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HC Chapter 50: Disguised as an Evildoer (Second Part)

HC Chapter 50: Disguised as an Evildoer (Second Part)

When Mu Yi came back to his senses, he felt freezing and realized that he was still on the same street, and it was still dark.

Mu Yi hadn’t been unconscious for too long it seemed; otherwise, the Su Clan and the Peng Clan would’ve dispatched people to find him. After all, everybody had probably noticed the chaos.

“Brother, you woke up,” Nian Nuer said, looking extremely worried.

“What time is it? How long did I sleep?” Mu Yi asked.

“It’s still between nine and eleven. You slept for only fifteen minutes, brother,” Nian Nuer replied after a few seconds of thought.

When Mu Yi heard her, he was relieved, and he was even more relieved when he saw Nian Nuer was fine. What a great battle. Luckily they had won. If he had lost against the hoodlum, even if he hadn’t died, maybe the hoodlum would’ve flayed his skin and then left him alive.

“What about him?” Mu Yi asked after getting up. Even though his head still hurt, he still felt better than a few seconds before. He still felt dizzy though.

“He’s there. He went insane,” Nian Nuer said while pointing. Mu Yi turned his head.

The hoodlum hadn’t died, but he was sitting down and whispering things to himself.

“Are you alright?” Mu Yi asked Nian Nuer. He was still worried about her. Since Nian Nuer hadn’t killed him, she probably had a good reason.

After all, Mu Yi still considered her a little girl, but he knew that she could be mature and determined too. Therefore, Mu Yi didn’t force her to do anything.

“I’m alright,” Nian Nuer said while shaking her head. Then, she said in a quiet voice, “Brother, he makes me sad, so I didn’t kill him. However, don’t worry. He doesn’t have the strength to hurt you anymore.”

She felt guilty because Mu Yi had been injured because of the hoodlum, and in the end, she hadn’t killed him, mainly because he had stopped fighting back. He just ignored her attacks and was staring at Song Qing. It had made her incredibly sad.

After all, Nian Nuer was still a kid even if she was mature. She had protected Mu Yi and hadn’t killed the hoodlum. If the hoodlum didn’t attack Mu Yi, she had no reason to kill him.

Mu Yi understood her, and he felt the same way too.

“Don’t worry. I won’t blame you. You did the right thing,” Mu Yi said while caressing Nian Nuer’s little head. Then, he turned around and walked to the hoodlum.

He looked at the hoodlum and Song Qing. Song Qing wasn’t the same anymore. He was wounded, of course, but for some reason, he also looked to have aged.

Wrinkles had appeared on his face, and he looked as if he died from old age.

The hoodlum kept touching Song Qing as if he didn’t want to “break” him. When Mu Yi arrived close to them, the hoodlum raised his head.

When Nian Nuer watched from the side, she was still nervous. If the hoodlum did anything wrong, she wouldn’t be merciful.

Even though she hadn’t killed him and had compassion, she wouldn’t let anyone injure Mu Yi.

She had been merciful because she knew that Mu Yi was unharmed.

The hoodlum looked at Mu Yi.

“Why?” Mu Yi asked.

Mu Yi didn’t understand what was going on. Why did he care about Song Qing that much? Why did he kill Song Qing? Because he got married to Peng Mi? Why did he flay his skin and leave the body next to her in bed?

Mu Yi didn’t understand, so he asked the hoodlum straightforwardly.

“I’m ugly,” the hoodlum said suddenly. Mu Yi was stupefied.

“I’m ugly. I’ve always been ugly. Nobody likes me. I was alone until I found a teacher, and I then had a fellow female disciple.”

“She was my teacher’s daughter. My master never abandoned me even though I was ugly. My master and his daughter were always kind to me. When people insulted me or bullied me, my master attacked them and defended me. Every time they obtained good items, they gave them to me.”

Mu Yi didn’t say anything and just listened. He understood everything. He was learning things he really wanted to know.

“Even though I’m ugly, I’m very strong. I quickly surpassed my master’s daughter, and some time after, I even surpassed my master. My master had great expectations for me, he then transmitted his legacy to me. I inherited his kasaya and patra.” (Note: Buddhist robe and alms bowl)

“When I was eighteen, I reached the third level of the first stage, and my master and fellow disciple were extremely happy. But on that day, I heard them talk.”

The hoodlum stopped for a few seconds, and he looked crushed and sad.

Mu Yi didn’t insist, and he calmly waited. Nian Nuer also crawled onto Mu Yi’s back and put her head on his shoulder.

“Initially, my master wanted me to marry his daughter. When I learned about that, I was so happy that you couldn’t imagine. I had never thought that she would reject me because I was ugly, but she did. She was in love with someone else already, another Master.”

The hoodlum gazed into the distance and felt extremely sad.

However, Mu Yi felt extremely sad for him too. An ugly kid, who had received love and affection, had been rejected. How horrible. Back then, the hoodlum had probably been kind and sincere, respecting his fellow disciple and master.

But then at some point, his respect had turned into love. In any case, Mu Yi couldn’t truly understand. Afterall, he wasn’t the hoodlum, so all he could do was listen.

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