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HC Chapter 9: Perseverance

HC Chapter 9: Perseverance

Mu Yi prepared bandages, whetstones, and so on, not wasting any time.

After preparing everything, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and meditated.

He needed to work quickly for the meeting.

Suddenly, Mu Yi opened his eyes. He looked grave and solemn, his eyes twinkling with a cold light.

He took a brush and ink and started drawing comfortably with ease. As Mu Yi drew, an aura appeared around him and faded.

Spiritual self-proclamation!
Mu Yi suddenly thought of something. He had noticed the same thing the previous time when he had drawn the body protection charm.

Unfortunately, he had yet to open his Heavenly eye. Otherwise, he could have easily understood the charm.

This charm was the perfect body protection charm, and he found it easy to draw now. He didn’t think that he would draw it so easily though. He could be considered to have progressed a lot.

After that, Mu Yi drew five more body protection charms; however, he succeeded only once.

After having managed to draw two body protection charms, Mu Yi didn’t continue. Two were enough.

He took a rest, and after a while, he started drawing an exorcism charm.

After having succeeded to make one exorcism charm, he stopped drawing. He made it because he just wanted to be prepared, and one was enough. The most important charm was the evil spirit slaying charm.

Mu Yi tried to draw more than twenty evil spirit slaying charms, but he succeeded only twice. Even though his success rate was low, he didn’t mind. He was just a beginner. He needed to continue becoming stronger and only then would drawing charms become easier.

Since he had only two evil spirit slaying charms, it meant that he had only two chances. It wasn’t enough, but he had only seven to eight blank sheets left. He was already satisfied since one more sheet wouldn’t make a big difference.

Lastly, Mu Yi focused on the half-completed five thunders charm.

The reason Mu Yi hadn’t managed to learn the second part of the five thunders charm was because of his state of mind. He hadn’t managed to draw the second half of the charm, and the old man didn’t let him practice it again.

Now, Mu Yi had become stronger, so he wanted to try it again. Even if he failed, it didn’t matter.

With that in mind, Mu Yi started drawing the five thunders charm again.

In the end, the charm was still too difficult to draw. Even though Mu Yi managed to draw it, it was a failure. It was better than before, but Mu Yi now felt a strange sensation.

He tried to draw it five to six times more, and he always had the same strange feeling. Mu Yi started getting angry.

Failing wasn’t a problem per se. However, Mu Yi could feel a sensation that he couldn’t explain, and he didn’t like it.


He tried to draw the five thunders charm again. He wasn’t pushing himself too hard, but at that moment, he had no more cinnabar.

“Argh, I failed again.”

Mu Yi stopped drawing and took a deep breath. He didn’t try again.

He stuck body protection charms on his body because they could save him in case of danger. He also put his evil spirit slaying charms and the exorcism charm in his bags. They were precious, and he couldn’t afford to lose them.

He put everything away and washed his face. He also cleaned himself up a little. He was ready to head down the mountain.

But just as Mu Yi was about to leave, he saw a blank sheet of yellow paper on the table. He didn’t know what to think and walked to it.

He had to go to the village soon, but in the end, Mu Yi bit his finger, a drop of blood appearing.

Mu Yi frowned and put his bleeding finger on the paper. He tried to draw the five thunders charm again.


When he finished drawing it, he felt like something had broken in his mind.

He didn’t look at the five thunders charm he had just finished. Instead, he left it on the table and closed his eyes to focus on his mind.

With his eyes closed, he started meditating.

Having a heart like a capering monkey and a mind like a galloping horse was like a thick smog in clouding your thoughts. It happened when people thought too much. Thinking too much oppressed the mind and the heart. However, it wasn’t easy to just stop thinking.

Besides, reaching perseverance wasn’t emptying your mind completely. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any difference between a cultivator and a rock.

Perseverance was about protecting yourself and your mind while cultivating; it was being resolved in your goal.

Mu Yi had disciplined himself a lot recently. He had the sensation that he was about to step over a threshold, all he needed was a little bit of time.

After he drew the five thunders charm, Mu Yi had the sensation that he was stepping over that threshold. He felt different now. Meditating properly was a long process, and people need a dozen years to become well practiced with meditating. But now, Mu Yi could easily fall into a meditative state.


Perseverance. Protection.

Perseverance was something that everyone had and it was what protected their mind from going astray when cultivating.

Perseverance helped Mu Yi’s vitality, and it made him smarter and helped him think more clearly. It also increased his memory capacity.

Besides, meditating made him wise and detached, like an indestructible mountain.

After a while, Mu Yi opened his eyes and smiled. He had reached the second level. His state of mind had improved.

However, Mu Yi didn’t stay in that state for too long. It was useful, but it also made him very tired. He could get injured if he tried too hard.

After he stopped meditating, Mu Yi looked at the five thunders charm on the table, and he was convinced that he had succeeded. He touched it and sensed an explosive energy inside.

He may have needed much more time to step over the second threshold if he hadn’t drawn the five thunders charm. Of course, he also succeeded because he had worked hard.

Mu Yi had progressed quickly due to everything he had learned from the old man, such as rigor and meticulousness.

An ordinary person would have needed at least three years to step over the same threshold.
“Teacher, don’t worry. I won’t disappoint you.”

Mu Yi took the five thunders charm and finally went down the mountain.

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