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HC Chapter 49: Disguised as an Evildoer (First Part)

HC Chapter 49: Disguised as an Evildoer (First Part)

At that moment, Nian Nuer had already moved far away because Mu Yi’s attacks affected the area around him.

Zhong Kui was stupefied by his opponents retreat, but he reacted too and chased her. At that moment, the copper lamp was already illuminating him.


Some smoke appeared as the light touched him and Zhong Kui was propelled away.

On the other side, the hoodlum was also illuminated by the attack. After all, he was the main target.

When the lights of the copper lamp surrounded the hoodlum, he felt his skin starting to burn, and it was extremely painful.

At the same time, three light beams emerged from Mu Yi’s left hand, and they were three evil spirit slaying charms. It was impossible to know which one he had used first because he had activated the three of them within a few milliseconds.

Mu Yi was using his copper lamp and his evil spirit slaying charms in combination, and this was using all of his strength. He was already exhausted.

With the light of the copper lamp, the hoodlum’s armor finally broke into pieces and then Mu Yi’s three charms crashed onto the hoodlum’s body.

Mu Yi had been waiting for this opportunity the entire time.

“Kacha!” A familiar sound spread in the air, and thunder descended from the sky and moved towards the hoodlum.

At the same time, Mu Yi’s copper lamp was even more dazzling.

The lights then disappeared.

On the other side, Nian Nuer threw herself at Zhong Kui who was propelled forward and slashed right through him, turning him back into a sheet of paper again.

Zhong Kui had already been injured by Mu Yi, and the hoodlum in control of him had been injured too. Because of this, Nian Nuer’s attack received almost no resistance.

Nian Nuer didn’t enjoy her victory. Instead, she ran towards Mu Yi and stared at the hoodlum.

The first time he had used the five thunders charm, he hadn’t managed to greatly injure the hoodlum; he had only stunned him and caused some minor injuries.

However, Mu Yi had destroyed the paper armor with his copper lamp, and with evil spirit slaying charms and a five thunders charm attacking together, the hoodlum was finally injured. Nian Nuer flew towards him and looked at him with her terrifying eyes. The hoodlum felt like he was going to die in the next moment.

At that crucial moment, someone suddenly appeared in front of him.

Nian Nuer’s claws crashed into the person, and a horrible shriek filled the air.

Mu Yi finally saw the silhouette; it was Peng Mi’s husband, the one whose skin had been flayed.

If Mu Yi remembered correctly, that person’s name was Song Qing. Before, he hadn’t understood why Peng Mi liked him, but he now did. He also understood why Peng Songlai liked him even though he had a dubious background.

Indeed, Song Qing was truly handsome.

Mu Yi knew that Song Qing was dead already, so the person in front of him wasn’t the real person.

Mu Yi finally understood why the murderer had flayed Song Qing’s skin.

Song Qing was much different from a paper man. Mu Yi had the impression that he was alive, and the Song Qin that appeared was even bleeding because of Nian Nuer’s attack.

“I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you!” the hoodlum said, furious. When he saw that Song Qing was wounded, he went insane. He almost didn’t even care about Mu Yi anymore.

Mu Yi was wondering whether the hoodlum had mental issues or not. He cared about someone’s skin more than himself.

“Nuer, attack him,” Mu Yi said while pointing at Song Qing.

Initially, Nian Nuer wanted to attack the hoodlum, but she listened to Mu Yi and attacked Song Qing again.

The hoodlum could retreat if he wanted to, but he didn’t. He jumped in front of Song Qing with his back facing Nian Nuer and Mu Yi to protect Song Qing.

Suddenly, his back was riddled with wounds.

However, the hoodlum didn’t care. He raised his head and stared at Song Qing. He then raised his hands and placed them on Song Qing’s face.

Mu Yi was now convinced that the hoodlum had gone crazy.

But for Mu Yi, this was a good opportunity. Without Mu Yi saying anything, Nian Nuer attacked the hoodlum again.

Mu Yi took out half of a small flag.

It was Xugui’s banner. Mu Yi had made great efforts to transform it with his mental power. Even though he had only managed to refine it a little bit, he already understood some ways to control it.

Mu Yi grit his teeth and put the remaining bit of his mental power into the Ghost King Banner. Suddenly, the flag fluttered facing the wind, and a black light illuminated Nian Nuer.

It didn’t harm her. Instead, it turned into a cloak which covered her.

In a flash, Nian Nuer appeared older than before. She didn’t look like a three-four year old kid anymore. Instead, she looked like a seven-eight year old. Even though she was still small, her Qi had increased.

That was all Mu Yi could do. He had used the copper lamp, evil spirit slaying charms, and five thunders charms. He also had almost no mental power left. He needed time to recover.

He was now almost completely defenseless at this point.

Therefore, he had used his last bit of mental power for the Ghost King Banner.

During the last two months, he hadn’t managed to refine the banner perfectly, but he had reached his goals. One was to put Nian Nuer inside so she could follow him anywhere, and the second one was to make Nian Nuer stronger by driving his mental power into the banner.

However, Mu Yi didn’t get to see the result. After using the last bit of mental power he had, he collapsed.

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