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HC Chapter 51: Disguised as an Evildoer

HC Chapter 51: Disguised as an Evildoer

“He asked his daughter why she wasn’t willing to let me marry her and why she wasn’t willing to let me become the leader of the Paper Sect. He said that if she stayed with me, the sect would always belong to the Gu’s,” the hoodlum continued.

But Mu Yi also understood why Gu Ren was nicknamed hoodlum though.

“But she said that she didn’t like me because I was ugly, hahaha!”

The hoodlum started laughing frantically and mockingly, but he was actually very pitiful and sad.

Mu Yi did understand why he had chosen such a path, he was unfortunate in life.

“I had always thought that my master and his daughter would never abandon me. I had thought that they would never think that I was ugly. I had never thought that I would be wrong. Even my master said to his daughter that even though I was ugly, I was very talented. He recruited me because I was talented. He used to say I was an incredible paper artist, which was why he wanted me to marry his daughter,” the hoodlum said. He looked furious when he thought about the past.

Mu Yi didn’t know what to say because it was an insoluble problem. Nobody could help him. He had to come back to his senses on his own.

Mu Yi was convinced that his master had recruited him because he was honest and took his art seriously. The master’s daughter probably hadn’t meant to hurt his feelings. If she had detested him, she would have detested him from the beginning, especially since they were both young.

But she had tried to find an excuse to go against her father’s will. She hadn’t thought she would hurt his feelings and that he would choose such a path as a result.

Everything was due to the hoodlum’s past. He was a traumatized person and had never forgotten the horrors he had gone through when he was young. And now, because of his trauma, he had done something which he couldn’t take back.

“On that night, I escaped and got really drunk in a bar. When the waitress realized I had no money to pay, she insulted me. She said I was hideous,” the hoodlum continued.

“But then I punched a hole through her chest, and as I felt the blood dripping from my hand, I had a unique feeling. I was happy, especially when I saw her facial expression. I was bewitched. Therefore, I not only killed the waitress but also her boss.”

“I was standing in a pool of blood, and my master and fellow disciples found me. I still remember their facial expressions. They were shocked and scared, and it was as if they didn’t recognize me anymore. They also looked extremely disappointed.”

“I thought they wouldn’t forgive me even though we were so close, but suddenly, they helped me escape from the scene.”

“When I told my master my story, he didn’t insult me. He took me to a room and forbade me from coming out.”

“After that, things got worse. New has spread of what I did and there were people looking for me. A warrior even came, he was a noble. He demanded that my master bring me out to be arrested, but because my master refused, the warrior attacked and injured my master. After that, he attacked my fellow disciples and my master’s daughter. He was incredibly strong and in the end, he found me.”

“He wanted to kill me, but my master sacrificed himself to allow me time to escape,” the hoodlum said. As he was talking, tears began rolling down his face.

“I was scared, so I escaped. I know I’m a coward, but I didn’t want to die,” the hoodlum continued.

“My master and my fellow disciples tried to protect me, so I managed to escape. After that, I shut myself away and lived a private life. When I got news about the warrior, I went back to the sect, and I only saw my master and his daughter’s memorial tablets.”

“They died to save me,” the hoodlum said while crying loudly. Mu Yi felt sad and even started sniffling as he felt bad for the hoodlum.

“One of my fellow disciples survived, but was missing a leg. The noble warrior had cut off his leg during the battle.”

“When he saw me, he didn’t blame me. He just told me that my master and his daughter were not angry and did not blame me for what happened. She was also sorry for hurting me. She said she didn’t mean what she had said. She had never thought that I was ugly,” the hoodlum said. His voice now seemed warm and gentle.

“But it was too late. I already hated myself for what happened. I wanted to die, but first I would avenge them,” the hoodlum said. His facial expressions kept changing. At one moment he was laughing, a few seconds later he was crying, and then he looked furious.

“Even though I couldn’t compete with the warrior, I could kill his family and everyone close to him. I waited until he left his family alone and then I killed everyone in his family, children, parents, everyone. I killed them by lowly flaying their skins from their body. I watched on as they suffered in agony. I listened to their horrible shrieks and it made me happy. Since I killed that waitress and her boss, there was a demon that awoke in my heart. Without my master and his daughter, I couldn’t control that side of my personality anymore.”

“After flaying their skin, I used a secret technique of my sect. It would preserve them in the exact state they died. Do you know what the technique is called? It’s called Painted Skin. They would look exactly the same, but have evil intentions on the warrior. It’s one the most powerful techniques of my sect.”

“Since they killed my master and his daughter, I used a technique of the Paper Sect to avenge them,” the hoodlum said while laughing evilly. However, you could hear the loneliness in that laugh.

“When the warrior returned home and saw his family members, who I had used the Painted Skin technique on, he was almost driven insane. Unfortunately, he didn’t lose his mind, so I couldn’t kill him and had to escape. However, from that day, he’s been hunting me down. Even though he almost found me at one point, I still managed to escape.”

“Finally, I leveled up during those years and reached the second stage, and because my talent is quite good, my strength continued to grow.” When I found that warrior again, he had remarried. He had a beautiful wife, so I killed her using the Painted Skin technique, but that time, I didn’t escape. I waited for him in ambush.”

“The ambush succeeded, and I managed to kill him, but he injured me causing my cultivation to drop,” the hoodlum said. He suddenly raised his head and shouted, “Master, sister, I avenged your death!”

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