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HC Chapter 65: Spirit Protector

HC Chapter 65: Spirit Protector

    Clouds appeared in the sky and covered the moon. It was pitch-black. It was impossible to see one’s own fingers anymore. Mu Yi warned Nian Nuer and turned on the copper lamp again.

    The ghosts shrieked horribly when he turned on the copper lamp. Nian Nuer, who was a ferocious ghost, feared the lamp so it’s power over the small ordinary ghosts wouldn’t be small. If Xugui intended to use those small ghosts to kill Mu Yi, he had failed.

     Xugui had never seen Mu Yi use the copper lamp because he had attacked him from behind. He had now seen him use it and considered Mu Yi to be stronger than he had expected. However, he still had underestimated him.

    The clinging sounds stopped as the copper lamp flooded the area with light. The ordinary ghosts didn’t even dare to get close. Mu Yi smiled coldly and threw the Ghost King Banner. He raised his finger and the Ghost King Banner turned towards the wind.

    Mu Yi had seen Xugui do it before. Mu Yi could finally control it too after all this time. The Ghost King Banner made exploding sounds. The ghosts couldn’t protect themselves and the Ghost King Banner sucked them in.

     Mu Yi felt a bit relieved after the Ghost King Banner became smaller and moved back into his hands again. He had already taken care of Zheng Zicong, the ghosts, and the assassins.

    He still didn’t know where Su Jinlun was and Xugui hadn’t shown up yet. Mu Yi heard the clinging sounds from before which meant that Xugui wasn’t far.

    “Come out. I know you’re here,” said Mu Yi. His voice spread across the distance.

    “Teehee, I’m here. Come and find me,” said a gloomy voice coldly.

    The voice didn’t sound familiar, but Mu Yi could feel that the person hated him.

    “You know how to hide!” said Mu Yi icily.

   The voice seemed to come from all around so it was impossible for Mu Yi to find him. Mu Yi looked at Nian Nuer. She looked pensive. She also couldn’t sense where the voice had come from.

    “Teehee, find me and we’ll talk,” said Xugui.

   He sounded amused. Mu Yi knew that Xugui wanted to kill him ruthlessly though.

    “I know you like to be purposely obscure but aren’t you afraid that I could burn the whole village?” said Mu Yi dully.

    “If you want the Su Clan to be destroyed, I dare you to try,” said Xugui fearlessly. Maybe Su Jinlun was Xugui’s last option in case he was unable to kill Mu Yi. If Su Jinlun was with Xugui, Mu Yi wouldn’t dare set the village on fire.

    Xugui was right. If Mu Yi couldn’t guarantee Su Jinlun’s safety, he wouldn’t dare to do anything risky. Su Chongshan had never put any pressure on him, but Mu Yi knew how important Su Jinlun was to the Su Clan.

    All of Su Chongshan’s hopes lay with Su Jinlun. He was the heir of the Su Clan. If Su Jinlun died, what would happen to the clan?

    Mu Yi remained silent. He didn’t threaten Xugui again. He didn’t know what to say. It seemed like no matter what, Xugui wasn’t going to release Su Jinlun.

    Mu Yi still hadn’t figured out Xugui’s location. Mu Yi was still too weak, otherwise, things wouldn’t have been so inconvenient for him. Mu Yi looked at Nian Nuer. She understood what he wanted to say since their hearts were linked as one.

   Mu Yi entered a building with the copper lamp. It was a ghost village. The building Mu Yi entered was full of spider webs and dust. There was dust on the ground and Mu Yi noticed footprints in the dust.

    He hesitated. The footprints would definitely lead to danger. What was awaiting him?

    Did Mu Yi have any other choice but to proceed? The answer was clear.

    He followed the footprints cautiously. The copper lamp kept the area around him illuminated but Mu Yi also released his mind strength to inspect the surroundings. Even though he was using up lots of mind strength to do so, he had no other choice. He had to be careful.

   Xugui was sly and dangerous. The first time, fortunately, Mu Yi had attacked him using the element of surprise, otherwise, he would have been killed.

    The footprints ended in front of two doors. They led to a main hall. Rumbling sounds spread in the air after Mu Yi entered. The two doors closed themselves behind them.

    Mu Yi didn’t panic. He stayed calm and lifted the copper lamp. He could see everything around him without a problem.

    “Spirit tablets?” Mu Yi said.

    Mu Yi saw hundreds of spirit tablets all around him and shivered. The deceased’s names were written in red, which looked like blood, on the spirit tablets. A white cloth appeared and floated in the air. It was moving slowly. However, there was no wind in the room. It was as there was an invisible and intangible hand.

    This room was different from the others. It was clean. There was not even a speck of dust. Someone cleaned it regularly.

    Who is that? Mu Yi thought.

    In front of the spirit tablets, there were praying mats. There were indents on the mats as if someone had knelt down on them often. There was neither incense nor sacrificial items in the main hall.

    Mu Yi guessed that there was a spirit protector but it couldn’t be Xugui. Most of the names on the spirit tablets started with Zhao. Apart from Xugui, did he have another enemy? What was the link between Xugui and this person? Were they enemies? Or friends?

    Mu Yi could only hope Xugui and that person were enemies but he knew instinctually that they were probably friends. Xugui had chosen to fight here, he wouldn’t have done that without a reason. Apart from the bandits of Little Frost, someone else was helping him. The spirit protector was probably a cultivator too.

    Maybe all the ghosts who had attacked Mu Yi were under the spirit protector’s control. His heartbeat accelerated as the thought came to mind. The clinging sounds began to spread in the air again and an evil wind started blowing in the main hall. Mu Yi even heard some wailing sounds.

    Mu Yi sensed that his mind strength was being suppressed. The copper lamp dimmed and flickered with the pressure.

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