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Chapter 1101: Come Together!

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“Alright, move away. Whatever next,” Godly Ancestor Xing Yun sighed helplessly, but on the inside, he was happy. 

Lin Feng was happy to be surrounded by enthusiastic and dynamic people. They were more energetic than disciples in the Country of Eternity. 

Different environment, different people. Tensions could arise at higher levels, too. Relations between cultivators were complex… 

In any case, the atmosphere felt harmonious at the moment, which was great. 

Everybody moved away. Godly Ancestor Xing Yun came onto the stage of the kwoon and looked at Lin Feng, then at the man in white clothes Lin Feng had defeated. He asked calmly, “So, the University of Stars and Clouds passed the exam, right?”

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun’s Qi was oppressive. He had the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer, after all, and the man had to respect him. Godly Ancestor Xing Yun couldn’t let anyone bully the University of Stars and Clouds’ students for no reason. Rules were rules, and the man had to abide by the rules of the exam. Otherwise, Godly Ancestor Xing Yun didn’t mind teaching him a good lesson. 

The man in white clothes didn’t act recklessly this time, Lin Feng had crushed him and Godly Ancestor Xing Yun’s Qi was indeed powerful and oppressive. 

“It did. Here is the talisman, Master,” said the man in white clothes standing up and taking out a talisman with a crystal on it. THIRD CLASS was written on it. 

“Third class?” Lin Feng didn’t know that that meant. 

When Godly Ancestor Xing Yun saw Lin Feng’s expression, he said, “Little friend, it’s a rule universities have to abide by. You have to defeat three cultivators to pass the exam and be qualified to participate in the Competition of the Universities. Challenges can only be made in order. A third class university cannot challenge first and second class universities.

“If a university has four victories, then it can challenge second class universities, as well as third class ones. If a university has five victories, then it can challenge first-class universities at the top. They have to win challenges to remain at the top,” explained Godly Ancestor Xing Yun patiently. Many disciples were astonished. Usually, Godly Ancestor Xing Yun wasn’t so patient but this time, he had calmly explained everything to Lin Feng. 

It meant he attached importance to Lin Feng! 

When Lin Feng heard that, he understood the University of Stars and Clouds wanted to participate in the Competition of the Universities. The goal was to obtain more cultivation resources and recruit new disciples. 

If Lin Feng hadn’t shown up, they wouldn’t have been qualified. But since he had defeated the last one, he had helped them, explaining why the disciples were so excited. 

Lin Feng thought it was fun. If he could participate in the Competition and have some fun, that would be great. He would also have the opportunity to see how strong the disciples of first and second class universities were. Would he also bump into some people he knew? 

“Can we continue the challenges now?” asked Lin Feng, glancing at the man in white clothes. The man was surprised. 

“You want to continue the challenges?” asked the man skeptically. Lin Feng had crushed him, so the man feared him. He couldn’t remain composed in front of Lin Feng, and his voice even trembled. 

“Isn’t it possible?” asked Lin Feng. He was disappointed. He initially wanted to help the University of Stars and Clouds become a first-class university. First-class universities could become core ones. 

“You can, but are you sure?” asked the man, shaking his head. As long as the end of the exam hadn’t been officially announced, challenges could continue. 

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun was astonished. Did Lin Feng want to try and improve the University of Stars and Clouds to a first-class university? If that was the case, then Lin Feng would be like the man a hundred years before! 

That man had managed to help the University of Stars and Clouds become a first-class university. In the end, it had also become a core one. The University of Stars and Clouds had received challenges from all other universities after that. In the end, it had become one of the three strongest universities. 

But in the end, because of different circumstances, it had become the fourth one. It was just slightly weaker than Luo Xuan University, the Imperial University, and the Military University, which was still quite good. 

That was the only year when the University of Stars and Clouds had been qualified. All the other years, they were never qualified. Now Lin Feng had shown up, and they had hope again! 

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun clenched his fists. If Lin Feng managed to help them finish in the top four, that would be incredibly great! All the disciples would be grateful forever! 

“Of course I want to continue the challenges. The exam isn’t finished and I don’t like the third class talisman. We need the first-class one!” declared Lin Feng, smiling at the man in white. He didn’t pay attention to Godly Ancestor Xing Yun’s excited expression. 

“Are you sure you can defeat the two remaining examiners?” asked the man in white clothes mockingly. He wasn’t happy. He had never seen such an arrogant young man. He also didn’t think Lin Feng could help the university become first-class, at most a second-class one! 

Even if Lin Feng had defeated him, he didn’t think Lin Feng was that strong. He wanted to see Lin Feng lose anyway. 

But the two other examiners had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer; for Lin Feng, that was nothing! So, the challenges had to continue! 

“I’m asking you one last time, are you sure?” asked the man in white. He hoped Lin Feng would give up. Otherwise, he would become another hero in the history of the university. 

“Stop talking shit! Who are the examiners, those two?” Lin Feng demanded, frowning. He was starting to lose patience. 

“Come, both of you at the same time! I don’t feel like wasting time!” said Lin Feng impatiently. The man in white was astonished and furious. 

“Are you sure? You think too highly of yourself!,” said the two examiners, flashing and landing in front of Lin Feng. They looked at him mockingly. They wanted to humiliate him. 

“No, I don’t think too highly of myself because I can defeat you in only ONE ATTACK!”

Lin Feng disappeared. He hadn’t used that much strength when fighting against the cultivator of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, so he didn’t need to make great efforts to defeat cultivators of the same level as himself!

The two examiners together couldn’t even measure up to Lin Feng, and Lin Feng didn’t feel like talking shit with them, so he just threw a punch. It was enough to destroy them! 



The kwoon trembled. The disciples were all dumbstruck. They couldn’t believe it. 

Both examiners were blown away. They crashed into the ground and a gigantic crater appeared. The ground was red-hot, like burning iron. 

One attack, Lin Feng had defeated two Great Supreme Gods. Lin Feng had easily won and made the university first-class for this Competition. 

It was the first time in history that it was so easy for the University of Stars and Clouds to become a first-class university for the exam. 

The organizers had probably never thought someone like Lin Feng would show up! 

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