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HC Chapter 66: Extinction of the Lamp and Apparition

HC Chapter 66: Extinction of the Lamp and Apparition

    Two sounds spread in the air and reverberated in Mu Yi’s head. The copper lamp wasn’t very useful to him currently. The light of the lamp continued to dim.

    Mu Yi’s expression hardened. Xugui was already hard enough to deal with but now a mysterious spirit protector was attacking him too. Mu Yi didn’t really have time to analyze the situation in depth. The doors he walked through had shut behind him.

   He was isolated from the outside world inside the hall. Nian Nuer was outside. Mu Yi could only rely on himself.

    Mu Yi wasn’t worried before the doors had closed on their own, but he was now aware that Nian Nuer hadn’t followed him. His heart started pounding. He was more worried about Nian Nuer than himself.

    He didn’t know what the spirit protector’s motive was for helping Xugui. Nian Nuer would be fine as long as he didn’t die or disappear. Nian Nuer had great mental abilities. She had the potential to become a Ghost King. Xugui would never kill a ghost like her.

   Mu Yi felt a bit relieved as the thought crossed his mind. He glanced around. An wind filled with evil intent was blowing, whistling sounds spread through the air, but the wind was unable to get close to Mu Yi. Only the constant clinging sounds were enough to make his heart beat faster.

    Mu Yi didn’t know where the clinging sounds were coming from. He hadn’t seen the spirit protector or Xugui yet. A black silhouette suddenly appeared above him.

   It was a real ferocious ghost! Mu Yi couldn’t underestimate the ghost even if it had no mental abilities. The ferocious ghost had also appeared precisely when the flame of the copper lamp was at its weakest.

    Mu Yi reacted quickly though. White lights appeared in his hand and landed on the ferocious ghost. The white lights dispersed. The ferocious ghost shrieked in fright and dashed away.

    Mu Yi threw an evil spirit slaying charm that had forced the ghost back, but he had no time to be happy. Two black hands appeared immediately and grabbed his ankles. Mu Yi couldn’t move after that. He sensed a cold and evil strength surrounding his legs.

    Mu Yi couldn’t focus on why the body protection charm didn’t work or why the copper lamp wasn’t effective either. He just took out an exorcism charm and used it on himself. Mu Yi rarely used exorcism charms on himself.

   They contained a certain kind of power which could help him focus, however, they also had side effects. Mu Yi was healthy so it didn’t matter too much if he used one occasionally. He just couldn’t do it all the time.

    Since he sensed a cold and evil strength penetrate his body, he didn’t hesitate to use one. The exorcism charm started to take effect right away. Mu Yi sensed that the cold and evil strength was dispersing.

   He felt his body becoming lighter. He was taken over by a sensation. It felt like he was floating in the wind. He knew without a doubt he was hallucinating. Mu Yi sensed a strange strength surrounding him.

   It was as if he was in the middle of crashing waves in the ocean. Mu Yi was struggling because everything was happening so fast. It was rather difficult for him to keep calm.

    He didn’t do anything careless. He was convinced that he had to experience such things to become stronger. He would have to deal with these things a first time, a second time, a third time and many more to grow.

    Another exorcism charm exploded. Mu Yi moved quickly and broke free from the assassin’s hands. The ferocious ghost he had attacked before came back as soon as he was free. Mu Yi was merciless this time and his mind strength rolled out in waves.

    The flame of Mu Yi’s copper lamp flared up. A large fire appeared within the lamp and illuminated the ferocious ghost. The ferocious ghost screamed in agony and started burning. The flame wasn’t real, of course. It was only a void fire.

   Mu Yi was able to use mind strength to carry out deadly attacks with the copper lamp. This ferocious ghost wasn’t stronger than Nian Nuer. He burned up without being able to fight and turned to ashes. Mu Yi was amazed by the power of the copper lamp. It was the first time he had really used it to attack.

    Mu Yi was very tired after the attack. He also had a headache. If he continued using so much of his strength, he wouldn’t be able to continue using the copper lamp. He turned off the copper lamp after destroying the ferocious ghost to conserve his strength.

    Mu Yi wished he could use the copper lamp constantly but it was impossible. The spirit protector and Xugui still hadn’t shown up. However, Mu Yi only had one-third of his mind strength left.

    He initially had three five thunders charms, but he had used one to kill Zheng Zicong. He wanted to keep the other two for Xugui and the spirit protector.

    He had to be careful since he was low on charms and strength. There was the wind in the hall and all the ghosts to contend with as well. He would need mind strength to use the body protection charms, exorcism charms and evil spirit slaying charms.

    He would be like a tiger without teeth if he was left with no mind strength. Killing him wouldn’t be hard. Mu Yi was still at the level of the first difficulty. He could only use mind strength and nothing else.

    He had to reach the second difficulty. At that time, a mysterious and precious power would activate within his body. He wouldn’t need to worry about mind strength then because his body strength would be enough for defense.

   The ghosts in the room didn’t hesitate or hide away anymore once he turned off the copper lamp. Mu Yi heard the clinging sounds again. He felt as if he had fallen into an ocean. Loud sounds resonated in Mu Yi’s mind. He was slowly falling into an illusion.

    He raised his head and saw a gigantic insect. Its tongue was so long it could reach its abdomen. It kept moving its tongue like a snake. It had no head only a tongue and a body.

    It looked ferocious and hideous. It was a ferocious ghost with no eyes. Mu Yi saw the ghost. It raised its hands and moved towards Mu Yi. It intended to kill him.

    “My child, come to me,” a voice said.

    Mu Yi was terrified. He looked desperate and hopeless. At that very moment, someone appeared.

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