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HC Chapter 60: The Accident

HC Chapter 60: The Accident


Mu Yi, Su Jinlun, Su Yan, and Xie Miao all traveled to the county city.

At that moment, there didn’t seem to be anything peculiar about the city, but one could sense that it was under pressure. At the city gates, the security checks were stricter than usual, and there were military patrols in the city center.

Xie Miao took Mu Yi to his home, which was small and clean. There was an old man there who looked like he probably took care of Xie Miao and his uncle. All the other members of their family lived in the countryside.

Before the house, Mu Yi could already smell the herbal fragrance, so he guessed that Xie Miao had already invited a doctor to come before him.

After entering the room, Mu Yi saw Xie Zheng was laid on a bed. His face was filled with a black Qi, and his breathing wasn’t stable. Mu Yi used his mental power and sensed a thick, rich death Qi in Xie Zheng’s body.

Without Mu Yi, Xie Zheng would undoubtedly die.

Mu Yi didn’t think too much as he took out an exorcism charm and stuck it onto Xie Zheng’s body. White lights illuminated the room, and the black Qi started to disperse from his body.

But when the white lights dispersed, only a small part of black Qi had been removed. It seemed like he was severely injured.

Mu Yi took a second exorcism charm and then a third one. Progressively, Xie Zheng’s face became normal again, and he also started breathing regularly again.

Xie Miao was watching, and he looked touched, moved, and happy. He also felt guilty though. Mu Yi’s body protection charm had saved his life at the critical moment. He believed his uncle now that Mu Yi was a heavenly master.

He was convinced that without Mu Yi’s body protection charm, he would have died.

Xie Miao was watching Mu Yi save his uncle, and finally, he couldn’t help but kneel down, raising his head to look at Mu Yi.

Mu Yi glanced at Su Jinlun, and Su Jinlun walked to Xie Miao and helped him to his feet. Mu Yi looked at Xie Zheng and noticed there was an injury on his chest. It looked like five fingers had pierced into chest.

Even though the death Qi had thoroughly disappeared, the swelling hadn’t decreased yet, and the injuries still looked scary.

Mu Yi continued inspecting Xie Zheng in vain. He had only read about corpse-ghosts in the hoodlum’s scriptures after all. He didn’t know much about them. He needed to see a corpse-ghost for real to understand them better.

The three exorcism charms had helped Xie Zheng a lot, at least now he was out of danger. Now, he could only wait for Xie Zheng to wake up.

Mu Yi didn’t wait though, and he left the room with Su Jinlun and Xie Miao.

Mu Yi wanted to learn about corpse-ghosts as much as he could during the day to establish a strategy.

Xie Miao told Mu Yi in full detail how he had found the corpse-ghost’s traces and where.

Mu Yi suddenly had the impression that the corpse-ghost wanted to expose himself to draw Xie Miao’s attention. What was his goal? Did he hold a grudge against Xie Zheng and Xie Miao?

Otherwise, he could have continued hiding and killing people without notice.

Besides, why had he stolen so much money? Mu Yi knew that the wealth of the seven rich families had been stolen. With so much money, he could fill at least twenty carriages.

And traveling with so much money was difficult, if not impossible, so the money had to be in town still.

Why had he drawn Xie Miao’s attention? To divert people’s attention and run away with the money? The County Magistrate couldn’t be that stupid though?

Mu Yi stretched out his hand and touched his own chest. There was something wrong with this situation.

But one thing was sure. If the enemy dared to appear in public, it meant that he was fearless, and if he had done that once, he could probably do it twice.

Therefore, Mu Yi needed to wait, and the corpse-ghost would probably show up again.

At noon, Xie Zheng had already woken up. When he knew that Mu Yi had saved him, he struggled to get out of bed, it was only with Xie Miao’s help that he managed to walk to Mu Yi and thank him.

Mu Yi learned something from Xie Zheng: the corpse-ghost wasn’t alone. He had a companion, someone who was wearing a black cloak, they couldn’t see the person’s face.

Two people? It must be the one who controls the corpse-ghost, Mu Yi thought instantly. But still, it wasn’t very useful, and as soon as Mu Yi had guessed that it was a corpse-ghost, he already knew that there was someone controlling it.

Besides, it was difficult to create corpse-ghosts, and having one was already incredible.

In the afternoon, Mu Yi wanted to travel around the city with Su Jinlun. Su Yan hesitated. Was he hiding something from Mu Yi?

Mu Yi didn’t insist. He didn’t want to alert Su Chongshan either. He just stood there, and after that, Su Yan couldn’t help it anymore. He explained everything to Mu Yi.

Initially, at noon, Su Jinlun had obtained a letter, and Mu Yi knew the one who had written the letter. It was Zheng Zicong.

Initially, everybody had thought that Zheng Zicong was in the seat of the prefecture, but in the end, he was in the city. He had been informed that Su Jinlun had come to the city, so he wanted to see him.

Besides, in that letter, he also said that because he didn’t want the relations between Mu Yi and the Su Clan to deteriorate, it was better not to tell Mu Yi that he was in the city.

Su Jinlun had hesitated after seeing that letter. After all, Mister Su had told Su Jinlun to listen to Mu Yi’s orders there. Even though Mu Yi didn’t want to forbid him from doing anything, without Su Jinlun to guide the way, traveling in the city would be complicated.

But Zheng Zicong was his cousin, and they were of the same family. Su Jinlun couldn’t just ignore Zheng Zicong.

Besides, he also knew that there were tensions between Mu Yi and Zheng Zicong, so he didn’t want them to meet in person. Otherwise, the situation could get troublesome.

Therefore, after hesitating for a while, he decided to go and see Zheng Zicong anyway. Maybe he had important things to tell him.

Su Yan stayed with Mu Yi. Maybe it was because Su Jinlun initially didn’t want to hide the truth from Mu Yi and just didn’t know how to tell him.

He knew that Mu Yi was important to the Su Clan and revered him.

When Mu Yi heard him, he didn’t think too much. Mu Yi wasn’t the kind of person who would seek revenge just for a look. Since Zheng Zicong didn’t want to see him, Mu Yi didn’t need to cause trouble.

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