a small sun that could be seen from far away.

Su Chongshan usually slept early, but he wasn’t asleep right now. He was in a foyer with Su Jinlun and Su Jun. They represented three generations of the Su clan, and they were the pillars that held the clan up.

The three of them were seated in the foyer and didn’t talk. They hadn’t even closed the door, causing a cold wind to enter the room making them shiver.

At that moment, the three of them didn’t pay attention to the coldness though. They were all pensive.

Su Chongshan was expressionless and lost in thought.

Su Jun looked grave, solemn, and worried.

Su Jinlun didn’t look as worried, but he kept looking at the door.

In the same village at another place, another clan was in the same situation.

Peng Songlai kept walking back and forth, and his wife and daughter were seated beside him in silence.

Peng Mi looked at her father, who had his head lowered. She felt guilty and sad, as she remembered her husband.

Song Qi was with Xie Zheng and Xie Miao. They hadn’t left yet. After all, they still hadn’t found the murderer. Since they hadn’t captured him, they had no choice but to stay.

Song Qi and Xie Zheng were drinking and eating pickles, while Xie Miao looked annoyed and didn’t drink or eat. He was just blankly staring at the candle.

“Mister Xie, do you think the murderer is a human?” Song Qi asked while eating some pickles and having a sip of liquor. He used his chopsticks to put some pickles in his mouth after he asked his question.

Xie Zheng raised his head and looked at Song Qi, who looked dispirited, and said, “Since you don’t know, how could I know?”

“I’ve seen many strange things in my life, but I’ve never seen such a ghost,” Song Qi said, looking pensive.

“We will maybe know tonight,” Xie Zheng said while raising his glass.

“Uncle, there are no ghosts in this world. That guy was just trying to purposely make a mystery of simple things. Otherwise, why would they have called us? They’re just trying to get us get involved,” Xie Miao said at that moment.

“You’re such a good-for-nothing. Have you forgotten what I told you already?” Xie Zheng asked angrily.

Xie Miao almost fell down because he was startled. He couldn’t help but frown.

“Alright, alright, young people fear neither Heaven nor Earth, right? We were the same when we were young, right? He won’t understand just because you tell it to him; he will understand through experience. Practice makes perfect,” Song Qi said. He knew that Xie Zheng was disappointed.

But as he had said, practice makes perfect.

When Xie Zheng heard Song Qi, he smiled wryly and shook his head. He was worried and anxious.

He wasn’t young anymore, so he had experienced many things. However, his nephew was lucky to have him, so he hoped that his nephew would listen to him and not make the same mistakes.

When Xie Zheng was as young as Xie Miao, he was bold, courageous, and fearless, but he also understood many things because he had gone through hardships.

Now, he had experience. He had changed a lot. A twenty-year old couldn’t be compared to a fifty-sixty year old.

Xie Zheng ignored Xie Miao and thought, Maybe it would be better for Xie Miao to travel alone? After all, little birds have to leave the nest at some point.


Suddenly, Song Qi was startled and looked at the door.

Even though the door was closed, he saw something bright out of the window.

“What’s going on?” Xie Zheng asked when he noticed that something strange was happening. He also stood up and ran to the window.

When they opened the window, a cold wind entered the room. There was a light in the sky.

Song Qi came next to Xie Miao and Xie Zheng.

“Father, come and see!” Peng Mi said to Peng Songlai. He raised his head and saw the lights.

Peng Songlai was stupefied and ran to the door. He then opened the door and gazed into the distance.

“It looks like…” Peng Mi was stupefied and didn’t finish her sentence, but Peng Songlai understood.

In the Su Clan, the same thing happened. Su Chongshan, Su Jun, and Su Jinlun were stupefied, and they rushed out to the courtyard and gazed into the distance.

“Grandfather, it must be there,” Su Jinlun said while shuddering with fear.

“Indeed. It must be,” Su Chongshan said while nodding. However, he didn’t look elsewhere.

Even though those things had nothing to do with his clan, it was also important for them because they wanted to be friends with Peng Songlai and his eldest son-in-law, the County Magistrate.

Mu Yi was helping the Su Clan, and it was the first time that he was fighting all out.

It was also a sign that Mu Yi and the Su Clan were getting closer, their relationship becoming more stable. If Mu Yi became stronger, then it’d be good for the Su Clan.

“Unfortunately, we can’t see what’s going on,” Su Jinlun said disappointedly.

“Jinlun,” Su Chongshan shouted suddenly.

“Here!” Su Jinlun replied instantly.

“Tomorrow morning, come with me to Funiu Mountain. Prepare some generous gifts,” Su Chongshan said.

“Grandfather, you want to go to the mountain? But…” Su Jinlun said, not ending his sentence.

Su Chongshan interrupted him, saying, “Tomorrow, we’ll climb up the mountain. It’s a great opportunity for our clan.” Su Chongshan’s eyes were filled with flames of hope. Finally, the Su Clan had an opportunity to rise again.

Mu Yi was still fighting like a madman, and he was finally gaining an advantage.

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