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HC Chapter 69: Analysis

HC Chapter 69: Analysis


    Xugui didn’t make Mu Yi wait too long. After a few breaths, he also moved.

    “What else can you do?” Xugui said to Mu Yi.

   He looked arrogant. Indeed, Mu Yi couldn’t do much more than what he had already done. Mu Yi remained silent. He didn’t respond. Talking was useless now.

    He looked calm and serene on the outside, but his heart was pounding. The more time passed, the more danger Nian Nuer would be in. Apart from the five thunders charm and the copper lamp, what could he use to fight?

    He regretted not having studied harder in the past. He realized he needed more knowledge in this moment but he hadn’t even been studying for a full six months. Mu Yi wasn’t bad at drawing magic symbols because he had traveled with the old Taoist Priest around the world. He had learned a lot from the old man.

    His knowledge had limits though and Mu Yi only knew a few magic symbols. It was enough to defeat some ferocious ghosts but it didn’t seem to be enough to fight against Xugui. Mu Yi also only knew one magic symbol that utilized explosive attacks, the five thunders charm.

    The five thunders charm looked extraordinary but actually, there was no magic symbol which was truly miraculous. They all had their uses and limits. It always depended on the enemy.

    The copper lamp was a real precious treasure. It had even worked against the hoodlum. However, the best items would only work best in the hands of strong people. Even though Mu Yi could do great things with the copper lamp, he knew he wasn’t strong enough to fully utilize it. There were many more things he could do with it that he didn’t know.

    Apart from the copper lamp, Mu Yi had the Ghost King Banner.  When Xugui used it in the past, it was very powerful, but then Mu Yi had broken it when using the five thunders charm against Xugui. Mu Yi couldn’t control it completely since he only had it for such a short time.

    If Mu Yi could use the Ghost King Banner, it wouldn’t matter because it was useless against human beings. He couldn’t use it against Xugui. Xugui was also the initial owner of the Ghost King Banner. He understood the Ghost King Banner better than Mu Yi.

    Apart from the copper lamp, the Ghost King Banner and the magic symbols, Mu Yi was almost an ordinary person. He needed to learn more. He couldn’t only rely on external things. He needed to improve his strength.

    Mu Yi felt a strange sensation in his body after thinking about all those things. It was more powerful than the one the other day. It was as if his blood had started boiling. His strength started to roll in waves. Something was going on.

    Could this be the second difficulty? Mu Yi thought. He had a strange feeling about this. The second difficulty allowed a cultivator to improve the potential of their body. Mu Yi knew that. It was normal. The first difficulty was about mind strength, the second was about body strength.

    It was just a concept for Mu Yi. The old Taoist Priest had died too early and he didn’t know anyone who could help him cultivate. Initially, Mu Yi had thought that the old man had told him lots of things before he died but actually he hadn’t.

    What the old man had told him before dying could only fill one book.

    Mu Yi had quickly realized after having started practicing cultivation, he needed to learn more on his own. He was still influenced by all the rules he had learned. He had lost the opportunity to walk on the same path as the old man.

    To reach enlightenment, there were many different paths, but no matter what, he would have to overcome sheer precipices and overhanging rocks. He had to travel, learn and experience. That’s why Mu Yi had been so excited when he had seen the hoodlum’s scriptures.

    After Mu Yi had reached the third step, he had started feeling better. He recognized that reaching the second difficulty would be hard. He didn’t understand how to. He constantly tried to understand what kind of strength he needed to absorb to reach the second difficulty.

    Mu Yi understood better as time passed. He understood that external strength was external strength, and a person’s strength remained a person’s strength. Was that why the old Taoist Priest hadn’t been willing to transmit that much knowledge to him initially?

  After all, knowing too much could distract someone. It was difficult to focus when there were many things to think about. Mu Yi wasn’t sure. If the old Taoist Priest hadn’t died, maybe he would have been able to help him.

    Mu Yi finally managed to calm down. He wasn’t in a rush. Mu Yi had understood something at this critical point. There was no way Xugui could know that. Xugui was under the impression that Mu Yi had reached his limits.

    He didn’t know what Mu Yi intended to do now. He was convinced that Mu Yi didn’t have a lot of five thunders charms. Maybe he had two more, but no more than two. Otherwise, he would have used them.

    Xugui was confident that he could resist two more of the five thunders charms, however, a third one would be dangerous. He could die. Mu Yi didn’t have enough five thunders charms to defeat him. He would have used them without worrying if he did.

    Xugui was afraid of the copper lamp though. A ferocious ghost’s soul had exploded and dispersed. He didn’t dare act recklessly due to that fact. He was also convinced that Mu Yi didn’t have that much mind strength left, otherwise, he wouldn’t just be standing there.

    Xugui hesitated even though he had those kinds of thoughts.

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