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HC Chapter 62: Killing At Night

HC Chapter 62: Killing At Night


    Dogs were barking in front of poor families’ homes. There was a snowstorm and a gloomy atmosphere.

    Mu Yi racked his brain trying figure out what it could mean. He had read the sentences in a poetry book and they closely resembled the current night.  Although there were barking dogs, poor families, and the moon was in the sky too, unfortunately there was no snowstorm, otherwise the sentences would have matched the night perfectly.

    The place mentioned in the letter was in the Western district of the city. The letter also stated that Mu Yi could only come alone, otherwise, Su Jinlun would be killed. Mu Yi didn’t intend to bring anyone, from the beginning.

   Ordinary people couldn’t help him in a fight against a corpse-ghost, unless there were a lot of them, they would all just die. The enemy wasn’t stupid, if Mu Yi had brought many people, they would have just escaped.

    Mu Yi’s destination was an abandoned and run-down old village. There used to be hundreds of people in the village. They had all died at some point and nobody knew the reason why.

   It wasn’t strange that nobody wanted to live there anymore. People said that village was haunted. Some people even called it Ghost Village.

    Mu Yi had learned a few things during his time with Xie Zheng. Xie Zheng never managed to solve a handful of rare cases and the massacre that occurred in the village in the past was one of those cases. When Mu Yi mentioned the village, he frowned, but he still explained what he knew about the situation there to Mu Yi. Mu Yi would have to make the decision about how he should proceed.

    Mu Yi wasn’t worried. It didn’t matter whether there were ghosts or not. People were far scarier than ghosts. He neither lacked body protection charms nor evil spirit slaying charms. If there were ghosts, he would be able to destroy them easily. Alternatively, he could put them in the Ghost King Banner and raise them.

    The connection between Mu Yi and the Ghost King Banner had grown deeper. The power of the banner had grown better than before as well. The only problem was that it was broken and Mu Yi didn’t know how to fix it. He was still waiting for an opportunity to do so.

    It was pitch-black in the village when Mu Yi arrived. It was scary. It felt as if monsters were about to jump out of a dark corner at anytime. Mu Yi was brave, he only glanced around momentarily before entering the village.

    Mu Yi probably looked careless and absent-minded to anyone who glanced at him, but actually in his left sleeve was the copper lamp and in his right sleeve was an evil spirit slaying charm. He couldn’t be reckless. It was possible someone would attack him immediately.

    He also brought three, five thunders charms which were easily accessible. The fact that he had come to the village at night was a bit inconvenient for him. He had just begun practicing cultivation and didn’t have the Celestial Vision yet. He had to reach the second difficulty only then would he have the opportunity to activate it.

    His mind strength gotten much better, though. He could now use his mind strength to sense things. He could sense ghosts and people if they were within ten meters of him.

  The atmosphere was really gloomy in the ghost village, maybe it was because nobody had lived in it for a long time.


    Mu Yi had just passed through the gate when his muscles stiffened. In front of him, he saw a silhouette in white clothes illuminated by the moon. The silhouette was motionless and Mu Yi could only see the person’s back which only made the entire scene scarier.

    Mu Yi moved his head slightly to the side without even realizing it. He had somehow sensed the danger in the moment and reacted.

    A cold wind brushed against a part of his face. It burned for some reason. Mu Yi’s heart started pounding when he felt it. This would be a very dangerous fight, even more dangerous than the fight he had with the hoodlum.

    It was an arrow that had brushed past his face. The person who shot it was definitely an expert. The person wasn’t any weaker than Su Yan. When he had shot Xugui back then, it was incredible. Maybe Little Frost’s bandits had such an expert.

    Mu Yi was strong but he had only just started cultivating. His strength wasn’t that great. If he got injured, it’d would be disastrous. Mu Yi ran away and entered a building. He was scared. It was most likely the reason why his enemy had noticed him. A person’s Qi was easier to detect when they were scared.

    Mu Yi was convinced that his enemy had prepared everything necessary to capture him. The first arrow was only the beginning. He had just found a place to hide when he saw two silhouettes in black clothes appear. The blades in their hands gleamed in the moonlight. They ran towards him with an obvious intent to kill.

    Mu Yi was startled, but he raised his right hand and threw the two evil spirit slaying charms at the silhouettes. As they got closer to him, Mu Yi sensed that they were just ordinary people. They could be martial artists at most. However, after considering their methods, he determined they weren’t experts.

    The two fighters weren’t even close enough to strike Mu Yi and his two charms had already landed onto their chests. White lights flashed, a horrible shriek sounded out in the space, and blood splattered across the room.

    Mu Yi’s evil spirit slaying charms were much more effective than in the past. If Xugui fought against Mu Yi with his current abilities, he would suffered a crushing defeat. Back then, Mu Yi had just reached the second step of the first difficulty. He wasn’t good at drawing magic symbols.

   Now, he had already reached the third step, it was the last part of the first difficulty. His body was filled with much more strength. One more step and he would enter the second difficulty. It’d be completely different from the first. Mu Yi’s ability to draw magic symbols were much better now than back then.

    Xugui had used the Ghost King Banner back then and Mu Yi had no choice but to use his five thunders charm. Now, it would be different. Xugui no longer possessed the Ghost King Banner. Mu Yi’s current five thunders charms could crush Xugui in one strike.

    Xugui was smart. He knew that Mu Yi had become stronger as time passed. He dispatched people specifically to see how strong he had become and also to tire him out.

    The two people collapsed. On the other side of the building, cold lights twinkled in the dark. It was as if a snake was moving towards Mu Yi to bite him. He realized it was a sword and it was moving fast.

    Mu Yi had just finished attacking, but the enemy didn’t give him time to breathe before launching another attack. An ordinary person would have panicked and failed to do anything. Mu Yi utilized his mind strength so even though it was dark, his senses were sharp.

    Mu Yi smiled mockingly when the enemy attacked. Another white light appeared, it illuminated the enemy’s face for a moment before it exploded.

    There was a loud sound and then a gigantic hole appeared behind Mu Yi. Some stones fell down above his head.

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