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Chapter 1260: Cheng Shan Is Shameless!


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Lin Feng and Ancestor Shi disappeared, and the battles also ended. Miss Eight and Water weren’t very happy. They were exhausted after taking risks for Lin Feng, and now he was gone! 

Xue Wu Di was livid. Even though he was a Holy Godly Ancestor, he was far from being as strong as Water, the difference between them was huge. He had lost after ten attacks. If he hadn’t given his everything, he would have lost after one or two attacks. Miss Eight and Li Chen were similar in strength. If they hadn’t stopped fighting, they could have exchanged thousands of attacks. 

Li Chen had never admired anyone in his life, but he admired Miss Eight. She was as strong as him and she had balls. She was brave and strong. Nobody could look down upon someone like that!


Lin Feng and Ancestor Shi went back to the border of Gan Yu. However, when they came out of the forest, Ancestor Shi and Lin Feng saw over a hundred people descending from the sky. 

Lin Feng noticed Cheng Shan. He was the leader of the group. Lin Feng was angry, but kept calm. He didn’t allow himself to go crazy because of such a moron. 

It was the Cheng Shan Ancestor Shi had met on the day before. That bastard had killed his daughter and his people! He had even used him! Those reasons sufficed to make him feel like killing Cheng Shan! 

“All this because of him?” said Ancestor Shi. He hid his Qi so that Cheng Shan and the others wouldn’t see him. 

“It’s all because I started rising, but I am his first target. His goal is to hurt me and kill me. He hates me. He’s sly, vicious and cruel.” 

“Oh, I felt it. He’s indeed cruel. Hehe, to be honest, he’d be a better Asura. Hehe,” said Ancestor Shi. He meant it. Because Cheng Shan was sly, vicious, and even crueler than Asura was.

Lin Feng was a gentleman, a man of virtue. He didn’t plot against people or sneak-attack them. Cheng Shan stood in the dark and murdered people! 

Lin Feng smiled thinly and didn’t say anything, staring at Cheng Shan and his people. They were getting closer. 

“Hello, Masters,” said Cheng Shan, pretending to be polite when he saw the whole crowd. In the end he looked at Miss Eight, but he quickly reacted and smiled, “I know everybody wants to encircle Asura, so I came to help. Even though I didn’t bring extremely strong people, I wanted to show some support.” 

“Asura, that degenerate, must die! He humiliated the Region of the Eight Corners and its people. Don’t worry, he’s going to die. And we’re going to murder him savagely!” 

“Oh, and by the way, I am now the one in charge of the foreign affairs of Ye Yu and Huang Yu, which means that when I speak, I represent both territories at the same time. You understand?” said Cheng Shan, grinning and looking down upon the whole crowd. 

Everybody was dumbstruck, including Lin Feng and Ancestor Shi. How strange! Cheng Shan wasn’t from the Region of the Eight Corners, why would he be the representative of two territories all of a sudden? 

Unless Ye Yu and Huang Yu realized there was something wrong? He may have then threatened them? They weren’t stupid, after all!

“It seems like the Region of the Eight Corners is not going to be calm anytime soon again,” said Ancestor Shi, forcing a smile. The region was teetering on anarchy. 

“It’s a good thing. The more chaotic, the easier it is for a region to rise. Some of them can then become overlords. It’s much better for us,” Lin Feng observed. He hoped the Region of the Eight Corners would sink into total chaos, it would give him lots of opportunities. 

Cheng Shan might be thinking the same. He also wanted to rise, and he was starting the process by controlling Ye Yu and Huang Yu. 

 “How come nobody has told me you were the new representative of Ye Yu and Huang Yu?” asked the second elder of Huang Yu, Huang Fen Tian. He was furious. He had arrived with Xue Wu Di and the others a while before, and now Cheng Shan arrived with disciples from Huang Yu and Ye Yu? How infuriating! 

Huang Fen Tian was an ordinary Godly Ancestor. He was third, after their leader Huang Xu Tian and Great Elder Huang Gu Tian. The three old men were public figures in Huang Yu. How could Cheng Shan be their representative? 

