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HC Chapter 70: Weakness

HC Chapter 70: Weakness


    Mu Yi felt a special sensation and his strength was flowing differently in his body. He knew that he couldn’t level up right now though. Mu Yi didn’t know what to do. If he had found the way to level up, he wouldn’t feel so desperate.

    In Xugui’s eyes, Mu Yi had limits. He wouldn’t have trump cards.

   He looked at Mu Yi and said, “If you listen to me, you can still be happy. If you don’t, you will regret it.”

    Mu Yi didn’t feel threatened by this at all. He felt calm and serene. Mu Yi didn’t feel hopeless. Therefore, he focused on thinking of a solution.

    Xugui’s body had changed. He had become physically stronger which was why the five thunders charm hadn’t killed him instantly. If Mu Yi wanted to kill Xugui, he would need to find what made him that strong.

    His body was pitch-black, like ebony and it looked indestructible. No matter what, evil spirit slaying charms or five thunders charms couldn’t break through his body’s defense. Mu Yi attempted to guess what had happened to Xugui. He needed to find clues.

   He gave up rather quickly and felt hopeless again. He tried to think of things the old Taoist Priest had told him or of books he had read but he had never heard or read anything about such physical changes. Mu Yi had realized that Xugui had become slower.

    He couldn’t remain like that all the time. He had to have weaknesses. If Mu Yi found his weakness, he would have a chance. He could win. He would also be able to use the five thunders charm to be sure that he won.

    “You want to me to surrender? I would prefer dying to becoming something that’s neither a ghost nor a human being like you,” said Mu Yi mockingly.

    He was worried about Nian Nuer, but he couldn’t do much from inside the hall. He could only hope she stayed safe until he got rid of Xugui. He would e able to help her then.

    “Neither a ghost nor a human being?” Xugui said.

   Xugui was angry after Mu Yi mocked him. He cared about his physical appearance. He had become like this because of something but it didn’t mean he was willing to. He cared a lot about people’s opinions, especially Mu Yi who was his sworn enemy.

    “I wouldn’t have become like this if it wasn’t for you. I’m suffering a lot. Each time I think of it, I want to rip off your skin and eat your flesh. I’m warning you, I’ll make you suffer ten times more than you made me suffer,” said Xugui aggressively while glaring at Mu Yi.

    “So you joined hands with Little Frost’s bandits and the spirit protector to make me come to this place?” Mu Yi asked.

    “Indeed. As long as I can kill you, it’ll be worth it. I won’t let the Su Clan off either. I will destroy them. I’ll imprison all their souls. They’ll never die but they’ll never be really alive again,” said Xugui.

    Mu Yi sighed. It was obvious from all of this that Xugui hated him too much. Mu Yi stared at Xugui the entire time. When someone became less vigilant, their deficiencies appeared.

    Mu Yi realized that even though Xugui was angry when he was talking, he kept moving sideways. He didn’t want Mu Yi to see him from his left side. The side on which he had lost an arm. It meant there was a problem with that side. Maybe it had something to do with Xugui’s defense?

    Is it his weakness? Mu Yi thought. He wasn’t sure, but it was a possibility. Xugui had lost his left arm. It was a big problem. Now his body had become strange so maybe that was his weakness. Mu Yi looked at Xugui. He felt like there was something he was still missing.

    “Even if you get your revenge, so what? You think you will become normal again? If an ordinary person saw you, they’d think you were an animal, a monster. They’d run far, far away from you. You’ll never find a lover and you’ll be alone forever. You will wish you were dead because you will never have descendants,” said Mu Yi rather aggressively.

    As expected, when Xugui heard Mu Yi, he got angrier. His face started to become normal again. It was only a bit distorted. Mu Yi’s words hurt him. He became a monster because of Mu Yi.

    Mu Yi was his worst enemy. He was standing in front of him and making fun of him. He was losing his ability to reason because of the fury he was feeling.

    “Die, I want you to die!” Xugui screamed.

   He threw himself at Mu Yi. Mu Yi had just continued to stare at him. He saw Xugui jump at him and took out an evil spirit slaying charm. He looked at Xugui and quickly moved aside. Mu Yi made sure to chose an angle so that he could see Xugui’s missing arm.

    Without any hesitation, he took out his last five thunders charm.

    Xugui had already come back to his senses when Mu Yi pulled out the charm. He also noticed that Mu Yi was aiming it at his missing arm.  The five thunders charm landed on Xugui’s stump. Xugui’s body changed again when it did.

    Xugui howled. The pain was unbearable. Dazzling white lights dispersed all around them and Mu Yi was able to see Xugui’s silhouette clearly.

    Half of Xugui’s body was black. It was different. He had lost half of his vitality. He almost looked like a corpse. Even if his body changed again, he wouldn’t be as strong as before.

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