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HC Chapter 63: So It’s You

HC Chapter 63: So It’s You


    Mu Yi was given almost no time to protect himself. As the stones fell, he could only jump forward to dodge. A breeze that smelled horrible passed behind him.

    “It’s the corpse-ghost!” Mu Yi exclaimed.

    Mu Yi immediately guessed what was behind him. Unfortunately, the ghost was too fast. There was also a wall separating them and Mu Yi’s perception had limits. He could sense people’s presence within ten meters but not if they were separated by a wall.

    Mu Yi’s back hurt. He wasn’t anxious at all which was the most important thing in this kind of situation. He condensed his mind strength again, but he didn’t turn around. He could sense someone charging in his direction.

    Mu Yi staggered back and twisted his hips. He had done lots of physical exercise in the mountains and had become physically stronger too. He turned around and jumped backwards a few meters without a problem.

    The corpse-ghost landed where Mu Yi was a few seconds before and howled. His Qi was scary. Mu Yi raised one hand and white lights flashed again. The white lights crashed onto the corpse-ghost’s body and made him move back two steps. His black cloak was ripped apart.

    “Zheng Zicong?” Mu Yi said.

   Mu Yi was shocked when he saw the corpse-ghost. He knew that Zheng Zicong had joined hands with Xugui but he hadn’t thought the corpse-ghost would be Zheng Zicong. Xugui was even more cruel than he had first thought. He made Zheng Zicong a corpse-ghost. Zheng Zicong couldn’t have possibly agreed to such a thing.

    Zheng Zicong still looked like he had before but he wasn’t a human being. He still had his memories, but he no longer had control of his mind. Xugui controlled him. If Xugui wanted, he could make Zheng Zicong write a letter to Su Jinlun.

   Since he still had his memories, Su Jinlun would have no doubts about it being him. Mu Yi was now able to understand why Zheng Zicong didn’t care about the Su Clan. How could he when he had no control over his life anymore. After becoming a corpse-ghost, Zheng Zicong hated Mu Yi, Su Jinlun and the Su Clan.

    Another arrow moved swiftly towards Mu Yi in the dark. His third eye felt sore at this point. He had little time to dodge, but he jumped aside and the arrow ended up in a stone. Sparks flew around him from the impact.

    Mu Yi felt that he was in great danger for the second time that night. He knew that the arrows being shot at him could kill him.

    Unfortunately, Xugui had already planned everything. The silhouette in white clothes that Mu Yi saw previously had to be Su Jinlun. It was clear what he was planning. If Mu Yi escaped or hid in a building for too long, he’d just kill Su Jinlun.

    Mu Yi was furious when he thought about it. He hadn’t thought it’d be so complicated to solve the problem, but Xugui was more cunning than he had realized.

    Mu Yi raised his right hand and condensed his mind strength. The copper lamp shined brightly and illuminated the surroundings. Mu Yi roared as he did so. His voice was so loud it echoed in the distance.

    He attacked the corpse-ghost with another evil spirit slaying charm. It made him move back a few steps, but the injuries weren’t too severe. The corpse-ghost jumped away from the light as the copper lamp illuminated the surroundings. It could harm him.

    A horrible shriek spread through the air at the same time. Mu Yi could feel the person who was watching him earlier wasn’t watching anymore.

    The archer wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Mu Yi wasn’t stupid, he had planned ahead before coming and prepared more than the charms. After learning who the enemies were, he had people go back to Funiu Village to tell Su Chongshan to go to the mountain and call Nian Nuer.

    He had done it at night. Nian Nuer didn’t enter the city when she arrived, she just waited outside. Mu Yi sensed her presence when she arrived even from far away. He yelled to alert her and she heard him.

    The archer had attacked Mu Yi twice. He was very devious. Even if Mu Yi hadn’t told Nian Nuer to come, she wouldn’t have been able to stand it and would have come anyway. He had finally told her to come. She had come directly after being alerted and taken care of the archer.

    For Nian Nuer, it was easy. When Mu Yi heard the shriek, he smiled happily. He hadn’t managed to make Xugui appear but he could at least kill Zheng Zicong and save Su Jinlun. He could come back at any point to have some fun with Xugui.

    Without a corpse-ghost to control, Xugui wouldn’t pose a threat. Mu Yi was just angry because he couldn’t do anything about Little Frost’s bandit chiefs, Li Hu and Qiu Yuetong.

    Qiu Yuetong was a woman, but Mu Yi didn’t underestimate her. She was a bandit chief. She controlled evil people with all kinds of talents and histories. Mu Yi didn’t underestimate women at all, and especially wouldn’t underestimate Qiu Yuetong.

    Nian Nuer moved quickly. A few more horrible shrieks spread in the air. She wasted no time and quickly killed all the assassins. Mu Yi didn’t feel guilty that people had dies. He had come to save someone but also to kill people.

    Nian Nuer came to Mu Yi after killing the enemies. She was green-faced and long-toothed. She looked furious when she landed in front of Mu Yi and saw Zheng Zicong.

    “If you hadn’t left, I would have definitely taught you a lesson but I wouldn’t have killed you. You left. You made your decision, and so did Xugui,” said Mu Yi slowly looking at Zheng Zicong. Zheng Zicong definitely understood him.

    Mu Yi spoke to the corpse-ghost, but he didn’t only talk about Zheng Zicong. He also mentioned Xugui who hadn’t appeared yet.

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