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HC Chapter 54: Su Clan’s Courteous Reception

HC Chapter 54: Su Clan’s Courteous Reception

At that moment, the sun wasn’t that high in the sky yet, but from Su Chongshan’s face, it was easy to guess that he had been standing there for a long time.

He still looked majestic, but Mu Yi noticed that he looked exhausted.

Su Jinlun and Su Jun were there too with two other people. Mu Yi had already seen them before. One of them had a bow, and the other one had a blade. They were stood next to two huge boxes.

Even though it was extremely cold outside, the five people said nothing, they didn’t even make a noise.

From here to the Su Clan, it was six to seven li. Even if they had come with a cart, there was to tracks that could be seen in the snow, so they had probably come at night.

“Mister Su? You didn’t need to come.” When Mu Yi saw Su Chongshan, he was surprised. When he had woken up, he had sensed someone outside, and he had thought that Su Chongshan would have dispatched people. After all, on the night before, there had been a lot of noise in the village, and he hadn’t told anyone he was leaving. If Su Chongshan hadn’t dispatched anyone, that would have been strange.

When he remembered that he hadn’t told anyone anything the night before, he felt extremely embarrassed.

He wouldn’t have thought that Su Chongshan would come personally, especially with Su Jinlun and Su Jun. They were showing their gratitude.

Mu Yi walked to Su Chongshan. Even though he was a guest of honor of the Su Clan, it was entirely justified to say that they were equal in their relationship. The Su Clan considered him as a guest of honor, and he worked for them.

But Mu Yi was young and Su Chongshan was old, so Mu Yi felt extremely touched and moved.

“Are you alright, Master Mu?” Su Chongshan asked while smiling. He gulped down while talking, and it didn’t seem like it was easy for him to speak.

“I’m alright. I’m sorry I made you feel worried,” Mu Yi said. He took out an exorcism charm, and white light surrounded Su Chongshan.

In a flash, Su Chongshan’s cheeks grew red and he regained some of his strength.

Using an exorcism charm this way was a waste, but Mu Yi didn’t mind. He could make as many as he wished, and Su Chongshan was kind to Mu Yi.

Even though he knew that Su Chongshan was doing it all for the Su Clan, Su Chongshan was also always kind to him.

He wanted to return that kindness.

Even though Su Chongshan wasn’t someone of high influence or a great warrior, Mu Yi considered him as such.

Mu Yi was that kind of person, and when people were kind to him, he was kind to them.

Su Chongshan came to his mountain at night, so using an exorcism charm on him was nothing much.

“You are truly a person of wonder,” Su Chongshan said. He sensed that something had changed in his body, and he suddenly looked very touched and moved. He felt more affection from Mu Yi than from his family members sometimes.

Mu Yi smiled. He wasn’t surprised that an exorcism charm had such an effect on him. Exorcism charms were not only useful to remove yin Qi but also had slight healing effects.

Exorcism charms could also be used as remedies for the sick. Many people went to temples to get such charms, but very often, they would have healed naturally without them.

Su Chongshan was initially exhausted and had accumulated Yin Qi from the cold, so the charm naturally had a great effect on him. He felt his energy return right away.

Mu Yi looked at Su Jinlun and Su Jun in a respectful way, and he took out two more exorcism charms. He had around ten exorcism charms on him because he had prepared some before the battle last night.

Su Jun and Su Jinlun hadn’t thought that Mu Yi would be so kind to them as well. After all, for them, such charms were precious treasures. They were younger than Su Chongshan, and Su Chongshan was more sensitive to the cold than them. When they saw Mu Yi use an exorcism charm on Su Chongshan, they were touched and moved, but they hadn’t thought that Mu Yi would use charms on them too.

Mu Yi was happy they were touched by his gesture. As they enjoyed the effect of the charm, they also thought that if Mu Yi had given them the charms instead of using them directly, it would have been better. They could have saved them in case of an accident or sickness in the future.

But now, because they were cold, he had wasted charms on them.

But they also felt their fatigue recover and felt much better.

Mu Yi looked at the two servants.

The two servants’ heartbeats accelerated, and they shouted, “Master, please don’t. We are only servants. We don’t care about the cold, especially since we are also martial artists.”

“Indeed, don’t waste your precious charms. They’ve been working for me for a dozen years. I’ll treat them when we go back,” Su Chongshan said hastily.

He was happy that Mu Yi had used a charm on him, but he also knew when to stop at the right moment.

Mu Yi nodded. Actually, Mu Yi didn’t want them to think that his charms were not precious treasures because they were. If people thought he was offering them cheap things, then they wouldn’t take it to heart.

After that, Mu Yi and Su Chongshan went into the temple. The previous time when he cleaned and tidied the temple, apart from his own room which was now his bedroom, he had also tidied the other rooms.

The two servants followed Su Jinlun and Su Jun into the main hall of the temple. Only Su Chongshan followed Mu Yi into the other room.

They discussed in whispers for an hour until they finally came out. Su Chongshan was smiling, he seemed very happy after their discussion.

Su Jinlun and Su Jun didn’t ask them anything, they just put their hats back on their heads ready to leave. Soon after, Su Chongshan and his people left the mountain. Nobody knew what they had discussed in the room, they could only hope that it would be revealed to them in the future.

Mu Yi stood at the gate and watched Su Chongshan and the others disappear into the horizon. At that moment, the rising sun was bright red. It didn’t look as gloomy as the previous one.

After that, Mu Yi looked at the two huge wooden boxes. He didn’t open them straight away. First, he went to the bamboo forest to se Nian Nuer.

Nian Nuer had a high position in Mu Yi’s heart. After all, she was like his family.

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