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Chapter 1569: I Can Shoot You, Believe Me or Not!


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 Nobody understood why Leader Wei had such a strange expression or really knew what had just happened.

Someone asked, “What’s wrong with Leader Wei? Why did he looked alarmed when he shook that person’s hand? Besides, it’s like he has lost lots of Qi?”

“I have no idea! Could it be that that young man attacked him in secret with pure Qi?” guessed someone.

“Hey you’re very right! That’s absolutely possible. But why would that young man do such a thing? Could it be that Leader Wei and that young man…?” said someone.

Everybody started talking. When several people’s guesses were the same, then everybody believed it was likely to be the case. In the end, someone said, “Look, that young and Leader Wei look the same! They must be relatives! And Leader Wei thinks highly of that little boy. So that boy will have endless possibilities!”

Everybody finally stopped talking. Leader Wei walked out of the room. He stopped at the door, turned his head around and looked at Lin Feng. He felt even more confused.

Leader Wei thought of something. That young man’s Qi was extremely strange. It was like he had practiced cultivation for a hundred years. He had met many, many different cultivators in Huaxia, and he was very good at recognizing Qi. This young man’s Qi was extremely strange!

Pure Qi was rough Qi. There were other sorts of Qi which were much purer than pure Qi. A moment before, the young man had released some Qi which had attacked his meridians and prevented him from using pure Qi. His Qi had even started solidifying!

Leader Wei frowned. That young man was extremely strange. He needed to learn more about him.

Lin Feng was in a difficult position. He felt under pressure. Everybody came closer to Lin Feng. He didn’t know who they were…

They all thought Lin Feng and Leader Wei were good friends, so they all wanted to curry favor with Lin Feng!

“Little Tao friend, you will have endless possibilities in the future. I hope you’ll become the best cultivator in the entire Real Cultivation World!” said an old man.

Someone else reached out for his hand and said, “Little Tao friend, as expected, you’re the descendant of a famous clan. With Leader Wei’s good graces, you may become the leader in the future. I hope that you will take care of us at that time…”

Lin Feng was going crazy. In the end, he had no choice but to shout explosively, “Everybody stop! I don’t know Leader Wei and we are NOT relatives! We’re not even from the same clan or sect. I am not a potential future leader for your sect. I beg you to stop, thank you!”

After that, he dragged Lu Zhan away and left the hall.

People inside burst into an uproar. Very quickly, two teams formed. The first one Lin Feng spoke the truth, and the other one said Lin Feng was just being modest and humble.

People who thought Lin Feng was telling the truth were the people who thought that Lin Feng wasn’t particularly dignified or majestic and that he just looked like an ordinary cultivator. When someone had no background, they had no future. Only really strong sects and clans had power in Huaxia.

Those who still believed Lin Feng and Leader Wei were relatives were people who thought Lin Feng seemed powerful and influential. In the end, there were two factions and people started arguing. Some of them even started throwing things. There were pieces of furniture upside down everywhere in the room…


“Lu Zhan, where are we going? Back to the hotel?” asked Lin Feng.

“As you wish. You already have a place. If you don’t want to go back, then you can go. Everything is free here, and the food is good too!” said Lu Zhan.

Lin Feng said thoughtfully, “So when are we going to look for Ye Ren Island?”

“I have no idea. We have to wait for a high-ranking officer to tell us. It also depends on the sea and the weather.”

“Oh” Lin Feng said, “I see, then. I’m going back to see if Nian Ling Jiao is safe, and then I’ll come back.”

Lu Zhan said at once, “I don’t feel like waiting here, either. I’ll go back with you.”


In the car on the way back to Linhai, Lin Feng asked Lu Zhan about Ye Ren Island and why it was called that way. Could it be that there were real cavemen there?

(Translator’s Note: Ye Ren means caveman/cavemen)

if there were really cavemen, then didn’t it mean that there were people on the island already?

Lu Zhan said mysteriously, “Actually, some fishermen gave it that name. Back then, they said that they had seen some silhouettes on it when it had appeared. Many people saw it and some rumors that there were cavemen on it spread around. Some people said those cavemen ate human flesh and drank human blood.”

“Oh? Have you personally seen anyone on it?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious.

Lu Zhan shook his head disappointedly, “Never. Last time, when we arrived, it was too foggy and we couldn’t see anything. On top of that, we almost died. Our system lost the signal and we were lost for seven days and seven nights!”

