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HC Chapter 59: Corpse Ghost

HC Chapter 59: Corpse Ghost

The two Xie’s went back to the County Magistrate and informed him that Mu Yi wasn’t willing to come. Even though the County Magistrate was a bit angry, he didn’t blame Xie Zheng. He remained calm. As Mu Yi had expected, in the end, the Xie’s were in charge of the case, and the County Magistrate wanted them to do all they could to solve the case.

Mu Yi continued his cultivation in the mountains.

But after a few days, he was interrupted again.

That time, only one person came to him: Xie Miao. He looked extremely sad and miserable. He knelt down and begged Mu Yi to save his uncle. He said he would do anything.

“Your uncle has a problem? What’s going on?” Mu Yi asked. Even though he was annoyed because Xie Miao had interrupted him with his activities, when he heard that Xie Zheng had a problem, he was surprised. He understood Xie Zheng. He was emotionally stable, and in case of danger, he wouldn’t act recklessly. Xie Zheng must be in real trouble if Xie Miao had come to see him.

According to Xie Miao, they made great efforts to find clues, and in the end, despite what his uncle had told him, he took some people and left to go and capture the suspect. However, that person was extremely strong. All the people he had taken with him were killed. Xie Miao had been attacked too, and if he hadn’t had Mu Yi’s body protection charm, he would have died.

At the most crucial moment, Xie Zheng arrived, he knew his nephew was stubborn and got news that Xie Miao had secretly left with people. Actually, even with Mu Yi’s body protection charm, he would have only been able to withstand a single attack, after that he would have died.

Unfortunately, even though Xie Zheng came and saved Xie Miao, he had to risk his life and was injured.

“You said that the person moved it seemed like he was flying and that when you stabbed him, there was no blood or reaction from him?” When Mu Yi heard that, he frowned. He had seen something similar before, but couldn’t remember where.

“Indeed, that person is a monster that can’t be killed. Even if you stab him through the heart, you can’t kill him, even cutting his tendons did not stop him,” Xie Miao replied, looking terrified.

“Did you notice any physical signs that made him seem different from others?” Mu Yi asked.

“Physical signs? Yes, his body was extremely pale. He wasn’t breathing either, and when he kills people, his mouth moves as if he were chewing but he doesn’t eat the corpses,” Xie Miao said after thinking for a few seconds.

When Mu Yi heard Xie Miao, he put his hands behind his back, looking pensive. He then moved to the main hall.

Someone who appears at night, seems to be flying, doesn’t die, chews after killing people even though he doesn’t eat anything, no muscles, and no blood. Could it be a corpse-ghost?

Suddenly, Mu Yi’s eyes sparkled. Finally, he knew where he had seen that. It was in some of the hoodlum’s scriptures. The hoodlum had written a few things on a piece of paper. Mu Yi had read through it quickly but hadn’t studied it.

But he remembered now.

A corpse-ghost was a mixture of zombie and ghost, and they wouldn’t die through normal means. They enjoyed eating people’s souls, and the most important thing was that after having turned into a corpse-ghost, they still retained their memories. Therefore, if they disguised themselves, nobody would know that they were dead.

But creating a corpse-ghost was extremely complicated. There were strict criteria.

Initially, Mu Yi didn’t want to take care of such things, but when he understood that it was a corpse-ghost, he started hesitating.

Corpse-ghosts were really dangerous, and if you let them grow, they would become a disaster. If you allowed them to grow, the destruction of a region would follow. If Mu Yi wasn’t friends with the Su Clan, he wouldn’t have felt obliged to do anything, but the problem was that the Su Clan also had family in the county city.

Mu Yi looked pensive, and even if Xie Miao hadn’t come, Su Jinlun would definitely come.

Besides, Xie Zheng was unconscious from his injuries. Mu Yi didn’t want to lose him, and he could be helpful. Therefore, after having thought carefully, he decided to go.

Even though it would delay his cultivation, it didn’t matter because it was also a good way to gain experience.

Besides, over the last few days, he also felt that the strength in his body had reached a bottleneck and that something was preventing him from leveling up.

Therefore, going on a small trip might do him some good.

Mu Yi prepared some things and went down the mountain.

He didn’t take Nian Nuer that time because he was confident in his own ability and because Nian Nuer couldn’t be much help against a corpse-ghost.

As he arrived at the foot of the mountain, he saw Su Jinlun and some other people. They were getting ready to climb the mountain.

When Su Jinlun saw Mu Yi, he was surprised, but when he saw Xie Miao, he understood why Mu Yi had come down the mountain.

Before that, the wealth of seven rich families had been stolen, one of which was close to the Su Clan, and even though it was quite a big deal, Su Chongshan wasn’t willing to disturb Mu Yi. He hadn’t thought things would go so wrong.

A dozen of the investigators from the magistrate were killed. That was shocking, but the county magistrate concealed the affair from the public. After all, if the public come to know about these events, there would be widespread panic.

The county magistrate also took measures, as he asked people to go and find Peng Songlai to find solutions to convince Mu Yi to help. He also sent some people to the seat of the prefecture because he hoped that they’d dispatch people to help. Lin’an County couldn’t do much anymore.

Su Chongshan had asked Su Jinlun to go and find Mu Yi. If there were problems in the county, it wasn’t good for the Su Clan either. Therefore, they also hoped that the situation would be resolved soon.

“Greetings, Master Mu,” Su Jinlun said to Mu Yi. He was happy to see him willing to solve the problem.

Behind Su Jinlun, there was a tall guy with a bow. If Mu Yi remembered well, that guy was called Su Yan.

Mu Yi had seen him shoot an arrow which injured Xugui. That was probably why Su Chongshan had dispatched him too.

“Brother Su, no need to call me that,” Mu Yi said naturally. He already knew Su Jinlun quite well, but each time Su Jinlun called him “Master Mu,” Mu Yi would ask, “Did Mister Su send you?”

“Indeed, but grandpa Su said you can do as you wished,” Su Jinlun said hastily.

“I have the impression that things are very complex this time. Go and tell Mister Su that I’m going to the county town,” Mu Yi said to Su Jinlun.

“Master, grandpa Su already told me that if you were going to the county town, I had to come with you,” Su Jinlun replied immediately.

“Alright,” Mu Yi said. He didn’t refuse. After all, going to the city with Su Jinlun would be much more convenient.

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