Cheng Shan’s expression didn’t change. He had a bad feeling. He hadn’t expected an elder of Huang Yu to be here. He had no solution. 

But he remained unmoved and chortled, “Second Elder, you left Huang Yu earlier, so you don’t know. That’s normal. I hope you can support me now.” 

“Impossible! What a joke! How could Huang Yu listen to you?” shouted Huang Fen Tian explosively. He didn’t believe Cheng Shan’s bullshit. 

“You, what happened in Huang Yu? Who is he?” shouted Huang Fen Tian, looking at the disciples of Huang Yu. He hoped they’d tell him, but they lowered their heads as if they didn’t know him. 

Huang Fen Tian paled. He shouted explosively and icily, “You better piss off! You’re not qualified to manage Huang Yu-ukkk…” 

As Huang Fen Tian was shouting, Cheng Shan attacked. Suddenly, he was holding Huang Fen Tian by the neck and strangling him. 

“Hehe, Huang Xu Tian said I was the big boss outside; if anyone disobeys, I can kill them! Huang Fen Tian, you are the second elder of Huang Yu, you either obey or die. Hehe…” Cheng Shan smiled icily. He sounded like a demon. Even Xue Wu Di looked wary. 

Huang Fen Tian’s eyes were bloodshot and his face purple after Cheng Shan humiliated him. He understood something terrible had happened in Huang Yu!

“You, you…” said Huang Fen Tian. He wanted to say something, but he was suffocating. 

“Will you submit or not??” said Cheng Shan icily staring at him. 

His eyes were wide open. Cheng Shan’s eyes gleamed. Lights emerged and moved into Huang Fen Tian’s bloodshot eyes, which started changing. 

When Lin Feng saw that, he understood Cheng Shan used a method to control people. He might even be controlling the leaders of Huang Yu and Ye Yu. 

“Cheng Shan, you traveled the whole universe to find me and harm me. Why hurt innocent people?” 

Lin Feng had no choice but to show up. 

When Asura appeared, everybody got ready to fight. Cheng Shan smiled eagerly. He raised his left hand and over a hundred people got ready to attack Lin Feng. 

“Hehe, so you were here already?” said Cheng Shan. He had a bad feeling, but he remained calm. He also had a trump card to escape. He didn’t need to fear anything or anyone!

“Cheng Shan, release him. Come and attack me if you have a problem,” Lin Feng said, smiling impassively. Huang Fen Tian was half-dead. 

Cheng Shan was perturbed, but he smiled even more, wanting to humiliate Lin Feng, “You haven’t changed.” 

“I don’t feel like wasting time. I hadn’t thought I’d ever see you again. If I had known before, I would have killed you already!” Lin Feng replied evenly. He was furious. Damn Cheng Shan! 

Lin Feng regretted. He hadn’t killed Chang Shan before, because he was Lin Feng’s first friend in the Continent of the Gods. 

“Haha, good, Asura, you forget that I am the representative of Huang Yu and Ye Yu, so I have everything under control!” said Cheng Shan, laughing loudly and mockingly. He raised his left hand and broke Huang Fen Tian’s neck. Huang Fen Tian died instantly. 

The disciples of Huang Yu didn’t even raise an eyebrow, as if their elder’s death didn’t matter. 

Lin Feng took a deep breath. At that moment, Cheng Shan looked powerful and mighty. He was also bloodthirsty and cruel. 

“Asura, why did you kill the representatives of the Region of the Eight Corners? I’m asking you this question as a representative of two territories of the Region of the Eight Corners!” shouted Cheng Shan suddenly. He suddenly seemed like a completely different person, all righteous and angry. He pointed at Lin Feng furiously. 

Lin Feng looked back at him coldly. He had to take measures. 

“It seems like you’re stubborn, huh?” Lin Feng said, smiling coldly, his eyes filled with murder. 

Cheng Shan looked fearless. He shouted furiously, “You a slaughterer! Brothers, Asura killed so many of us! And now he looks down upon us, what should we do?” shouted Cheng Shan loudly. 

Everybody shouted in unison and looked at Lin Feng cruelly. 

“Kill him!” 

“Kill him! Kill him!” 

“Kill that bastard!” 

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