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HC Chapter 57: The County Magistrate Needs Help!

HC Chapter 57: The County Magistrate Needs Help!


Now that it was Spring, there were more and more people on the road. Even though it was busy, crowded, and chaotic, it was good for business people as it meant more clients.

Xie Zheng and Xie Miao were riding their horses, they were on an investigation and wanted to invite someone.

What had happened in Funiu Village had astonished them. They understood that the world was even more complex than they had originally thought. Very often, having never seen something with your own eyes didn’t mean that it didn’t exist.

They didn’t conceal what had happened to Peng Songlai, and they told the truth to the County Magistrate. After all, even if they hadn’t told him, Peng Songlai would have.

When they told the County Magistrate the truth about the Peng Clan, he remained silent for a long time, and in the end, he finally said, “What a person of unusual ability.”

Xie Zheng and Xie Miao wouldn’t have thought that two months later, the County Magistrate would ask them to invite that person.

Lin’an County was located on a major road that connected the north and the south of the country, and for the army, it was definitely a strategic point.

Gu Yaosen, the County Magistrate of Lin’an County, was also Peng Songlai’s eldest son-in-law. He was neither warm nor cold, but he had influence all over the county. He had recently punished a third of his investigators, and there were currently two merchants who had been kneeling before the County Magistrates office for a whole night.

County Magistrate Gu looked kind and gentle, but his methods were extremely fierce. At the same time, he applied them in a gentle and mild way, which was the reason why Su Chongshan wanted to gain his favor.

But recently, the County Magistrate was also embarrassed because from one day to another, the wealth of seven rich families had been stolen without a trace. The situation was extremely strange.

If it had been only one or two families, Gu Yaosen would have been able to cover up the case, but now it was impossible. All 7 of the families were powerful, especially when adding them together. He had no choice but to give them an answer.

As he was stuck in the case, the County Magistrate suddenly remembered that there was a person of unusual ability in Funiu Mountain. Peng Songlai had sent his younger daughter, Peng Mi, to stay with her sister temporarily to help her forget about her husband’s death.

Peng Mi had told him her husband’s story in more detail than the two investigators, and Gu Yaosen trusted her.

The two investigators were already involved in the case, so the County Magistrate decided to call Mu Yi. His sister in law kept describing him like a god.

Gu Yaosen was convinced Mu Yi would come. He was the leader of a county, and Mu Yi had to give him face.

But on the way, Xie Zheng and Xie Miao felt very nervous. They were not like Peng Mi or Gu Yaosen, who were in positions of power.

They held Mu Yi in awe and veneration because he was strong.

Even though the County Magistrate had said it was easy to invite Mu Yi, inviting Mu Yi probably wouldn’t be easy for them, especially since the previous time he had come down from the mountain, he never even thought about giving them face.

And maybe the ordinary people held the County Magistrate in awe and veneration, but the two investigators were convinced that Mu Yi didn’t care. They were even convinced that if the County Magistrate infuriated Mu Yi, he wouldn’t hesitate to leave Lin’an.

Therefore, as they approached Funiu Mountain, they were growing more and more anxious.

“Uncle, what do we do if he refuses?” Xie Miao asked. He couldn’t help but ask.

Xie Zheng looked at his nephew and replied indifferently, “What could we do if that happened? We must obey our County Magistrate’s orders.”

“But…” Xie Miao said, but Xie Zheng looked at him angrily.

“Remember that if you offend the County Magistrate, the situation could become very difficult for the both of us. We’d also have to pay a hefty price. In the past, I helped him solve several problems and that’s why he has never gone too far with us. Offending that guy from Funiu Mountain isn’t as important as not offending the County Magistrate,” Xie Zheng said while smiling. He had a strange facial expression on his face.

‘At least if we offend the guy from Funiu Mountain, we’ll die quickly without even knowing how’ Xie Zheng thought. He didn’t want to say what he was really thinking to Xie Miao. Otherwise, the latter would be terrified. It was better to stay vague with young people.

Xie Miao didn’t understand anything of what his uncle had said, but since he had scolded him quite often in the past few days, he said nothing. He wasn’t stupid; he was just a little slow to catch on sometimes.

“So what should we do?” Xie Miao asked.

“What should we do? We need to do what our County Magistrate told us. What the guy says has nothing to do with us,” Xie Zheng said straightforwardly.

Their horses galloped forward as they talked, and many people in the village were shocked when they overheard what was being said.

They arrived at the top of the mountain shortly before twelve. Mu Yi was cooking some potions with the herbs he received by the entrance of the temple. His stomach had turned into a bottomless pit recently, and he would frequently consume potions to benefit his cultivation.

When Mu Yi saw them, he was surprised. Such people didn’t visit a temple without a cause, but since they were there already, he couldn’t expel them.

“We haven’t met in a while. You look even more extraordinary, like a heavenly master,” Xie Zheng said.

Mu Yi smiled on the inside. He was far from extraordinary, and he had nothing to do with a heavenly master. How could a heavenly master need to concoct herbal potions before his temple? Mu Yi was wearing plain white clothes and didn’t have his hat with him. He felt embarrassed.

Even though he didn’t look like a nobody, he didn’t look incredible either.

Xie Miao’s facial muscles twitched. He wasn’t happy to see his uncle flatter Mu Yi.

“So, what brought you here?” Mu Yi asked straightforwardly.

“Our County Magistrate wants to invite you to come to Lin’an,” Xie Zheng said straightforwardly.

“Please tell your County Magistrate I feel honored, but I don’t intend to leave my mountain these days,” Mu Yi said, refusing immediately. He didn’t know why the County Magistrate wanted to see him, but it was probably not just to have a chat and a meal with him. There was probably a problem he needed help with.

Mu Yi had helped Peng Songlai because Su Chongshan had asked him, but to Mu Yi, the County Magistrate was a nobody.

In the past, Mu Yi would have cared even less about the County Magistrate, especially when he was travelling with the old Taoist Priest.

Mu Yi hadn’t given up on creating five thunders charms, and he currently had three prepared. It wasn’t amazing, but the County Magistrate couldn’t do anything to him.

And in any case, the County Magistrate was the one who needed his help.

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