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HC Chapter 55: Cheering Up Nuer

HC Chapter 55: Cheering Up Nuer


Mu Yi arrived in front of the bamboo forest. There was a thick layer of snow outside but there was none in the bamboo forest. It was extremely dry inside the forest. The bamboo forest and the space around it were like two different worlds.

There were even more leaves growing on the trees, and they were becoming greener. It was the only green area during the cold winter.

Su Chongshan had sent someone to bring the large stone from the Su Clan along with the Bamboo Forest, because Nian Nuer liked to sit on it. However, Nian Nuer wasn’t seated on it when Mu Yi arrived.

Mu Yi sat down on the stone and looked at the bamboo tree in front of him, just like Nian Nuer always would.

Mu Yi knew that Nian Nuer knew he was there. She just didn’t want to see him, so she was hiding. She was an innocent little girl. She was telling him that she didn’t want to deal with him anymore in her own way.

Mu Yi started thinking about Nian Nuer pouting because she didn’t want to see him, and he suddenly burst into laughter.

His laughter made the trees shake, clearly Nian Nuer was spying on him.

“Nuer,” Mu Yi said in a gentle voice.

No response.

Mu Yi had expected that. If Nian Nuer had come out because he had called her once, that would be a different problem.

“Do you remember when I told you I had no family?”

Mu Yi didn’t mind that Nian Nuer didn’t reply. He took the initiative to talk.

“When I was six, my master found me amongst some unmarked graves. According to him, I was curled up inside an empty grave. He had gone there to beg for money to eat, but instead heard coughing noises coming from an empty grave. If I hadn’t been coughing at that moment, he wouldn’t have found me. I would have died in those unmarked graves, and there was nobody who would have missed me.”

“Then, I started traveling the world with him. I have no memories before the age of six. I don’t know who my mother and father were. I don’t know why they abandoned me. Sometimes, I hate them for being so cruel. I am angry that they gave birth to me and then abandoned me. Then, the old Taoist Priest found me, and I understood that my hatred was useless.”

“I started being content with what I had.”

“Back then…”

Mu Yi told his stories about when he was traveling around the world, and he said spoke about his feelings honestly. He also told her that he used to fight with other kids sometimes. Nian Nuer listened to him carefully and even replied sometimes.

“When the old Taoist Priest died, I understood how important he was to me, he was my only family. Initially, I thought I would stay alone forever, but then the gods decided to give me another chance. They blessed me, and the gods gave me a cute, gentle, innocent, and adorable little sister. I am not alone anymore.”

“I wouldn’t have thought that she would decide to stop talking to me because of a moron saying a few words,” Mu Yi said, with a pitiful voice.

Finally, she came out and walked over to him, probably because she felt bad. She was playing with her hands because she felt sad for him, and she wanted to hug him but didn’t dare to. She didn’t even dare look at his face.

“Little girl, do you think there are many people as strong as me? Actually, when the old Taoist Priest found me and picked me up, he found information about my parents. He wanted to hide the truth from me. Those graves were the graves of refugees. My family members must have brought me with them and most likely my parents died. Or maybe they left and abandoned me there. Who knows?”

“I didn’t die in the unmarked grave. I didn’t die here. I’ve been traveling for many years, and I am not dead. Therefore, I could never die because of you. You underestimate your big brother. I’m a cultivator, you know?” Mu Yi said honestly. He told Nian Nuer everything because he wanted to cheer her up.

“Brother, I’m sorry. I was wrong. Don’t be angry at me,” Nian Nuer said bravely in the end.

“You really know you were wrong?” Mu Yi asked in a solemn way.

“Yes, I know I was wrong.” Nian Nuer knew that Mu Yi was a good person. She knew he didn’t often take a stern approach with her.

“Good then. Don’t listen to people who talk nonsense in the future. Remember that no matter what, I’ll always be on your side,” Mu Yi said, putting his hand on Nian Nuer’s head.

“I will also always stay with you, big brother,” Nian Nuer said while nodding. It was a promise.

When Mu Yi saw Nian Nuer’s facial expression, he was relieved. He knew that he couldn’t make her forget her worries all together, but with time, he could slowly ease her worry.

However, Mu Yi still remembered what the hoodlum had said: Heavenly Curse, people’s misfortune, life and death, salvation.

He was familiar with a few of those words because he had read them at the end of Xugui’s book: Heavenly Curse – People’s Misfortune.

Mu Yi didn’t understand what it meant. It was very complex.

Why had the hoodlum said that? And what did the end of his sentence mean?

Nian Nuer had been blessed by the gods, and she had incredible mental abilities.

In the book, such ghosts had the potential to become Ghost Kings.

What was the link between those words and Ghost Kings?

Unfortunately, Mu Yi wouldn’t be able to find the author of the book, and the hoodlum was dead. He only had a wooden plate left.

Mu Yi didn’t tell Nian Nuer about those thoughts. After that, he went back to the Mountain God Temple and looked at the two boxes. If he wasn’t mistaken, it was probably the loot they had picked up from the hoodlum’s corpse. Were there any hints to be found regarding those words?

Mu Yi walked to the boxes.

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