During that walk, Lin Feng learned much more about Ye Ren Island. It wasn’t like Lu Zhan had told him before. It hadn’t always existed; sometimes it disappeared for a few days and then it slowly reappeared; but they had never noticed any logical pattern in those cycles. 


Lu Zhan drove to De Sheng Commercial Building. When they came out of the car, there were dozens of young people. They all watched Lin Feng and Lu Zhan walk past them and one of them asked, “Hey, what are you doing? It’s closed!”

“We’re looking for Qi Xiao Hua,” Lin Feng said straightforwardly.

That person frowned and said, “What for? Do you have an appointment?”

Lin Feng was annoyed and simply said, “Damn it, go and tell her Lin Feng is looking for her, for fuck’s sake. It’s as simple as that!”

“Lin Feng? You’re Lin Feng?” The young man was alarmed. He hastily took the intercom and sent a message. After a few minutes, he smiled and said, “Madame Qi is waiting for you. Please follow me.”

They took the elevator up to the tenth floor. The building was very luxurious. There were a few bodyguards on the tenth floor, all of them looked lively and plump. They were all holding electroshock sticks.

When they arrived in front of the office, they rang the bell, and a few seconds later, Qi Xiao Hua opened the door and smiled, “Lin Feng, you’re here! Hurry up and come in!”

Lin Feng entered the room and glanced around. It was an office with everything needed to live as well. There was a desk, a printer, and a bed behind some curtains. She could rest there when she was tired.

“Madame Qi, the members of the Brotherhood haven’t come back to cause trouble, have they?” asked Lin Feng.

Qi Xiao Hua nodded hesitantly. Lin Feng understood there was something wrong and asked, “If there’s a problem, stop wasting time and tell me about it! If they haven’t left town, then enemies may come back at any time!”

Qi Xiao Hua mumbled, “Nobody came. Brother Cheng called me and threatened to make us leave Linhai. He also said that some high officials from the Real Cultivation World will come and… and…”

“And what?”

“And he said that then, he would destroy you. He told us to stay away from you. If we continued cooperating with you, he said he’d destroy us as well!” said Qi Xiao Hua, paling. She was terrified.

“Fucking hell. He’s stubborn!” Lin Feng couldn’t help but curse. If he didn’t have to control himself in this world, he would have destroyed Guo Zhan Cheng!

Lin Feng cursed and Qi Xiao Hua heard him, and frowned. She thought that this young man looked natural and unrestrained as well as brilliant and promising, but how come he cursed? Where had her pure and innocent daughter met him?

Lin Feng said he was a guard in Jiang Nan, so it was completely impossible. Her daughter was a wealthy child from a rich family. She was friends with hedonistic sons of rich parents, not insignificant guards…

As she was lost in thought, someone knocked at the door. Qi Xiao Hua looked at the door. Zuo Bin came in. Lin Feng frowned angrily.

“Auntie Qi, where is Ling Jiao? Can you tell me? Or could it be that you don’t trust me at all?” asked Zuo Bin resentfully.

Qi Xiao Hua looked at Lin Feng and then said to Zuo Bin, “Zuo Bin, you saw it too, and you didn’t even tell me and Uncle De Sheng! Why would I tell you?”

Zuo Bin grunted icily and turned his head to Lin Feng. “Hey, what the fuck did you do? Where did you ask Uncle De Sheng to send Ling Jiao?”

Zuo Bin sounded jealous. Actually, Lin Feng didn’t care about this young man. If Nian Ling Jiao were an ordinary person, he would let her marry whomever she wanted, but Nian Ling Jiao was Ancestor Tai’s daughter and from the World of Battles, how could he let her get stuck on Earth and forced to get married?

“Stop asking that question. I won’t tell you. I want to protect Nian Ling Jiao,” Lin Feng replied icily.

“Pfff! Who the fuck do you think you are? don’t think you’re amazing because you know some kung fu! If you dare ruin my relationship with Ling Jiao, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Zuo Bin took out a gun from his belt.

When Lu Zhan saw that, he wanted to catch Zuo Bin’s hand, but Lin Feng stopped him. Then he shook his head and smiled, “Zuo Bin, you better stay the fuck away from Ling Jiao from now on. You better disappear from her life. It’s for your own safety.”

“Bullshit! You have nothing to tell us! We don’t give a shit about what you think! I will shoot you, you believe me or not?” shouted Zuo Bin loudly, grinding his teeth. At the same time, he pointed his gun at Lin Feng’s head. 

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