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HC Chapter 56: Flayed Skin Mask

HC Chapter 56: Flayed Skin Mask


Mu Yi opened the first box and found the small paper men inside. Maybe Su Chongshan had thought that they were precious treasures. He didn’t know that the hoodlum had already used them to fight and that they weren’t of any use anymore.

Mu Yi didn’t intend to study them. Magic charms already required an extensive knowledge and many hours of practice.

Therefore, he threw them away. He also found some books and scriptures within the boxes.

Su Chongshan probably hadn’t thrown away any books he found because he had seen Mu Yi’s interest in Xugui’s book. But it was really kind, and Mu Yi was pleasantly surprised that Su Chongshan had dispatched people to collect the loot and deliver it to him.

Mu Yi was surprised but he wasn’t too pleased with the spoils. Actually, these things were better than receiving nothing. He could read those books when he had spare time, and they could maybe help him comprehend different things.

Mu Yi then had a look at the scriptures.

After having checked the first box, Mu Yi glanced around, and his book cabinets were all almost empty. At least, he could use the books to decorate his place.

He opened the other box, and there were herbs inside that diffused a very thick herbal fragrance. Mu Yi had smelled them earlier already, which was why he had decided to open that box last as he knew what was inside.

Mu Yi didn’t really care about money, or actually, his perception of money was different from that of other people. He needed cultivation materials, not jewels and luxury goods. For him, thousands of gold coins were useless compared with ancient ginger roots.

There were many precious herbs in that box. Mu Yi was convinced that, even though some of them had been found on the hoodlum’s body, most of them had actually come from the Su Clan or the Peng Clan. They couldn’t have all belonged to the hoodlum.

Actually, Mu Yi didn’t need such precious herbs because his cultivation level was still too low, but he was happy to have such great treasures. Any cultivator would be happy to have these treasures.

He would be able to use them sooner or later anyway.

In the end, Mu Yi found a little box in the chest, it was made of jade, and there were some cracks on it. However, someone had used glue to fix the cracks.

What’s that? Mu Yi thought, surprised.

Could it be a present from the Su Clan or the Peng Clan? Mu Yi thought. He had the impression that it wasn’t possible. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have put it at the bottom of the chest. They would have put it at the top.

Something that belonged to the hoodlum? Mu Yi thought.

Someone had sealed the box really well, so it probably contained something precious. Mu Yi hesitated and then he decided to open it. Maybe it was precious for the hoodlum, but it might not be the same for Mu Yi.

Of course, Mu Yi remained vigilant. The box could contain something dangerous.

“Eh, what’s that?” When he opened the box, Mu Yi was even more stupefied. There was a mask that looked alive. It was made completely from flayed human skin.

What method had the hoodlum used to conserve the skin mask that well? It looked perfect. The skin looked alive.

Mu Yi wasn’t surprised that it belonged to the hoodlum because it was his specialty. It was the face of a handsome 20 year old man. If the man had been ugly, the hoodlum wouldn’t have preserved it the way her had.

Mu Yi didn’t really care about masks though. He was about to throw it aside when he remembered that he was going to travel in the near future. He wanted to find Li the Cripple to get his revenge, and using a mask could be useful.

When Mu Yi thought about that, he took his hand back and put the mask on his face.

That mask had been perfectly made, and it didn’t smell bad. On the contrary, it had a pleasant fragrance.

Mu Yi was stupefied because the mask was comfortable to wear too.

Mu Yi went to the mirror and looked at himself and was shocked. His face had changed and his Qi was slightly different, it was as if he was a completely different person. He looked like a prince.

Mu Yi looked happy, and a grin appeared on his face. His facial expressions didn’t look stiff at all. He looked at ease. He had long and narrow eyebrows, his looks were perfect.

He touched his face and was satisfied. He loved the mask. It would be very useful for him when he went travelling.

Mu Yi went to the bamboo forest with it, but when he came out of the forest, he looked depressed.

Because when Nian Nuer saw him, she immediately recognized him, and she was very curious why Mu Yi had a new face and body. She even said that he was less handsome with the mask on.

Mu Yi wasn’t surprised that Nian Nuer had recognized him. She had lived with him long enough and knew his Qi too well, also he hadn’t bothered to change clothes. Also, outsiders never came to the bamboo forest.

But Mu Yi was convinced that if he wore the mask in front of Su Chongshan and the others, they probably wouldn’t recognize him. There were no flaws when using the mask around ordinary people.

Time passed, and Mu Yi read the hoodlum’s books and continued to practice his cultivation. Finally, winter came to an end.

He was stuck in his practice, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t reach the second stage, but Mu Yi wasn’t in a hurry. He knew that he was growing stronger with each practice, even if he didn’t level up.

Su Chongshan brought him some precious potions, which were very beneficial in Mu Yi’s training. He had the sensation that his body was growing much stronger after taking the potions.

He was waiting for the day when he would break free from his cocoon and turn into a butterfly.

The hoodlum’s books helped Mu Yi a lot. He also learned a lot about the world, but Mu Yi didn’t find anything concerning the sentence the hoodlum had said.

Regardless, Mu Yi continued practicing everyday and never skipped his cultivation.

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