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HC Chapter 53: A Night of Worries

HC Chapter 53: A Night of Worries

Mu Yi looked at the hoodlum’s corpse for a long time.

He had mixed feelings. The hoodlum had committed crimes and deserved to die for his crimes, but Mu Yi also had compassion. Nobody’s life was perfect, everybody had problems.

And why had the hoodlum lived such a miserable life? Was it down to himself? His master’s daughter? The waitress? The warrior?

Mu Yi took the wooden plate. He would travel to Cangzhou at some point, not only because he had accepted to help the hoodlum but because he also wanted clues on finding the old taoist priest. Tingyu Building? That was a funny name. Who was the owner of that building? Why did the owner have information on Li the Cripple?

Even though Mu Yi wanted to leave for Cangzhou as soon as possible, he also knew that the timing wasn’t adequate. He was too weak, so even if he went, what could he do? He would just act rashly and alert the enemy.

“Nuer, let’s go,” Mu Yi said to Nian Nuer. Then, he stretched his right hand.

Nian Nuer looked at Mu Yi and looked nervous. Even though Mu Yi looked nervous, she stretched her hand too and grabbed Mu Yi’s hand. She held it firmly and hoped that such a moment could last forever.

Mu Yi went back to the mountain. Even though he had a bad headache and had the sensation that he had no strength anymore, he had to bring Nian Nuer back to the mountain because his home was also Nian Nuer’s home.

In the end, Nian Nuer was very anxious because of what the hoodlum had said. On the way, she remained silent and she felt her heartache. She wasn’t like that usually.

When her mother’s soul dispersed, she was saddened, but now, she felt even sadder.

When they arrived at the top of the mountain, she let go of Mu Yi’s hand and went back to her bamboo forest.

She really enjoyed jumping onto Mu Yi’s back, hugging him, laughing with him, but now…

Mu Yi knew that it was useless to take unnecessary pains to study an insoluble problem, just like the hoodlum. Mu Yi wanted to cheer her up but his headache was terrible. He had the feeling like his brain was going to explode. He had used too much mental power. He needed to meditate and recover. He needed to let his mind relax for a while.

Therefore, Mu Yi decided to deal with Nian Nuer’s problem later. Nian Nuer was important to him, but he also felt that Nian Nuer needed to relax for the night too.

He went back to his room and lit a candle. He struggled to get onto his bed, then sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes.

He started breathing slower. Each time, his breath lasted a little longer. His face, which was deathly pale when he had come back, was regaining its color.

On the table, the light of the candle kept flickering at the same pace as Mu Yi’s breath.

At that moment, in the village, the atmosphere had been calm for a while already, and Su Chongshan couldn’t hold it anymore, especially since Peng Songlai had sent people to ask whether Mu Yi had come back or not. Therefore, Su Chongshan decided to dispatch someone too.

Before going to the hoodlum, Mu Yi had warned them that he didn’t want anyone to interfere, so they hadn’t taken the risk.

But time had passed, and Su Chongshan couldn’t stand it anymore. He sent some people to check.

Against all expectations, the person he dispatched told him he hadn’t seen Mu Yi.

Su Chongshan was stupefied. He knew that Mu Yi wasn’t the kind of person who would leave without saying anything, but at that moment, it also seemed that something had happened. On the ground there was a corpse and visible marks of a battle. Maybe the sounds they had heard from before were the sounds of the battle.

Su Chongshan was extremely worried. Was Mu Yi unhappy because of the Su Clan? Had they done something wrong?

Even though it was the middle of the night, he wanted to go up the mountain to see how Mu Yi was feeling, but he tried to calm himself down. He had spent a lot of time with Mu Yi and could see the signs of battle. There wasn’t blood everywhere, so Mu Yi probably wasn’t injured, or at least not too severely.

Maybe he hadn’t come to see them for another reason.

Actually, he couldn’t know that it wasn’t that Mu Yi was unwilling to see them, he had just forgotten!

After talking to the hoodlum for a while, Mu Yi had just forgotten about them. All he wanted after that was to take Nian Nuer back to the mountain and recover.

Su Chongshan naturally explained what he thought to Peng Songlai, and Song Qi also found the skin on the scene. It probably belonged to Peng Mi’s husband.

Peng Songlai was relieved when Su Chongshan told him that.

His son-in-law had been avenged. The murderer had been killed, and everything was getting better; otherwise, if the murderer hadn’t been found, they would have been extremely troubled.

Xie Miao closely followed Xie Zheng, and he didn’t dare to stay away from him. Xie Zheng was very strict, and he didn’t dare to disobey.

When he saw the murderer’s corpse, he had no choice but to admit that he had been wrong.

There were some paper men and marks on the ground that looked like lightning strikes, it seemed like a great battle had occurred there. The lightening has illuminated the entire village.

Are there really ghosts in this world? And otherworldly beings? Xie Miao thought. He couldn’t think of anything else.

He was astonished and shocked.

Actually, Xie Miao wasn’t the only one. Xie Zheng was astonished too. He was almost jealous because that kind of battle was unbelievable for ordinary people.

Time passed slowly. When Mu Yi woke up, he didn’t have a headache anymore. Even though his mental power hadn’t been restored completely, he felt much better.

Besides, Mu Yi also realized that his mental power had grown more powerful. Even though it was a good thing for him, he wouldn’t dare to repeat this method, as he could have ended up badly injured. He had taken a number of risks.

Cultivation wasn’t always about being brave and progressing quickly. The goal was to make steady progress incrementally, and it was important to let nature take its course.

After getting out of bed, he felt good again. He opened the gate of the Mountain God Temple and saw Su Chongshan standing in the snow.

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