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HC Chapter 71: Xugui’s Death

HC Chapter 71: Xugui’s Death

    Xugui lost his balance and collapsed. His body was close to Mu Yi but it seemed as if he was far away. He lost the fight and suffered a crushing defeat. He would have never thought he’d fail in the last moment when a second before, he’d still thought he could win.

   If Mu Yi hadn’t found Xugui’s weakness and hadn’t changed his strategy at the end, he would have lost. Unfortunately for Xugui, all those things happened. Mu Yi found a way to win against the odds.

   Xugui was carried away by the thought of success and lost. Mu Yi’s victory was beyond his belief. He won despite the fact that the difference in strength between the two was minimal. Yet, the result of the battle was as far apart as Heaven and Earth when one considered the two fighters.

    Mu Yi used almost all of his mind strength to activate the five thunders charm. He scored a lucky hit and somehow managed to use the five thunders charm at its full strength. It was no different from when he used it outside.

    The five thunders charm struck Xugui’s previous injury which was his weakness. He lost. Such an outcome was normal. Mu Yi looked down and grabbed Xugui. He didn’t look sad or happy. Xugui was just a passing traveler in his life.

    Mu Yi was even grateful to him. He progressed even faster thanks to Xugui. Since he was facing a dead end, he had done all he could. It would have been impossible in the previous fight for him to wait and reach the second difficulty.

    Xugui had made him come to this place but Mu Yi didn’t hate him for that. He had met many people like Xugui when he was traveling across the world. Everybody said, if revenge breeds revenge, will there ever be an end to it, but how many people really understood the saying.

    Hatred and grudges made the hearts of people like the hoodlum or Xugui cold and dark. They were sad and pitiful people.

    “You lost,” said Mu Yi calmly.

    Xugui’s expression stiffened when he heard the words. He stopped trying to get up. He couldn’t sense the other half of his body anyway because of the transformation. Mu Yi sensed that Xugui’s vitality was flowing out of his body at an alarming rate. He would die soon if it continued.

    “No, I didn’t lose,” said Xugui.

   It was a struggle for him to talk. He still didn’t want to admit his defeat even though he was about to die. Mostly because he had fought against Mu Yi.

    “Tell me, where is Su Jinlun? Maybe I will do you a favor,” Mu Yi said.

   Xugui wasn’t worried because Mu Yi couldn’t have any more trump cards. However, the spirit protector still hadn’t shown up.

    “Hehe, you can’t find him. The Su Clan is doomed whether I die or not,” Xugui said.

   His eyes twinkled. He almost looked happy. Soon after, his Qi completely dispersed. Mu Yi looked at the dying man and frowned. The situation was more complex than he had thought and it definitely wasn’t over based on what Xugui was saying.

    “It doesn’t matter. I will deal with any new situation that comes,” said Mu Yi.

   He turned around and walked to the door of the main hall. He pushed the door with all his strength. Mu Yi struggled but finally managed to open the two doors slowly. A cold wind swept into the room and assaulted Mu Yi. He didn’t mind at all.

   He looked out and saw two figures wandering around in the courtyard. One was Nian Nuer and the other was a hunched-over old woman. She was holding a walking stick. The walking stick produced and scattered silver lights which terrified Nian Nuer. It seemed that she had suffered from it a lot.

    The walking stick had a jingle bell on it. The bell kept ringing. Each time it rang, Nian Nuer would become rigid. The old woman’s attacks almost reached her every time she was slowed down by the sound.

    The old woman kept preventing Nian Nuer from approaching the door. Nian Nuer kept trying every way possible to get out of the woman’s control because she knew Mu Yi was probably in danger inside. Otherwise, she would have already made it to the door with her speed, even if the old woman was extremely strong.

    Nian Nuer saw the door opening from the inside. The bell rang which made her body stiffen up again. The old woman was rather merciless. The moment Nian Nuer couldn’t move, she tried to hit her with the walking stick.

    “How dare you!” Mu Yi shouted.

    He released a bit of mind strength and threw an evil spirit slaying charm. White lights flashed in his hand before they flickered and rushed towards the old woman. The old woman was most likely the spirit protector. She helped Xugui but her specialty was controlling ghosts, not defense.

    Xugui could resist evil spirit slaying charms, but the old woman didn’t have the power to do so. While she was attacking Nian Nuer, she was vulnerable. What option did she have? She pulled her walking stick back, turned around and struck the white lights with it instead.

    Everything happened in a matter of seconds. It was almost impossible to follow with one’s eyes. The white lights exploded. The old woman was forced backward by the explosion. Her walking stick flew to the side and clattered to the ground.

    “It’s you?” said the old woman.

   She seemed astonished when she saw Mu Yi. Mu Yi should have been dead.

   Had Xugui lost?

    The old woman abandoned her walking stick when the thought crossed her mind. It was as if it had been another person’s, she turned around and ran to the door leaving it behind. She disappeared into the corridors. Nian Nuer started to chase after her but Mu Yi prevented her from doing so.

    “No need to chase her,” said Mu Yi.

   He just shook his head. He didn’t have any more mind strength. He also felt dizzy. Buzzing sounds filled his head. He was able to sense that he had no mind strength left at this time. It was a different feeling from before.


    Chasing the old woman was useless since he had no mind strength. They could kill the old woman solely relying on Nian Nuer. However, they would also be giving her a chance to win. She was scared so she had left. They also left soon after mostly because Mu Yi knew that Su Jinlun wasn’t in this courtyard. He was starting to deduce where Su Jinlun could be.

    Mu Yi would definitely take care of the old woman at some point. He wasn’t afraid of her. He just needed to recover a little and then he’d kill her. Mu Yi didn’t forget to take the walking stick with him before they left.

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