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HC Chapter 75: Unusual Talent?

HC Chapter 75: Unusual Talent?


    “Can I see the brigand chief?” asked Su Jinlun.

    Su Jinlun was smart. He had been captured, but he was waiting patiently. Since the plan had changed, he wanted to take advantage of the situation if he could.

    He was a descendant of the Su Clan. He knew about Little Frost’s fortified village and their legendary brigand chief. That’s why he wanted to see Qiu Yuetong.

    Qiu Mei was born second, even though Qiu Mei and Qiu Zhu were twins, so she was the youngest. She was discreet and calm so Qiu Yuetong gave her many important assignments. When she heard Su Jinlun’s question, she smiled.

   “Prince Su, don’t worry, the leader is aware of the situation. She won’t let anyone harm you. If you wait for two more days, people will come and take you down the mountain,” she said.

    “No, you’ve misunderstood me. I really have something urgent to talk about with her. Little Frost’s fortified village and the leader might be in danger,” Su Jinlun said insistently.

   He knew that Mu Yi was extremely strong. Mu Yi was like a god in his eyes. There was nothing he couldn’t do. Little Frost’s fortified village was strong, but for Su Jinlun there was no way they could compete with Mu Yi.

    He had been worried about Mu Yi first after he was kidnapped. He had noticed later that Li Hu was in a bad mood. He guessed that Mu Yi had defeated him and ruined their plans. He didn’t dare to think about his cousin’s death.

    Su Jinlun knew a few of his clan’s plans. Little Frost’s fortified village was a part of their plans. Therefore, he didn’t want Mu Yi to be upset and completely destroy Little Frost’s fortified village. He didn’t care whether Li Hu died or not, all that mattered to him were Qiu Yuetong and Little Frost’s fortified village.

    “Our leader is in danger? Prince Su, you’re joking. Our leader is so strong. Even if Lin’an County did their best to attack Little Frost, they’d fail. Little Frost Mountain’s defenses are incredible. A huge army would need to attack if they really wanted to defeat us. Who could pose a threat to our leader? Don’t you know about the government’s situation right now, Prince Su?” said Qiu Mei.

    Her voice was proud and fierce as she spoke. She was a woman, but she was brave, especially these days. She knew if people were wise and if they were smart or not. The situation with the government was about to become chaotic.

    “I know you don’t believe me but tell the leader that someone who is related to my clan is going to get involved. He is a person of unusual ability. If he wants, he can destroy an army,” said Su Jinlun.

   He looked at Qiu Mei in desperation. He was really convinced Mu Yi could do such a thing. He didn’t know that Mu Yi, whom he revered, had decided to wait until it was dark outside to climb up the mountain. It was precisely because Little Frost’s fortified village’s army was patrolling in the mountains. If he knew, he would have been disappointed.

    If Mu Yi had an infinite number of five thunders charms, he could have set the mountain on fire and destroyed everybody. It wasn’t possible though. Even after Mu Yi reached the second difficulty, his number of five thunders charms would still be limited.

    He was just starting the process of cultivation and weapons could hurt him, especially arrows. He could get injured or even killed from ten meters away. The government was going through difficult times, right now. There were many enemies and Mu Yi wasn’t stupid. He preferred to remain vigilant.

    Qiu Mei saw that Su Jinlun really meant what he was saying. She was rather stunned, but she wasn’t stupid. She hadn’t been to school, she still had some knowledge. She knew that Su Jinlun wasn’t stupid and that he wouldn’t possibly try to deceive her. The leader had told her previously that some people were different from others. The world was a vast place.

    She believed Su Jinlun after he said that.

    “Thank you very much for your good intentions, Prince Su. I will tell the leader,” said Qiu Mei.

   She left. Su Jinlun was startled by the fact that she had reacted so quickly but he still didn’t feel that it would be okay.

    A woman in light yellow clothes was performing a sword dance in a dark courtyard on Little Frost Mountain. She looked graceful and elegant. She was beautiful, but she had the air of an assassin. Her sword was definitely deadly.

    It was the afternoon and the sun was bright. A woman in white clothes was seated on a chair in front of the woman. In her left hand, she had a scroll. She was tapping the chair with her right hand. She was looking at the scroll she was holding. Yet, each time the woman performing the sword dance moved she tapped on the chair.

    It was calm, then not, like a moving picture scroll. The door of the courtyard opened. The women stopped what they were doing. The woman with the sword was still. She had her sword raised high above her head, but she soon put her sword back in its sheath.

    “Chief,” Qiu Mei said.

   She was standing in front of the woman with the scroll. Qiu Yuetong raised her head. Her expression was still so cold. It was Qiu Zhu who had been performing the sword dance.

    “Has Prince Su told you anything?” asked Qiu Yuetong.

    “Prince Su said Little Frost’s fortified village and you were in danger because the Su Clan asked for help,” said Qiu Mei.

    “What could happen to us? The Su Clan asked for help? I could kill that person in one strike,” said Qiu Zhu straightforwardly.

    “Continue,” said Qiu Yuetong.

   She just ignored Qiu Zhu.

    “Prince Su said that the person had unusual abilities and could kill a whole army,” said Qiu Mei.

    Qiu Zhu wanted to say something else but Qiu Yuetong glanced at her, so she didn’t say anything.

    “The Su Clan asked for help?” Qiu Yuetong said.

   She stood up and threw the scroll at Qiu Zhu. She walked around the courtyard with a pensive expression. Qiu Mei and Qiu Zhu knew all of their leader’s habits. She was taking the matter seriously.

    She hadn’t even cared about everything Li Hu had been doing over the past few days. Now she was reacting to the news she was given. The fact that she was thinking about it meant she thought it worthy of consideration.

    “Qiu Mei, do you think he could be lying?” asked Qiu Yuetong.

    “I don’t think so. He looked very serious. I am sure he highly respects that person,” said Qiu Mei.

    “I know that the old man of the Su Clan is wildly ambitious. I still would have never thought he could pretend that well. We’ll have to change the plan,” said Qiu Yuetong.

    “Leader, don’t tell me you believe him? A man couldn’t possibly fight against a whole army alone!” said Qiu Zhu.

   She couldn’t hold herself back and started talking. It was impossible to find someone who could fight against a whole army alone, especially for the Su Clan. The Su Clan had some influence in Lin’an County, but they were nothing when considering the scale of the world.

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