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HC Chapter 76: A Tomb Alone On The Side of The Road

HC Chapter 76: A Tomb Alone On The Side of The Road


    “A person of unusual ability,” whispered Qiu Yuetong. She sighed. Her expression was solemn. It was strange that she cared so much about the matter. The two women who were in the courtyard with her didn’t understand either.

    Qiu Yuetong didn’t say anything. She left the courtyard and went back to her room. Qiu Mei and Qiu Zhu glanced at each other briefly before returning to their duties. Su Jinlun had insisted on meeting the Chief and they had basically forgotten all about him.

    The sun set in the east casting the area into darkness. Mu Yi came out of his hideout at this time, when nobody would be expecting it. Qi Da continued to lead the way up the mountain. It seemed he had been on the narrow path a few times. He knew the way even in the dark.

    Nian Nuer could help get rid of the enemies since it was nighttime. The plan was perfect. Qi Da and Mu Yi where both in awe of her because they didn’t actually see her do anything. Each time they saw something it was only a pair of eyes.

   Once or twice, Mu Yi was worried. In the end, the people were already dead when he saw their eyes or faces. Mu Yi was shocked. They continued up the mountain without a sound. They were getting closer and closer to Little Frost’s fortified village.

   Mu Yi stopped at that moment. He was obviously confused. Qi Da wanted to say something but Mu Yi stepped to side. There was a tomb. Qi Da could clearly see it under the moonlight. He realized that Mu Yi found this strange.

   “Master, that’s the tomb of the fortified village’s former leader. When he died his people buried him here. They were forbidden to put a gravestone on it or repair it, ” he explained.

    “The former leader of the fortified village?” Mu Yi asked.

   He seemed surprised yet it was almost as if he had expected the explanation.

    “A tomb alone on the side of the road. The old man must of wanted to rest in peace in nature,” said Mu Yi.

    Qi Da felt a cold wind against his back. He felt uneasy and his hair bristled. Since he was a spy, he had acute perceptions. He could even sense when people noticed him. Qi Da felt like someone was watching them. His skin felt numb. He sensed danger and death.

    “The old man was a hero. Why argue the point with an ordinary person?” said an almost celestial voice. Qi Da was already scared to death, but when he heard the voice his expression stiffened. White lights filled the area around them.

    “Go down and wait for me,” said Mu Yi.

   Qi Da turned and hurried away. An enraged roar spread in the air and the wind started whistling after Qi Da left. The strong wind made Mu Yi’s robe flutter.

    Nian Nuer finally stopped hiding and came out. She hadn’t wanted Qi Da to see her. She stood by Mu Yi’s side and held his hand. She looked at the tomb and shouted.

    Nian Nuer didn’t shout that loud but the wind still dispersed. Under the moonlight there was a young man, a ghost and a tomb. This was a normal scene in Mu Yi’s life.

    “You created the fortified village and earned money by making people pay tolls. You decided to stay here even after dying, do you get offerings or paper money?” said Mu Yi indifferently.

   He was looking at the tomb. His expression was calm. An illusion appeared after Mu Yi spoke. It didn’t look as real as Nian Nuer but Mu Yi didn’t underestimate him. He could sense the danger.

    Mu Yi had hidden the Ghost King Banner in his right sleeve and a five thunders charm in his left sleeve. Mu Yi looked at the apparition. It seemed almost depressed, but still looked majestic. The force it was radiating came from Little Frost Mountain.

    When he was furious, the mountain was furious. When he was happy, the mountain was happy. Mu Yi remembered something about the foot of the mountain and the path leading up. He looked at the tomb’s position and came to a realization.

    Mu Yi didn’t understand much about Feng Shui, but he knew the most important principles. The path to go up the mountain was very steep. It was an unfavorable environment with barren hills and wild rivers. It wasn’t a great place to travel through.

    One wouldn’t say that people who lived in such a place became poorer and poorer, but they wouldn’t have happy lives either. Anybody that died and was buried in the area couldn’t reincarnate and have a beautiful life. Their grandchildren would probably have bad luck as well.

    It wasn’t the same in the past. The change happened because someone had changed the topography of the place therefore changing its destiny. It wasn’t just because someone had died. Mu Yi looked at the old man patiently. He finally understood.


   Qiu Zhu moved as fast as lightning. She rushed over to Qiu Yuetong’s room.

   “Chief! Chief, there’s light!” she shouted’

    “What light is on?” Qiu Yuetong asked.

    She looked at Qiu Zhu with a perplexed expression.

    “At the leader’s memorial temple, there’s a light!” said Qiu Zhu.

   Her chest felt heavy and all the color in her face was gone. There weren’t a lot of people who knew about the memorial temple. It was in a bad condition and there was always incense burning inside. A special lamp which the former leader owned was also left there.

    Before the old man died he said that lamp could influence the destiny of Little Frost. If the lamp was ever lit, it meant Little Frost would face a great danger. If people weren’t careful, they would die. It had never happened though.

   Qiu Yuetong had tried to light it with fire but it hadn’t worked. She couldn’t light it no matter what. She had thought that the lamp would never light as long as she was there. Eventually, she had forgotten about the lamp at the memorial temple.

    Now that Qiu Zhu was telling her the lamp was lit she was terrified. Finally, she moved. It was so quick that she was there one moment and then she was gone in the next. Only Qiu Zhu was left in the room. Qiu Zhu looked around. She tried to calm down before she rushed out as well.

    There was a small memorial temple in bad condition behind Little Frost’s fortified village. A few people had gathered near it. Qiu Yuetong, the twins and an old man who stood guard over the temple were staring at the lamp.

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