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HC Chapter 58: Mu Yi’s Plot

HC Chapter 58: Mu Yi’s Plot

“Roger, I’ll go back and inform the County Magistrate,” Xie Zheng said when he heard Mu Yi. He didn’t insist. He just nodded. However, he was surprised by Mu Yi’s answer.

But Mu Yi didn’t want to leave the mountain because he had sensed that something was happening in his body, and he still didn’t know whether it was good or bad.

And without talking about the County Magistrate, even if Su Chongshan came, if it wasn’t for something urgent, Mu Yi would decline his invitation too.

He had become a guest of honor of the Su Clan, and they also needed him to become stronger. It was useless to put the cart before the horse.

The Su Clan were only cooperating with him. They weren’t intrinsically connected to each other. Last time, Mu Yi had talked to Su Chongshan alone, they understood eachother much better. Su Chongshan also understood that Mu Yi preferred staying in the mountains.

“Oh, by the way, I noticed that your nephew has a black mark on his glabella. It seems like he will be in danger in the near future, so tell him to be careful,” Mu Yi said when Xie Zheng turned around and got ready to leave.

He was stupefied. Mu Yi had no reason to lie, and genuinely sounded concerned for his nephew.

For him, Mu Yi was an incredible person, a heavenly master who could capture ghosts, slay demons, read fortunes and was a master of divination. He was a real Taoist priest, unlike the fakes he had seen previously, so he trusted Mu Yi.

“Please help me save my nephew, Master,” Xie Zheng said hastily. He turned around and stared at Mu Yi.

“Keep this body protection charm close to his body, it will save him in case of danger,” Mu Yi said while giving a body protection charm to Xie Zheng.

“Thank you very much for your kindness, Master Mu,” Xie Zheng said while taking the body protection charm.

“No need. I gave you the body protection charm for a reason,” Mu Yi said.

“Please tell us, and we’ll do our best to help,” Xie Zheng said solemnly.

“It’s not that serious. When I need help in the future, I need you to help me without asking me to do anything in return,” Mu Yi said straightforwardly.

“Please don’t worry. We would be willing to help you, not only once, but as often as you need,” Xie Zheng said. The reason he said this was because he knew they were too weak to refuse and because he was convinced Mu Yi wouldn’t ask him to do anything beyond his ability. Therefore, helping Mu Yi wasn’t a big deal.

It was also fair, and he would even benefit from helping Mu Yi, especially since Mu Yi could have just saved his nephew’s life.

“No need, one time is enough. Alright, you can leave,” Mu Yi said while glancing at his herbal potion.

Xie Zheng and his nephew then left.

“Uncle, I’m alright. Why did you accept? You…” Xie Miao said while going down the mountain. He couldn’t help but speak out.

“You’re a moron! He said something was wrong with you, so something is wrong with you. You don’t need to understand,” Xie Zheng said straightforwardly. His nephew really seemed stupid at times. When they were investigating, it was a big problem.

He had to vent out his anger at his nephew sometimes, especially when they were working.

“But…” Xie Miao still wanted to say something, but because Xie Zheng looked even more furious, he stopped talking.

“Come, put this in your pocket. When we arrive at the mountain, we’ll go and buy you a small bag that you’ll wear close to your skin,” Xie Zheng said, giving the body protection charm to Xie Miao with the greatest care.

Xie Miao took the body protection charm even though he wasn’t willing to. However, he didn’t want to go against his uncle’s will. After all, his uncle had accepted to help Mu Yi in exchange of the charm. It was a promise, and the charm was a precious treasure in Xie Zheng’s eyes.

At the foot of the mountain, they bought a small bag for Xie Miao.

Xie Zheng didn’t care if Xie Miao was willing. So long as Xie Miao wore the charm, he was relieved.

After that, they went back to the city to inform the County Magistrate.

After the two people left, Mu Yi continued concocting his potion. He added some precious ginger and pilose antler to his potion as well as other precious herbs. His potion was perfect. After he drank the potion, he felt like a fire had been ignited inside his stomach, but very quickly, his body absorbed the heat.

Mu Yi wanted to continue drinking these potions every day. He had the feeling that it had to do with the second stage: responsiveness and perception. Responsiveness and perception were part of the seven mortal forms in Daoism that represented carnal life and desires. The seven mortal forms in Daoism gave a cultivator more awareness and allowed them to grow stronger by choosing their own path.

According to the old Taoist Priest and from what Mu Yi had read in the hoodlum’s books, the more you accumulated during the first stage, the stronger you were during the second stage.

Mu Yi remembered that the hoodlum had told him that he had reached the third level of the second stage before being injured.

It showed that there were shortcuts that could be taken to reach the second stage, but by taking your time and growing stronger in the first stage, you would then be much stronger in the second stage.

Mu Yi didn’t know which level he could reach in the second stage, but he felt that he’d at least be able to achieve the third level like the hoodlum had previously achieved.

Even though the hoodlum was ugly, he was extraordinarily talented. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have exceeded his master.

Mu Yi didn’t know how talented he was compared to the hoodlum.

Regarding the remark he had told Xie Zheng about his nephew, Mu Yi had just lied shamelessly. He had done that a lot in the past with the old Taoist Priest. He had learned how to deal with humans and ghosts.

Since Xie Zheng had come to find him, it meant that there was a big problem in the county and that Xie Zheng and his nephew couldn’t solve the problem. If the problem couldn’t be solved, who would be held responsible?

Mu Yi didn’t need to think about that. However, Xie Zheng was emotionally stable, and he didn’t act recklessly. However, Xie Miao was young and didn’t like to admit when he was wrong, so he would probably investigate the case with his full strength.

Actually, even if it was a ghost, they might have a chance of finding it, but could ordinary people deal with ghosts? If a ghost was involved, ordinary people would be killed. Mu Yi wasn’t a bad person; therefore, he had anticipated what might happen. He was actually protecting Xie Miao.

By giving them the charm, even if Xie Miao faced danger, the body protection charm would protect him. Therefore, Mu Yi wasn’t worried about him.

Of course, Mu Yi also gave them the body protection charm to improve his relations to them. At the right time, he would also be able to ask them for help to investigate Li the Cripple. That was his real motive.

Unfortunately, Xie Zheng trusted Mu Yi too much, so he had no doubts when it came to his words.

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