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HC Chapter 68: A Dead End

HC Chapter 68: A Dead End


    “I’ll kill you,” said Mu Yi icily. He was still holding the five thunders charm in his hand.

    Xugui had changed physically and his Qi was stronger than before, much stronger. Mu Yi was sure the five thunders charm wouldn’t disappoint him. If he wasn’t worried about Su Jinlun’s safety, he would have already killed Xugui.

    “Kiddie, don’t worry. I won’t kill you. I want you to turn into a corpse-ghost slowly, just like Zheng Zicong. You will suffer, you’ll be wailing mournfully the entire time. You’ll hate me but in the end, but you’ll end up listening to me anyway.” said Xugui as he looked at Mu Yi.

    Mu Yi was perfectly prepared on the inside and wasn’t scared at all.

    “As expected, Zheng Zicong saved you,” said Mu Yi when Xugui finished speaking.

    “Indeed. If he hadn’t saved me, I would have died. But so what? Who says you can’t kill someone who has saved you?” Xugui said.

   He didn’t hesitate to admit the truth. He didn’t think he had done anything wrong.

    “Actually, I didn’t kill him, you did. I gave him an opportunity to remain alive forever,” said Xugui shaking his head.

   He was contradicting himself already and placing the blame on Mu Yi. Mu Yi knew it was impossible to have a normal conversation with Xugui after seeing his expression. Mu Yi was just talking to him to buy some time.

    Mu Yi started to doubt his plan when he noticed that Xugui didn’t seem to be in a rush either. Mu Yi wanted to buy time so he could recover. Why did Xugui want to buy time?

    Xugui hated him more than anyone else. Was he doing all this on purpose then? The thought crossed Mu Yi’s mind that he might be even though it was surprising. Xugui hated him, but he was wasting time. It meant he had an even more evil plan in the works.

    The plan was to kill him or maybe… Mu Yi suddenly shivered, he remembered that Nian Nuer was outside. There weren’t only spirit tablets in the main hall. It was also a place where spirits stayed. Every single wall or gate had obviously been transformed and was special.

    Mu Yi could maybe break the door but Nian Nuer was stuck outside. Did that mean that she couldn’t break the door and come in? Only one of the enemies had shown up inside. The spirit protector wasn’t inside. It was obvious they were up to something. He looked at Xugui after thinking about it.

   Xugui was a bit impressed, but still said, “You finally understood it, right? Well, unfortunately, it’s too late for you to do anything.”

    “You want to die,” shouted Mu Yi in anger. He raised the five thunders charm again. This time he didn’t care about anything anymore, he only wanted to save Nian Nuer. He just wanted to kill Xugui as quickly as possible so he could do that.

    Bright light filled the room. The power of the charm was less explosive than when he had killed Zheng Zicong. The five thunders charm wasn’t as useful in the main hall of the building.

    The main hall seemed to contain a mysterious power. It was even more mysterious than Mu Yi had thought. Maybe that was why Xugui wasn’t scared. The five thunders charm landed on Xugui. He had wanted to dodge but he couldn’t. There was no space for him to do so.

    Magic symbols were powerful that included the five thunders charm. Of course, Mu Yi had to use mind strength to activate the charm. Xugui was very strong but he couldn’t suppress Mu Yi that much. He had to reach the second difficulty first.

    If Xugui had been able to kill Mu Yi easily, he wouldn’t have played with him for such a long time. He would have just gone straight to Funiu Mountain to kill him. He was so close to Mu Yi right now, but he could only resist the five thunders charm with his physical body.

    When the five thunders charm had landed on him, his black cloak was completely ripped apart. Xugui yelled and somehow his body became much smaller. His whole body turned black like his right hand.

    The five thunders charm that had hit Xugui just stunned him. He didn’t collapse. However, Mu Yi could sense that Xugui’s Qi had decreased a lot. He was definitely injured.

    As expected. Mu Yi thought.

   He had expected all of this. Even though he didn’t know what had happened to Xugui, he had noticed that Xugui had paid the price for his actions. He didn’t look like a human being anymore. He looked like a monster.

    Mu Yi didn’t rush to use the last five thunders charm. It would be a waste in the hall since the power of the charm was suppressed. Mu Yi guessed that one five thunders charm wouldn’t suffice to kill Xugui. He would have to use something else.

    Even though he wouldn’t use the five thunders charm, Mu Yi could use other methods to attack. Xugui hadn’t moved yet. It was the best time to attack. Mu Yi raised his hands and took out two evil spirit slaying charms.

    The five thunders charm borrowed the strength of the earth and the sky while the evil spirit slaying charm and the exorcism charm didn’t. Otherwise, Xugui would have sensed it. The two evil spirit slaying charms settled on Xugui. They made him take three steps back. This was because Xugui was extremely strong.

    Mu Yi didn’t use the last five thunders charm he had. The evil spirit slaying charm weren’t very useful either. Mu Yi finally stopped attacking. He knew that no matter what he did, body protection charms and exorcism charms would be useless against Xugui.

    Mu Yi wasn’t sure whether he had enough mind strength to use the copper lamp. He couldn’t take the risk of using all his mind strength to kill Xugui even if he knew he could. The spirit protector was probably waiting for him outside.

    Mu Yi was in a rather difficult position.

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