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HC Chapter 64: Dangerous Situations One After The Other

HC Chapter 64: Dangerous Situations One After The Other


   Zheng Zicong shouted ferociously. He sounded like a beast. Mu Yi could tell from his facial expressions that he understood what he said.

    Mu Yi wasn’t worried about Zheng Zicong anymore. Zheng Zicong wouldn’t try anything as long as Mu Yi had the copper lamp. He also had three five thunders charms. One of them was for Zheng Zicong.

    Zheng Zicong looked extremely strong. He looked like a zombie, but for Mu Yi, he was just an ordinary human being with no strength. A five thunders charms could destroy ghosts easily.

    Mu Yi hadn’t kill Zheng Zicong yet because he wanted Xugui to show up. He had to deal with him as soon as possible. If he killed Zheng Zicong, Xugui would leave and he‘d show up someday somewhere else, even stronger. At that time, he would definitely try to harm him again.

    The first time, Xugui was lucky. He was able to leave alive. Mu Yi didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. Xugui was smart, he hadn’t shown up even once the entire time. Mu Yi was convinced that he was nearby. He just needed to find out where he was hiding.

    Hmph! Aren’t you going to show up? Mu Yi thought. He moved closer to Su Jinlun. He wanted to kill Xugui but Xugui also wanted to kill him. Mu Yi was furious because he was hiding.

    If Mu Yi hadn’t been there at that time in the Su Clan, Xugui would have captured Nian Nuer. He would have had her for a long time at this point. He would have raised her in the Ghost King Banner to be a strong ghost but his plans were ruined because of Mu Yi.

    Mu Yi understood why Xugui hated him. There was no way he would let Mu Yi off.

    Zheng Zicong looked even more impatient as Mu Yi approached Su Jinlun. He didn’t dare try to attack him though because he still held the copper lamp. Mu Yi took out an exorcism charm to use on Su Jinlun.

    Mu Yi was vigilant. Su Jinlun had been captured by Xugui for a while, maybe he had made him turn into something evil. Mu Yi had to use it just in case. Exorcism charms only cleansed and forced out dirty elements from people’s bodies. Su Jinlun couldn’t possibly get injured because of it.

    Su Jinlun came back to his senses after the exorcism charm landed on him. He groaned but he was still tied to a pillar. Mu Yi knew that untying him would be dangerous. Nian Nuer landed next to Su Jinlun. She chopped at the rope with her hand and cut it.

    Su Jinlun had been tied for too long and was weak. After the rope was cut, he started to fall down. Mu Yi rushed towards him and stretched his hands to catch him. Mu Yi felt a chill down his spine the moment he moved and tried to stop just as quickly.

    A blade suddenly appeared in Su Jinlun’s hand. Mu Yi was running towards him and the blade was thrust in his direction. Mu Yi was finally able to understand Xugui’s plans better in this moment..


   Xugui had expected that neither the archer nor the assassins in black clothes nor Zheng Zicong would be able to kill Mu Yi.  From the beginning, he had planned it so that Su Jinlun would kill him because Mu Yi wanted to save him.

    The Su Jinlun in front of him wasn’t actually Su Jinlun. It was only a fake. Mu Yi was wondering how Xugui had done it. The person’s Qi was exactly the same as Su Jinlun’s.

    In any case, Mu Yi had fallen into a trap. Qi could be deceptive sometimes. There were coincidences sometimes too. If Mu Yi noticed something was wrong beforehand, he wouldn’t have been in any danger.

    If the attacker was a ghost, a body protection charm would have been enough to save him. The enemy was a human being and so the exorcism charm he used had been wasted. Mu Yi quickly realized it would be difficult to escape.

    It was a crucial moment for him but Nian Nuer appeared in front of him. She exploded without warning. A terrifying Qi rolled off her in waves and crashed on the fake Su Jinlun’s body.

    The fake Su Jinlun couldn’t protect himself. He was sent flying away and landed hard on the ground. He didn’t move at all after that. Nian Nuer’s energy disappeared and she became tiny again.

    “Nuer!” shouted Mu Yi.

   Zheng Zicong attacked at that moment because Mu Yi turned off the copper lamp. Since the copper lamp also affected Nian Nuer he had to be careful. He had to turn the lamp off when Nian Nuer was near him.

    Mu Yi took out a five thunders charm as quick as he could and threw it. The charm exploded and bright white lights surrounded Zheng Zicong. Zheng Zicong was strong, but the five thunders charm was very powerful. He didn’t even have time to shout. He just collapsed after being burned to a crisp.

    However, Mu Yi didn’t think that the danger had fully disappeared. Xugui had set all this up to kill him. Things weren’t over. A bell rang somewhere in the area. The wind started blowing and steadily picked up strength. Many small ghosts came out of the darkness and charged at Mu Yi.

    The ghosts couldn’t be described as strong, but at a cursory glance, there were around twenty of them. Mu Yi didn’t know where Xugui had found so many ghosts but Xie Zheng had told him that everybody in the village had died in tragic circumstances. He had never found any clues though.

    Maybe that Xugui had chosen this place because it was convenient for him. Maybe the one who had destroyed the village in the past had joined hands with Xugui. It made sense. Each time Xugui went somewhere, it was to cause trouble. He just wanted to capture ghosts any way he could. He was despicable.

    If that was the case, the situation was even worse than Mu Yi had expected. Nian Nuer had just used a lot of her strength and felt weak. She was a ferocious ghost so she was stronger than those ordinary ghosts. She also had limits because she wasn’t a Ghost King. All she could do now was release her Qi and hope it’d work.

    Clinging sounds started to continuously ring soon after, spreading through the air.

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